Kindle, come: New e-book readers for the Christmas business

Kindle Paperwhite

Similar to smartphones, e-book readers are getting thinner and lighter – which is noticeable when reading for hours. With 182 grams, Amazon has again filed away 23 grams on the new Paperwhite. Even more important for most customers: Amazon’s mid-range reader is waterproof for the first time, and it equates to the much more expensive Kindle Oasis (230 euros).

Kindle Paperwhite 01
Thinner, lighter and more manageable than before – the new Kindle Paperwhite (Photo: Amazon)

With the Paperwhite in the bathtub or directly to the pool – which was not a good idea, should no longer be a problem in the future. According to Amazon, the reader is able to withstand up to one hour in two meters of water, thanks in part to its new completely flat display. The size of the high-resolution display, which is as sharp as “printed” at 300 ppi, remains at the usual six inches. Here, the Oasis with its seven inches continues to offer more screen space.

Kindle Paperwhite 02
Browsing in the bathtub – that works, because the new Paperwhite is waterproof for the first time (Photo: Amazon)

The memory has Amazon doubled to 8 GB – and it should be irrelevant for most users, whether as before about 3,000 e-books on the Paperwhite fit, or now to the 6,000. More interesting is the larger memory especially for fans of the audiobooks of Amazon subsidiary Audible, which now run directly on the Paperwhite. Headphones or speakers can be connected via Bluetooth.


The pre-order for the new Paperwhite is now running, the recommended 8 GB version without mobile costs 120 euros. Delivery will be from 7th of November. A software update – including a clearer home screen – will also be released on October 17 for older Kindle readers from 2013 onwards.

The Amazon alternatives

The standard Kindle costs only 70 euros. He makes his eyes with his half as sharp dissolution but little joy. The Oasis for 230 euros trumps with its larger 7-inch screen. If you do not see so well, you can set a larger font on it, but you do not have to turn it over more often. Otherwise, the new Paperwhite but has caught up vigorously, and remains the best choice among the Kindle models.

Tolino Shine3
The beautiful Shine: In the evening, the new Tolino reader warmerens its lighting and helps to fall asleep (Photo: Tolino)

Tolino Shine 3

With 119 euros, the new book trade reader, which can be ordered immediately, is almost as expensive as the updated Paperwhite. The successor of the Shine 2 HD now also offers a contemporary capacitive touch screen for the first time. This means that it can be operated (almost) as well as a smartphone screen.

Because swipe gestures work better, the Shine 3 comes without the previous home button, many functions can now be called by swiping. For example, if you want to change the font size, you no longer have to search for a menu, but simply pull the screen larger or smaller, as if on a mobile phone. The left-handed operation is thus easier.

Tolino Shine3
For the first time, the new Tolino Shine 3 is a good swipe gesture (Photo: Tolino)

Just like the more expensive Vision 4 HD (159 Euro) and Epic (249 Euro) models, the Shine 3 now has a “Smart Light” that changes its color temperature depending on the time of day. From cold, white light during the day, the screen changes to warm, yellow light in the evening. This should help you fall asleep.

Automatically, as with the top models, the brightness on the Shine 3, however, does not adjust. And even waterproof, like the new Paperwhite, the new Tolino is still not. Just like the Amazon competitor, the book trade reader remains at the standard size of six inches, and at the sharp HD resolution of 300 ppi. And: At 166 grams, the new Tolino is 16 grams lighter than the Paperwhite. And also the book trade has doubled the storage space to 8 GB.

The Tolino alternatives

Just like Amazon comes here, the entry-level model Tolino Page for 69 euros with outdated, blurred screen – the 50 euro surcharge for Shine 3 are worthwhile for book fans anyway. The Tolino Vision 4 HD for 159 Euro scores above all with its waterproofness. If you like to read in the tub or by the pool, you will find the right model here.

The top-of-the-line Tolino epic for € 249, with its 7.8-inch screen, offers a whopping 69 percent more reading space than a standard 6-inch reader. This is perfect for the great reading fun – and for all those who do not want to see so well and want to keep their writing as large as possible.

Decision remains a matter of taste

LEAD Conclusion: Both the new Kindle Paperwhite and the Tolino Shine 3 are the best choice for most book ranks by their respective vendors. The decision between Amazon and the book trade remains a matter of taste. The hardware is similar to the book selection, and the prices for the e-books are identical anyway.

For Amazon easier ordering and downloading and better reading with Kindle apps on smartphones and tablets. In addition, more affordable English-language e-books are available.

For the Tolino speaks the on-site consultation, the more open file format ePub, which can be read on more devices, and the ability to display on it also electronic books from public libraries. For many Tolino users also an argument: They support the book trade, and do not make a US giant even richer.

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