Siri and Alexa get married

It is perhaps the most extraordinary wedding of the year: Siri and Alexa marry in Belvedere Palace in Vienna – with rings, guests and registrars. This is the first AI wedding ever.

Who is behind it? Vienna celebrates the “love for all”. With numerous guests, the LGBT community celebrated the marriage of the two smart women. Serviceplan Campaign and Plan.Net Campaign from Munich together with WienTourismus and Vangardist Magazin were responsible for the conception and implementation of the colorful staging.

Here are some impressions:

  • Sa Movie I Will Call You Wife
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa Movie Wife It Is Okay
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidicin Sane Siri Alexa
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidizin Sane Siri Alexa Registrar
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidicin Sane Siri
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Martin Hron Vangardist Guests
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidicin Sane Siri Alexa Clouds
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidizin Sane Registrar
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa C Kidizin Sane Popcorn
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)
  • Sa keyvisual
    (Pictures: Kidizin Sane)

The marriage of the Alexa Skill “The Pride Skill” developed by the Plan.Net Innovation Studio, which is officially available in the Amazon Skill Store, made this possible. “The Pride Skill contains a special feature in addition to information about the EuroPride Festival: With a special trigger set a dialogue between Siri and Alexa can be started, which leads to the symbolic marriage of the two language assistants using only tools made available by Amazon” says Markus Maczey, creative director of Plan.Net.


“We wanted to show with the first marriage of two artificial intelligences that smart devices, but still not all people can marry in 2019. Fortunately, there is marriage for all in Vienna, but in other countries, the LGBTQIA + community is still discriminated against. The EuroPride makes an important contribution to further reducing prejudice and malicious discrimination, “says the publisher of Vangardist magazine Julian Wiehl.

The illustrious wedding party included numerous influencers, including drag queen Holger Thor aka Miss Candy in the role of registrar, dancer and model Pandora Nox as maid of honor, and creator Valentina Vale, musician Amy Wald and stuntman Alex Schauer as guests.

On the campaign page there are exclusive wedding pictures and short videos that tell the entire love story of Siri and Alexa – from the first date to the Honey Moon. Everyone can download the skill themselves, marry their Siri with Alexa and at the same time get in the mood for EuroPride 2019 in Vienna.

Here is the official wedding video:

How “The Pride Skill” works:

The Pride Skill answers all the questions that arise around EuroPride and allows Alexa and Siri to get married anywhere in the world. That’s how it’s done:

1. Set the language to “English – US” for both devices.

2. Disable the “Listen for Hey Siri” (“Settings” -> “Siri & Search”) function on the iPhone and then reactivate it.

3. Siri then asks to say certain phrases. The sound files for this can be found at the bottom of the website.

4. It always starts with “Hey Siri”. After that Siri must play one or more of the following soundfiles:

  • “Hey Siri”
  • “How’s the weather today?”
  • “Play some music”
  • “It’s me”
  • “Set a timer for three minutes”
  • “What is the weather like today”
  • “Send a message”

5. Both devices should be in close proximity to each other.

6. Now The Pride Skill can be opened with the announcement: “Alexa, open euro pride.”

7. Finally, the marriage of the two devices can be started with: “Start your vows”.

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