Subscription hello ?! The Apple Keynote in the analysis

Three new subscriptions, including the first Apple credit card presented: A powerful star squad, from Steven Spielberg on Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to Oprah Winfrey, drummed on Monday night for Apple’s Big Step in the entertainment industry. And that the revenue in Apple’s service division in the future will rise powerfully to cushion the recent weakening iPhone sales.

And what makes the share price after-hours? Turns after a very weak daily course after event end just 0.14 percent after-hours into the plus. $ 189, plus .26 cents. If the stock price is an anticipation of the future, then the stockbrokers left the event rather cold.

Subscription hello ?! One may, as of today, not quite decide whether the customers are infected by the subscription fever and monthly flush in bulk fresh money in the services cash register Apple.

LEAD analyzes pros and cons of new ideas.

Apple TV + really not too late?

So many stars on one stage – and yet many questions remained unanswered: What will the new video streaming service Apple TV + cost? Do the series really hold what the stars promise? Do you need a streaming subscription for films, series and documentaries in addition to Amazon Prime Video and above all Netflix?


Netflix is ​​currently hardly afraid of Apple TV + due to its XXL library. But Amazon Prime Video earlier. With the new “Apple TV Channels” offer, integrated into the modernized from May Apple TV app, attacks Apple rather Amazon with its channels than Netflix. Access to the channels will be much more comfortable at Apple. If you want to subscribe to Amazon Channels, you first have to be Prime customer. Apple customers do not need such an upstream subscription.

Here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from Apple during the photo shoot with Hollywood stars:

The Apple TV App is more likely to serve as a one-stop shop for you as a TV viewer. Convenient: There it is no longer necessary to jump from app to app (as with Amazon Prime Video, as with Telekom Entertain way too). All contents can be found in this one TV app from Apple and there you will also receive personalized new recommendations for all channels due to the already viewed content.

Another plus point: The new TV app can be found not only on iOS devices, but also on the Mac, on smart TVs from well-known providers such as Samsung, LG and Sony, as well as on Amazon Fire TV and Roku (relevant only to US viewers). Amazon should be warned, Netflix less.

Decisive for Apple TV + will be the price. If he commits himself to the 10 euros, as with most providers, many customers might hesitate, in addition to Netflix (has already 140 million customers worldwide) to complete another subscription for films and series. But if Apple undercuts the prices, chances are good that the run on Apple TV + uses.

However: Apple has not stood for fight prizes so far …

Apple Arcade – just something for hardcore gamers?

Apple Arcade

Also for Apple Arcade, the new gaming subscription with new and exclusive game productions, the monthly price is still outstanding. Looks like not even the hardcore gamers are the top target group here. Rather worried parents who can give their children ad-free and high-quality games, without worrying great – because the Apple Games stand for quality and security.

But wait! How compatible is an Apple Arcade subscription with the actual App Store? Every week over half a billion people visit the App Store, over 1 billion have downloaded games there. So how many games do you need on the day, in the week, in the month? Are not there already so many games favorites on iPhone and iPad, that you do not need “about 100 more new games in over 150 countries,” which is the launch of Apple Arcade in the fall, needed?

The subject of overkill is urgent. Apple could cannibalize the in-house App Store. On the one hand. On the other hand, let’s face it, there is much that speaks in favor of an arcade subscription that delivers content without annoying ads and in-app purchases. Too disorganized, the App Store looks meanwhile. Overloaded by free-to-play games that have long ago pushed premium games out of the store’s viewing area and only want one thing: that the user buys coins or buys out advertising.

Apple could have curated better at this point in the past, but did not do it. Perhaps because in-app purchases also bring Apple more commissions than one-time purchases of premium games. In that sense, today’s App Store has made Apple Arcade possible. Curious, right?

Who puts everything on the Apple Card?

Apple Card
The Apple Card is initially issued by Apple and Goldman Sachs only in the US (Photo: Apple)

One product that many users would certainly like to see in Germany is the Apple Card. No basic fees, no collection of personal data and as a Titanium card a sought-after object for the wallet: Subscription hello …

Apple becomes a fintech, but initially offers the card only in the US. A little hope, however, is that the heads of Goldman Sachs confirmed during the night to CNBC that they are very interested in an international expansion of the Apple Card. With its financial products, Apple should definitely come on the road to success. This has also shown the success of Apple Pay. There have been 10 billion transactions this year and Apple Pay will be available in more than 40 countries by the end of 2019.

With “Daily Cash”, two percent of the purchase amount as cashback, there is a good incentive to use the card constantly when making purchases. Other pluses: no delays are incurred, international fees are eliminated and interest rates are significantly lower than any competitor.

The Apple Card has the potential to replace all other credit cards in the long term.

Apple News + still up to date?

Apple News Plus
Around 300 titles include Apple News + at the start (Photo: Apple)

Apple’s all-round deal with subscriptions also includes the newspaper industry. Subscription hello, last round: Apple News + is a newspaper and magazine kiosk, which can be ransacked via flat rate ($ 9.99) online and offline. Contained are predominantly English-language media. As a prestige partner, Apple was able to win the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker.

Since not even Apple News is officially available in this country, Apple News + is therefore not relevant for German Apple customers. Whether Apple News + ever comes to Germany, is in the stars.

If you need it, too. More and more users read digitally, especially the younger ones. Nothing is older than yesterday’s paper in which our grandparents wrapped the fish. Apple therefore probably addresses the special interest lover rather than potential customers. Whether that’s enough to turn Apple News + into a money printing machine can at least be doubted.

Footnote, not unimportant!

In the middle of star competition, between new games, shiny credit cards and meter-long virtual newspaper shelves flashes – subscription fever at Apple or not – flashes on something Apple customers should not underestimate. All the services that Apple (for money) offers, put a lot of value on privacy. In times of uncertain Internet with negligent and opaque giant companies like Facebook, Apple offers not only family-friendly offers a comfort zone, but also a safe hideaway.

Apple is not a data collector, does not want to know what you look at Apple TV +. Does not care what you read on Apple News +. Not for what you buy with the Apple Card. Not for what you play in the Apple Arcade for how long. It is earned with the subscriptions, not with data. A unique selling point, while other companies wade almost daily through knee-deep data leaks.

The security of privacy has its price. Subscription hello, the subscription price. And if you do not care about your data, you should check whether such a payment subscription is not the better solution in the long run: privacy matters, more than ever before.

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