The Morning Netzer (31): Hero Time

Götterdämmerung – on the TV

Today is the final day for Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar – but only on the TV. The world is watching at 17 o’clock in the final against France against Croatia. And after the final whistle Germany is finally ex-world champion. The Katzorakel has already decided for Croatia. But maybe the experimental setup was not quite fair either.

World cup final prediction

– Škricardi (@Skricardi) 13 July 2018

Charles de Goal

France wants its second star – but messed up yesterday’s dress rehearsal on National Day. If the Tricolore is again properly sorted today, can Antoine Griezmann to finally become the new Charles de Goal – and wonder boy Kylian Mbappé at 19 years to the world champion.

WATCH French Air Force Mixes Flag Colors on Bastille Day in Paris

– Paris2015 (@ paris_2015) 14th July 2018


Voici la Une du journal L’Equipe du dimanche 15 juillet 2018. À consulter sur le numérique dans quelques minutes.

– Л’ЭКИП – L’ÉQUIPE (@lequipe) July 14, 2018

His name is Luka

Croatia relies on motivation, character, self-confidence – and on its superstar Luka Modrićwho could become the first player to win the Champions League, World Cup and Golden Ball as Footballer of the Year in a single year.

Through the years … Luka MODRIC

– Old School Panini (@OldSchoolPanini) July 12, 2018

Modric bout to take the throne.

– Soccer Memes (@SoccerMemes) July 14, 2018

1. Collective motivation
2. Character
3. Self-confidence

We look at what could give #CRO an edge at Sunday’s #WorldCupFinal

– FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) July 13, 2018

Belgium continues

Less exciting yesterday was the match for third place, which Belgium won 2-0 against England. Belgium is one lap further (at least football newcomers). There is not much left of this game, except: Marouane Fellaini had the moths, and Eden hazard After that, I had a burger. It did not become much more nutritious in a superfluous game.


My wife grad: “Belgium is further”

For that I love her #BELENG

– Telegraph (@Fern_Schreiber) 14 July 2018

Fellaini has a house moth #BELENG #FELLAINI # WM2018

– Haue (@PunkRockHH) July 14, 2018


CC @ hazardeden10 #BELENG

– Ministry of Sport (@SportMinisterie) 14th July 2018

He is not here anymore

The Queen Did not look football, but looked fearfully out of the palace window: Is he finally gone? Yes, ma’am, HE was playing golf in Scotland. England is finally at home and has lost even more World Cup games than Germany. Precious expert Gary Lineker collected with an ironic “Southgate out! “16,000 likes and while Donald Trump is gone is Nigel Farage somehow still there. He should now at least know that Belgium is a nation. Even a third-placed nation.

Tell him one’s not in. #Trump

– Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) July 13, 2018

They’re coming home.

@Englandhttps: // #BELENG #threelions #worldcup

– Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) July 14, 2018

Three defeats in seven games are enough for fourth place. Sovereign.

– Thomas Nowag (@ Dagobert95) 14th July 2018

Southgate out.

– Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) July 14, 2018

Well, Farage.
Who laughs last … #BELENG

– Leon. (@leonatorius) July 14, 2018

We are Tennis World Champions – in WMBLDN

For the time being we can not play soccer, but we can play tennis. And Mats Hummels finally had (finally!) his first sense of achievement this summer. The thumb pushing for Angelique Kerber in Wimbledon was worth it. Or like it Bierhoff would call: WMBLDN.

Since the # FCBayern support a few days ago, @matshummels! #Kerber #Wimbledon @AngeliqueKerber

– Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) 14th July 2018

Bierhoff has already offered to market Angie Kerber as #DieSpielerin. #WMBLDN #KerberWilliams

– Joerg Heinrich (@Heinrichheute) 14th July 2018

Please cheer properly, with selfie!

Important tip for today’s World Cup final: When cheering always necessarily film or photograph yourself, and then tweet everything or instagramm. Otherwise it does not count!

This chap sat in #ENG #COL game is now the modern fan. It’s not enough to be there. He was primed to film his own reaction to #ENG winning so that he could then share it. Natural reaction / manufactured? Everyone is a participant now.

– tariq panja (@tariqpanja) 7th July 2018

World Cup final 2022

And another good advice from LEAD: Enjoy the last World Cup final with open air watching in heat and sunshine! The final of the Qatar World Cup in four (one-half) years is almost Christmas. 🤯😱💔

Easy for those who have not got it yet. The World Cup final in four years is on the 18th of December. So one week before Christmas in 2022. With public viewing at the Glühweinstand. #WorldCup

– Tomi Wunder (@tomi_wunder) July 14, 2018

The LEAD song of the day: Hero Time

They were missing us in the morning Netzer – the great We are Heroes With Judith Holofernes, And today for the final they fit perfectly: Hero time!

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