TechTäglich: China is increasingly censoring podcast and music apps

China is increasingly censoring podcast and music apps

Podcast micro
Podcast makers are the focus of Chinese censorship authorities (photo:

In 2018, audio content in China boomed: with 400 million listeners, podcasts generated growth of 22.1 percent. Which does not prevent the state authorities of the country from censoring content on flimsy grounds. Now it hit 26 audio apps accused of “pornography and nihilism.”

As TechCrunch Apple reported new podcasts restrictions just last month. According to this, podcasts that were not counter-acted by the Chinese censorship authorities were affected as they did not come from local Chinese partners.

The authorities have also banned the popular podcast apps Himalaya FM and Lizhi FM, which allow the sharing of audio content in a number of markets. Even music apps like “NetEase Cloud Music” are currently not available for download in certain markets. Only in Beijing were they available. Here, the censorship authorities are considered very slow in the content check.

New GTA VI exclusive for PS 5 and next Xbox?

Gta Vi
With an antique S-Class – that’s what “GTA 6” might look like in the 80s (Photo: ComicBook)

The rumor mill is seething: In the next part of the Grand Theft Auto series, drug lords will obviously play a central role in the style of the Netflix hit series “Narcos”. Developer Rockstar is to move a would-be drug baron into the center of GTA in the 70s or 80s. Scenes of the violent adventure game: the famous Vice City and a Rio de Janeiro inspired location. In addition to references to Red Dead reception many characters would speak in native language. There could be more subtitles than usual.

But the bottom line: TechSpot speculates that GTA VI will not run on current generations of consoles, but only on the PS 5 and the upcoming Xbox, but not on PC’s. The source of the portal TechSpot: An alleged Rockstar employee and two well connected friends of the Reddit user JackOLantern 1982.

There were first rumors last year that GTA VI would not appear until 2021 or even 2022.

Fake noise in electric cars

Cars with combustion engines make a lot of noise, cars with e-drive drive almost noiseless. What sounds good, however, is a safety hazard for pedestrians who may not hear the cars. A British study found that electric and hybrid vehicles are 40 percent more likely to be involved in an accident that injures a pedestrian.

No fake news: A new EU regulation should provide more security. In order to avoid incidents, a new law will apply in the EU from today. This dictates that e-cars must emit fake noise to warn pedestrians. These vehicle acoustic alarm systems are known as AVAS. AVAS is to be used, for example, when parking out. All new e-cars, which are sold from 2021, must support this safety function. The regulation applies to hybrid and electric cars. All existing models require AVAS to be installed by July 2021. The noise then resembles a conventional combustion engine. The US will move to September 2020 with the scheme.

Internet flatrate in the plane

Airplane Landing Fotolia 116395665
Because a power bank caught fire, an airplane had to make an emergency landing in Boston (Image: Fotolia)

Telekom has a heart for ambitious business customers who also need to work on the plane. From now on business customers can surf unlimited over the clouds.

This is made possible by the “Inflight Europa Flat”. Lufthansa (network name: FlyNet), Austrian Airlines (network name: myAustrian FlyNet) and Eurowings (network name: Wings Connect) are the first participants of the project.

The following tariffs are required: Business Mobil M (chargeable for 10 euros), Business Mobil L (free) and Business Mobil XL Plus (free). More information here.

Music is in Siri and Google Assistant

Speech assistant speech bubble Fotolia 121046786 Web
Siri and Google Assistant now have more music in it (Image:

Innovations for the language assistants of Google and Apple: On Sonos speakers could be used as language assistant so far only Alexa of Amazon. Now the Google Assistant has appeared in the German Sonos app. So far, he was only available in the US on Sonos speakers. Only restriction: Sonos users can use either only Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Freshness also from Cupertino: Siri now plays on the HomePod and on iOS also from radio stations. This feature should actually be introduced only with iOS 13 in the fall. Apparently, Apple has preferred the feature but. The rollout will take place during these hours. An update is not necessary.

The end of the LEAD: the most boring smartphone in the world

Always the same smartphones at more expensive prices boring you now? Then the BoringPhone is just the thing. It does not get any more boring.

Based on the rather flimsy version of a Xiaomi device (4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory), the BoringPhone dispenses with the telephone function and a camera, but on mail app, Internet and social media connection and is completely on a monochrome scheme to save the battery. The holds according to first testers up to two days. The BoringPhone will be fully funded on Kickstarter. You can co-finance until the 12th of July. The goal has already been surpassed. The device itself will be delivered from December this year – for stripped 200 euros.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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