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As the heavy glass door opens to the noble “Quartier Zukunft”, the iPhone displays “E” for a few seconds. Only Edge network – just here? Should 5G not be available “the future of mobile” or at least LTE in today’s “future”?

Julian Hueck, one of the founders of tink.de, has to smile about it. He knows the problem with “E”. A few days ago, when the tink smart home store opened here, there were sometimes even just “E”, right in the midst of all the intelligent systems for controlling the home network. But who thinks about the future, is also fast: Without further ado, a new LAN hub was set up by Deutsche Bank.

Three potent financiers

Tink is pretty nimble – also in terms of market strategy: Equipped with millions of venture capital of the Rocket Internet Stars, of Vattenfall and ProSieben, the Berlin start-up founded in 2016 has long been an important and major player in the smart home or Connected Home market made a name.

The new “smart home store” in the capital is therefore the next logical step: the modern location with meeting rooms and adjoining café bar (Milchkanne does not yet have 5G, dear Federal Minister of Research Karliczek) is located in Friedrichstraße. House number 181, almost directly in the city center.


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Apple and tink: There are similarities

Fits, because tink also sees itself in the future of the German and international smart home market. Tink is not only active in Germany: expansion in the USA is just starting right. The two tink founders Julian Hueck and Marius Lissautzki are pleased to announce that Deutsche Bank is providing such a flagship space for six months to the company, which currently employs 84 people. “One day, such a store would have to be right next to an Apple Store,” says Hueck in an interview with LEAD. Because he also knows that visitors to the Apple stores also belong to the Connected Home target group of tink thanks to the HomeKit system from Apple.

Apple and tink, there are similarities. Apple advertised for a long time with the legendary slogan “Think different”, conceived by Steve Jobs and his marketing department. For tink again: tink different.

Here in the Berlin “Smart Home Store” on Friedrichstraße there is nothing to buy, in contrast to the smart home shelves of major chains such as Media Markt or Saturn. Look, yes, touch and try anyway. But please order from home on the platform tink.de, that’s the difference.

A few impressions of tink’s showroom:

  • Tink Store 1
    (Pictures: LEAD / Michael Gronau)
  • Tink Store 2
  • Tink Store 3
  • Tink Store 4
  • Tink Store 5

The tink tactic

At first glance, a risky venture, but offer market sizes such as Amazon, Apple itself and even chains such as Media Markt & Co. in their shops the same Connected Home products for sale. But the tink tactic is different: smart home prospects are personally advised, online on the website in the chat, on-site at home, if any installation problems with products can not be solved over the phone, and just in the showroom at Friedrichstrasse, the now the second in the capital. The first store is located in Gipsstraße, also in the district of Mitte. There is also the tink headquarters.

The advantage for customers: On the basis of their own smart needs, the tink experts put prospective buyers together complete systems, from the smart doorbell to smoke detectors and intelligent sockets to light installations or outdoor security cams. If something does not work at home during DIY installation, the customer will not be left alone. If the matter can not be clarified in the chat, if necessary, a partner leaves the tink service network and helps with the customer on site.

24 products, three system walls

In the store itself, tink offers 24 products to try out as part of tink’s new retail concept. There are also three system walls with products from Apple, Amazon and Google. To this end, devices not available in Germany so far, such as the Google Hub or Facebook Portal, are already on the tink store shelf.

A comprehensive overview that big players like Amazon (with occasional pop-up stores for two weeks) or MediaMarkt in the smart home segment can not afford. And do not want to afford. Advice and service – tink different: That’s exactly what makes the difference. That’s why tink on Friedrichstrasse can also show all the important smart home systems, from Google, from Amazon, from Apple, but also from Bosch, Eve, tado and other important smart home providers.

Tink Gruender Left Hueck Right Lissautzki
The tink founders Julian Hueck and Marius Lissautzki (Image: tink)

Four-digit shopping carts

No price tags, no special action areas, no checkout. Instead, there are consultants who like to demonstrate and compare the smart features of individual products. If you feel well advised, you will not be able to put a smart doorbell online, but often make the whole house or the whole apartment smarter. The shopping cart then fills four digits – good for the business, which grows between 35 and 50 percent per year.

The Berlin-based company is also watching the automotive market with interest. Self-driving cars and electric vehicles – in this area, the smart equipment in the next few years, virtually no limits. First, co-founder Dr. Julian Hueck, tink but will expand in the capital again his retail idea. Together with the investor Vattenfall, an energy store is to be opened, based on the experience of the showroom in the “Quartier Zukunft”. After all, smart radiator thermostats or door and window sensors are already among the most popular Connected Home products today.

Future fields: energy and automotive

The Energy Gate will also be in Berlin. The city that wants to make tink “the smart capital of Europe”. Thus, “tink different” is likely to pay off for tink in the long term: At present, one in six German smart home products is already being used. But already by 2021, according to the forecasts, Connected Home products are to be found in every second German household. Then each of them would be a “neighborhood of the future”, hopefully completely without “E” and everywhere with 5G. Also at the smart milk can in the kitchen …

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