To cough? No problem! The ten best apps and gadgets for colds

Erkältungs tips

1 cold tips

The classic delivers as a doctor pants pocket doctor tips in ten categories – for example, for cough, sore throat, fever or body aches. Among them are numerous useful home remedies, some of which have long since been forgotten: honey and its antibacterial effect, potato wrap for coughing, breast wrap with mustard flour or onion milk. Does not taste good, but helps! Or who would have known that sprinkles of raspberries, cranberries or elderberries could lower the fever? An excellent guidebook. (For iOS and Android, free)

Diagnosis Medicine App

2 diagnosis medicine app

With this app, sufferers can virtually go to the doctor without going to the doctor. In a simulated patient-physician interview, the app tries to at least make a suspected diagnosis based on the symptoms and to provide users with important information before a visit to the doctor. The app comes from medical informatics and contains a database in which about 1,500 symptoms in various constellations are included. From “Since when do you have the symptoms?” up to “What does your runny nose look like?” the disease is analyzed as best as possible. The result is useful tips – and usually the recommendation to go to the “real” doctor. (For iOS and Android, free)

Fight flu immediately

3 Flu Get Started

Acupressure with well-tried Chinese massage points promises effective help with cold and similar diseases without side effects. This app shows how it works and introduces the right massage points with photos and videos. This is how patients can treat themselves. This should alleviate symptoms, increase the body’s defense against viruses and improve the general condition. Whether it helps, everyone affected must decide for themselves. At any rate, acupressure can not do any harm. (For iOS and Android, 3.49 euros)

country pharmacy

4 country pharmacy

In this app, the natural medicine is the focus. This is about herbs, healing teas and the perfect composition of the green medicine chest. The app explains the right herbal spray for the cold bath and knows how to put a radish chain around your neck at night, so that the sore throat the next morning are significantly alleviated. And the “Suppendoctor” reveals why beetroot soup is optimal for the immune system. Many of the ingredients can be ordered directly from the country pharmacy. (For iOS and Android, free with in-app purchases)

Feevy – fever diary

5 Feevy

The course of the fever is in case of a cold or flu, an important information for patients, parents or doctors to assess the course of the disease. All measured values ​​and accompanying information can be entered in this app – so that parents, for example, can still remember all the details when visiting the pediatrician. Among other things, the doctor can better understand how an antipyretic drug has had an effect. Users can print the information or save it as a PDF and email it to the doctor. On request, all family members can access the data via the cloud. (For iOS and Android, 3.49 euros)

pharmacies Finder

6 pharmacy finder

Anyone who suddenly feels cold at night, on weekends or on public holidays should get medicines from the pharmacy as quickly as possible. The pharmacy finder is the official app of the Federal Association of German Pharmacist Associations and knows all about 20,000 public pharmacies in the whole of Germany – including the currently open emergency service pharmacies. By GPS, the app shows the ten nearest pharmacies, on request also with directions. (For iOS and Android, free)

Doctors search Jameda

7 Jameda

Because – as mentioned – even the best app can not replace a doctor’s visit, the online health portal Jameda lists in its app around 275,000 established physicians of various disciplines. Using the search function and GPS, sufferers can find the right doctor in their area. For each doctor there is additional information, such as opening hours, telephone number, health insurance, reviews or foreign language skills. Patients can add the physician to a list or contact them directly. For some doctors, appointments can also be made directly in the app. (For iOS and Android, free)

Withings thermo

8 Withings Thermo

Especially in children, fever is often a difficult topic. Modern fever thermometers save little patients the unloved measurement in the back, but the procedure remains annoying. This is where the Withings Thermo helps. The French health specialist Withings offers here probably the most modern clinical thermometer in the world. The thermo works without contact and is held only on the temple. This is considered to be the most accurate method of measurement because the blood circulating at the temporal artery comes directly from the body. All data from up to eight family members migrate to an app for iOS and Android, where they are evaluated with graphics and tips exactly. For children who are allowed to look at their fever curves, the Fiebermessen is no longer annoying, but almost a bit exciting. (99.95 euros,

Vulpés S-Line insoles

9 insoles

Although warm feet do not necessarily protect you from a cold – in winter they are extremely pleasant for colds and healthy people. From Vulpés come the heatable S-line insoles with battery, the temperature of which can be controlled wirelessly via app for iOS and Android. Depending on the size of the soles (35 to 46) and the set temperature, the rechargeable batteries last between two and seven hours, and are then recharged via a micro USB connection. With up to 60 degrees of warmth, ice-cold chilblains’ feet are no longer an issue. (149 Euro,

Handkerchiefs male flu

10 male flu

Lastly, a low-tech tip. Only the masters of creation are affected by the usually fatal men’s flu. Help is usually too late. But the special handkerchiefs for the male flu (Influentia Masculum) provide the alleged last days of life at least for a little relief. When it comes to extremes, a last will will be included in the package. (3,50 Euro,

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