Tech Daily: 500 Million Daily Instagram Stories Users

500 million daily users for Instagram stories

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories – this graphic looks like a success story (Photo: Instagram)

Instagram stories remain a huge success story. According to new figures from Facebook now use 500 million members daily the function – another 100 million more than in June 2018. So now every second instagrammer told on Facebook’s photo-daughter his stories with pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours by itself. For comparison: Snapchat as its main competitor last reported 186 million active users. Two million advertisers, according to TechCrunch, advertise ads in Instagram Stories. This success story announced company boss Mark Zuckerberg at the conference call on the business figures from Q4 2018 – as a welcome contrast to the latest hassles of the monitoring app, with which Facebook hacked the smartphones of teenagers. The customer’s anger about Facebook’s ongoing data scandals does not seem to be too big anyway. In Q4, the network gathered 30 million new daily active users. In Europe alone, four million more daily active users (DAUs) have joined.

Facebook overhears teen – Apple’s harsh punishment

Harmony is different: between Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook crashes in terms of data protection (Photo: CultofMac)

“Will Facebook ever learn?” Asks Wired. And adds, “If an app on Facebook behave like it did Facebook, Facebook would have blocked that app for a long time.” The recent data scandal surrounding the Research App, which saw the Zuckerberg network pay for teenagers age 13 and older to listen to them, continues to rocket. According to Facebook, the company has now voluntarily turned off the iOS version of the listening app. In fact, but apparently Apple has pulled the plug. Anyway, Apple’s reaction to disobeying its app policies is unprecedentedly tough. Because Facebook has misused an internal-use beta program to investigate users, Apple has now excluded the entire Facebook group from this program, which allows app versions to be tested internally. The punishment, says CultofMac, is far more than just symbolic. Facebook can no longer test (for the time being) new versions of its own app, messenger or Instagram on the iPhones and iPads of its employees. Even the app with the menu of the corporate canteen can no longer be opened. Now apparently negotiations between Apple and Facebook, whether, when and under what conditions the Facebook developers can use their usual tools again.

$ 1,299 for the smartphone without buttons

Last week, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu unveiled the first smartphone with no buttons, ports and speakers – as a foretaste of tomorrow’s mobile phone design. The “Meizu Zero” serves more as a design study and less as a day-to-day smart phone today. Thus, sounds are no longer transmitted by loudspeaker, but generated by the screen by sound waves. The sound is not too impressive. Nevertheless, Meizu has now stuck a price tag on the novelty. The Zero will initially be marketed through the financing platform Indiegogo. The first 100 copies of “The world’s first mobile mobile phone” cost a whopping $ 1,299. Until Thursday early but only 17 were sold – euphoria looks different. When and at what price the Meizu Zero officially comes on the market, the Chinese keep so far for themselves.

The first look at iOS 13

I Phone Xi
Nice back. So Apple could pack the triple camera of the iPhone XI (Photo: CompareRaja)

In the summer, Apple should introduce its next iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad as usual, which then appears in the fall for free download. Bloomberg now wants to have first details about iOS 13. Thus, it offers a system-wide “Dark Mode”, as it is already available on the Mac. Especially on OLED displays such as on the iPhone X, XS and a future XI, the dark display is likely to relieve the battery noticeably. Also new: The iPad should (after only nine years of waiting) get its own and tailored to the screen size homescreen and a better file management. When it comes to hardware, Bloomberg expects a triple camera for the iPhone XI and possibly a USB-C port for the first time, which, like the latest iPad Pro, would replace the Lightning socket. For 2020, the Bloomberg Auguren then count on a laser-based 3D camera on the iPhone back. It should detect spatial objects with a range of up to 4.50 meters (previously: 50 centimeters) much better than before. This would benefit both the depth blur of photos and AR applications.

The end of the Wii

Nintendo Wii
The Wii was the first “Zappel console” that brought the circulation of its users on their toes (Photo: Nintendo)

Bye Wii – it was nice with you! Nintendo closed the Wii Shop last night after twelve years, the online store for its 2006-2017 built Wii console. The Japanese, so GameSpot, had announced the closure for some time. Nintendo fans, who still play with the Wii, can now buy no more games online and no longer redeem their remaining balance. On the console, however, purchased games continue to run, the Wii remains usable. The Wii was the first console with motion control and was with over 100 million copies to the huge success for Nintendo. The technically questionable successor Wii U flopped. It was not until 2017 that Nintendo made a spectacular comeback with the Switch, which has sold more than 32 million copies.

The end of the LEAD: The ingenious trick with the Netflix codes

Netflix codes
Find Netflix content – with hidden codes that works much better (Photo:

Netflix’s huge offer is not always easy to see through – and many pearls go undetected forever. So that film and series fans make more out of their Netflix subscription, we tell you a trick that impresses us at LEAD powerful. Because Netflix uses hidden codes to sort its content, which subscribers can also access. This is quite simple: Enter the address in the browser, replacing the xx with the code. All codes can be found at Westerns, for example, the 7700, for werewolf horror movies the 75930 and for Kriminaldokumentationen the 9875th Have fun!

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