How the Kochbox made its way from offline to online

Friederike Klasen, responsible for Marketing at the Kochhaus, reveals in an interview with LEAD how the Kochhaus wins and holds customers.

LEAD: The German food trade is hard to crack. So why did you just jump on this area?

Friederike: The food trade in Germany is rather conservative. And in 2010, we had a very exciting concept that was just unlike the Rewes, Aldis and Pennies in the world. Our idea was: to offer fewer products, but complete recipes, for which all ingredients are already packed exactly – each for two, four or more people. Because just because you need a pinch of cinnamon for a recipe, you might not want to buy 100 grams of cinnamon.

LEAD: First of all, everything was stationary for you, your founders came from retail. Then came online. What are the benefits of multichannel for you?

Friederike: In 2011, one year after our founding, we transferred this shop concept online. The fact that we already had shops was and still is our advantage. So we can reduce fears of contact in the market. Customers who already know us often order online. And they feel good about it, because they have already seen the concept and trusted it.


LEAD: The market share of cookware buyers in Germany is rather low. Nevertheless, some Kochboxenanbieter romp in the market. How do you draw attention to yourself?

Friederike: Currently we are taking a performance-oriented approach. We rely on Facebook, Google and affiliate partners. We also have an active community on Facebook and Instagram. Every now and then the cookhouse also works with food bloggers like Sophia Hoffmann or with companies like Pop Popcorn and promotes appropriate recipes. However, we do not rely on influencers on a large scale.

LEAD: How did you build up your marketing?

Friederike: We rely on content. In our case, that means recipes. We bundle the recipes in theme worlds and these theme worlds we play in the newsletter, in the market and when we promote our cooking boxes. In the market, ie in our shops, we combine recipes and suitable products such as the right bottle of wine or the right knife.

Friederikeklasen cooking house
(Picture: cookhouse)

LEAD: What role does your newsletter play in the marketing mix?

Friederike: Our newsletter has grown. Every Friday there are three new recipes. And we play new topics. Our existing customers have learned this system and are looking forward to the new recipes. We do not include external partners in our newsletter. This means that we do not sell advertising space in our mailings. Every now and then we only present cooperation partners.

LEAD: Who are your customers?

Friederike: The cookhouse is aimed at anyone who enjoys cooking, e.g. to families who want to cook for themselves. Customers are given time because they do not have to go shopping in three different food markets. The target group working people is looking for inspiration and many students buy in the cookhouse, because they trust in successful recipes. The age group of the cookhouse buyers lies between middle / late 20 to 40 years.

LEAD: Has digitization also reached you?

Friederike: Digitization offers many opportunities to communicate differently with customers. Until recently, we have established customer loyalty quite traditionally via a stamp card. Recently we have a card with barcode. The customer can use the card anonymously or register. If he registers online, he can link his local account in the market to the online account. This is a nice opportunity for us to communicate directly with the customer. We are still in the establishment phase. In the future, however, there will also be special promotions for registered customers.

LEAD: And does digitization also play a role in recipe development?

Friederike: We have now attached QR codes to recipe flyers. So we can measure which recipes arrive the best and we let that flow into new recipes.

LEAD. Then we hope for many more great recipes. Good luck to you!

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