TechDaily: Ikea – sounds so good the 100-Euro Sonos

Ikea: So good is the 100 Euro Sonos

Ikea Symfonisk
Ikea turns the Sonos One into a lamp (Photo: Ikea)

Symfonisk – that sounds like a CD shelf from Ikea, but is actually a surprisingly cheap and good sounding new speaker of the Swedish furniture manufacturer. After Ikea and the American home audio specialist Sonos announced a collaboration at the end of 2017, the first joint products were presented at the Milan Design Week. The Symfonisk series, whose sale starts on 1 August, initially consists of two models: A table lamp with Sonos box as foot costs 100 euros. And another box, which can be hung up as a small shelf, is available for 180 euros.

The hardware comes completely from Sonos. Both boxes can be integrated as usual in a wireless Sonos network and controlled by app. Thus, especially the small Symfonisk variant for 100 Euro becomes a real bargain. Because the foot of the table lamp uses the almost unchanged technology of the Sonos One and sounds in the first short test at Heise also identical – so drastically better than for example Amazon’s echo speakers. Price advantage over the original: around 100 euros. Apple’s standard AirPlay2 for networking wireless boxes is also on board. The only drawback is easy to get over: Because built-in microphones are missing, listen to Amazon Alexa, in contrast to “real” Sonos speakers not.

Twitter limits the number of follows

“Follow, Follow, Follow, Disrupt.” Who’s doing that? “Spammer.” With this sound argument, Twitter justifies its latest move against spam and fake accounts. Because from now on Twitter users can follow “only” 400 new accounts per day. So far, there were 1,000. This should make it more difficult for dubious users or bots to follow a large number of accounts in a short time and thus expand their networks. For this purpose, software has long been haunting the net, which does this job automatically. In many tweets yesterday the still very high set new 400 limit was criticized, which in practice hardly needs a real user. At best, business accounts are likely to reach this mark. Twitter explains this to TechCrunch: “We chose 400 as the reasonable limit that stops most spam but does not restrict legitimate users.”

Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow. Who does that? Spammers. So you’re changing the number of accounts you can follow each day from 1,000 to 400. Do not worry, you’ll just be fine.

– Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) April 8, 2019

Bad CO2 balance for music streaming

Spotify Co2
Spotify – good for the ears, bad for the climate (Photo: Spotify)

Music streaming instead of CDs in plastic boxes or vinyl records – that sounds like ecological progress at first. But here scientists contradict the universities Glasgow and Oslo: According to a new study, Spotify, Apple Music & Co. even provide for higher CO2 emissions than the classical sound carrier. The energy-intensive operation of the servers and the power requirements of many millions of smartphones, tablets and computers to listen to music, the researchers said, would destroy the eco-benefits of plastic-free music listening. In figures: The vinyl production of records in 1977 in the US for 140 million kilos of greenhouse gases per year, in music downloads and streaming it should be between 200 and 350 million kilos. Whether, for example, the transport of records and CDs to the customer is also included, according to Engadget, remains open. But the message of the researchers is clear: Even small things like listening to music have an impact on the climate.

New iPhones finally load faster

Compared to the Android competition, iPhone users need more money to buy their smartphone – and more patience when loading. Because although the current Apple phones actually offer a fast-charging function, Apple still delivers them with a weak, slow and outdated 5-watt power supply. Episode: While the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 40-watt PSU comes within half an hour from 0 to 70 percent battery, loads an iPhone X according to Tom’s Guide in the same time only 17 percent. It can be changed only with a stronger power adapter, for which Apple, depending on capacity, but from 25 euros required. That should change in 2019: Because Apple, according to the Japanese magazine Macotakara, populated the new iPhones for the first time with an 18-watt power supply with USB-C socket and a cable from USB-C to Lightning. With that, they are likely to charge three times faster than before.

The Chrome browser from Microsoft is here

Internet Explorer is dead, and Microsoft has never really come out of the spot with its Edge successor, Edge. A new edge browser, which is technically based on Google’s Chromium technology, should change that. Microsoft wants to offer a browser that offers the speed and stability of Chrome – but better integrated into a Windows 10 system, and thus brings additional comfort for users. A first trial version – but still missing many features – has now been released and can be downloaded here. There are three options to try it out: In the Beta Channel, the new browser is updated only every six weeks, in the Dev Channel on a weekly basis, and even daily in the Canary Channel.

The end of the LEAD: Three-year lock iPad – for 48.5 years

This iPad will not work until the year 2067! Because the three-year-old son of a journalist from Washington has entered the wrong password on an Apple tablet so many times that it is now blocked for 25.5 million minutes, according to the Twitter screenshot. That’s 48.5 years. In response to the father’s tweet, there were plenty of amusing responses, including: “Restart your three-year-old!” A complete reset (of the iPad, not of the child!) Should help before the year 2067, but without iTunes backup the data will be lost.

Reboot your 3 y.o.

– Grady Booch (@Grady_Booch) April 7, 2019

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