So you find the best technology deals on the net

Which companies regularly offer good deals?

Do not buy blindly, rather save! But how do I recognize the best deals and where can I find them? LEAD helps. Let’s start with a list of well-known companies or websites that offer technology at a special price. Germany’s largest online retailer starts every day at 6 o’clock in the morning so-called “Blitzangebote”. Here are usually until about 20 clock various technology offers in 5-minute intervals reduced. Do not be fooled: Among the “hundreds of daily deals” promises Amazon, there is a lot of China cheap stuff, which repeats almost every day – speakers, docks and cases from the mass production of Chinese low-cost laboratories. True pearls are hard to find here. So it helps to look at relevant websites that presort daily a best of the flash offers. There are other special Amazon deal promotions two to three times a year, the so-called “Prime Deals”, which usually run for a week (Easter / Summer / just before Christmas). There are then “thousands of offers in the minute”. It applies the same as with the flash offers: Buy wisely, hide under the deals already saving highlights, but only a few real …

display From Thursday to Sunday, the so-called cyberdeals always run on the popular retailer. In addition to accessories here are also repeatedly laptops, including MacBooks from Apple, reduced. In addition to hardware, there are always changing software offers for macOS and Windows. Smart home products are also more common in cyberdeals. All offers are limited. At Gravis, there are in addition to occasional daily price cuts every Sunday, four special Sunday offers. The range extends from accessories to smartphones and tablets. All deals really only apply on Sundays. The Gravis subsidiary mobilcom-debitel has every Sunday the “Sonntagskracher” on offer, usually a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android providers. Here, the discount is usually until Monday, 23.59 clock, depending on availability, sometimes until the following Tuesday. Every Monday, this company starts the campaign “Offers of the week”, it runs the entire week – provided that some deals are not sold out before due to the popularity. The popular in Apple circles dealer has actually permanently discount vouchers in the range. So you can save between the purchase of Macs and MacBooks ever between 150 and 200 euros on the normal price. Apple is not known for discounts. However, there is one exception: well hidden at the bottom of its website, the group operates a refurbished website. Here you get used, but reconditioned and Apple certified products for a special price. On average, depending on the device 10 percent discount in it. All of these refurbished units come with a one-year warranty, so you do not take any risks when buying. iPhones are not sold at this point, rather Macs, MacBooks and iPads. Not only private sellers frolic on the well-known online marketplace. Many companies such as Cyberport or Gravis operate their own eBay shops. There you will also find some deals that do not appear on the actual homepage of Cyberport and Gravis.

Other deal websites: Portals such as mydealz, dealbunny or iTopnews regularly list a selection of really worthwhile deals. If you are looking for discounted apps, you will find them for example. in the App App Ticker or on iTopnews. Apple and Google show no discounts in their app stores, that would indeed reduce the revenue of corporations.

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In addition to weekly offers, there are also daily deals on many portals (photo:

Can students and students shop cheaper?

Pupils and students save more than normal buyers in many places. So there are not only with streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music (each 4.99 instead of 9.99 euros) or services such as Amazon Prime special conditions. Even when buying a device and mobile phone tariff can save a lot as a student or student:

Telekom, Vodafone or O2 are turning the price and offering advantages on device prices, basic charges and more. At technology wholesaler Gravis, you should first join the Campus Club before you buy. As a rule, also offers good conditions.

Apple device buyers with student and student ID are best for the special page for single customers.

Suppliers such as Adobe or Microsoft offer cheaper “home & student” editions of their software (e.g., Office).

A prerequisite for all these offers is, of course, always a student card that must be proven. This also applies to trainees, military and community service providers and older students, because some providers limit the special rates to age groups. The purchase can only be made when the respective company has checked your evidence.

A popular trick, if the student does not need a new device: Then parents who need such a device, selfless and push their child like before and then tear the device for a cheaper price under the nail. In principle, difficult for companies to verify, but you should keep in mind: on the bill is then always the name of the student. Of course, the actual user can not deduct the device purchase from the tax.

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Special conditions apply to students and students on many portals (photo:

What traps lurk in the bargain hunt?

There are always many worthwhile offers on the internet, but also often deals that are in fact not good at all. A trick by traders: They sell older generations of devices “at a bargain price”, although a better model has long been on the market. Traders like to give as comparison price the non-binding price recommendation of the manufacturer. This EIA sounds then compared to the alleged economy price particularly high, but is often long outdated and was only really relevant to the market launch of the device.

Even before special action days such as the Black Friday warn consumer centers repeatedly: On average, there are promised discounts of 50 percent. Analyzes showed that the real discount is actually only 20 percent.

Definitely also deal countdowns. Here dealers want to put you as a buyer only under pressure. The same applies to bargains, which are supposedly limited to a certain number of items. All just marketing measures, so you do not think about and complain for much longer.

Before the purchase is worthwhile in any case always the driving of price comparison portals such as,, or There you can then check whether the alleged offer is really a good deal – or in the best case even find a cheaper price for your desired device.

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