Everyday: Most valuable tech companies in the world – Germany relinquished

Most valuable tech companies in the world – Germany almost invisible in the top 100

Ey Ranking
German companies can be found in the EY ranking under also ran (Photo: EY)

The US tech companies dominate the new EY ranking of the world’s most valuable companies, carried out by the consulting and auditing company EY. Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google mother Alphabet and Facebook are the undisputed leaders in the market capitalization analysis. In the top 10 are eight US companies. Only in ranks 7 and 8 could two Chinese companies intervene with Tencent and Alibaba.

And Germany’s tech heroes? Among others also ran: SAP in 56th place. Allianz on rank 98 just slipped in. Siemens crashed into 107th place. In 2017 there were still seven German companies in the top 100.

According to EY Germany CEO Hubert Barth, Germany has good reasons for this: US companies have “hit the nerve of the times” with their digital business models. “With their services and products, they revolutionize entire industries and generate huge profits.” Investors would trust these companies, despite high valuations, “further innovations”.

“Stranger Things” is already in the next round

They are back: The kids of Stranger Things are up to no good in the Hawkins of the 80s. Season 3 started on Netflix on Thursday. 99 percent of all fans will have seen all eight parts in binge watching. What now?

Season 4 is almost dry according to director Ross Duffer, but that may take a while. The good news: Stranger Things goes on the console and on the PC in the next round. The game to the series has appeared fresh – with all the cult characters for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In local two-player co-ops, it’s about cracking puzzles with 12 characters and fighting against the evil. Of course in retro-pixel-optics for all nostalgics.

Flight with emergency landing: Powerbank exploded again

Airplane Landing Fotolia 116395665
Because a power bank caught fire, an airplane had to make an emergency landing in Boston (Image: Fotolia)

Powerbanks for charging smartphones and tablets are controversial on the plane, but not yet banned by the airlines. Currently it came again to an explosive flight, caused by a burning battery.

On the Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing, TechSpot reports. An hour after departure, the fire had been reported. Nobody got hurt. Deleted within two minutes. The pilot nevertheless initiated the emergency landing in Boston. All passengers had to get out of the plane, they were transferred to other flights. Investigations to the exact cause of the fire run.

Finally a new Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Dark Mode
The new Dark Mode view in Outlook (Photo: Microsoft)

Eight months Microsoft has screwed on the new version of the mail client Outlook, now it is ready for download and make Outlook more comfortable than Gmail.

In addition to calendar optimizations, there is now also a dark mode and the ability to integrate images, GIFs and emojis. More important for productive work: Mails can now be categorized, prio mized mails and the type of document will be displayed in the header bar. A list of favorites stores the really important mails, several mail conversations can be summarized in one day.

Outlook for the web requires a free Microsoft account.

Huawei’s future will be decided on 9th August

From August 9th to 11th Huawei invites to HDC 2019, its Developer Conference. An event that has received little attention in recent years. Everything is different this year. From August 9, Huawei’s future will decide:

KI, 5G and the Internet of Things are on the agenda. More exciting due to the ongoing trade dispute between China and the US: Will Huawei introduce its own operating system (OS) in Songshan Lake, China, making it more independent of the US or Google’s Android?

“Hongmeng” should be the OS in China. Whether Huawei really as announced continues on Android, may be doubted. In this respect, “Ark OS”, so the speculated name of the OS outside of China, could be presented exactly when Huawei can welcome its own developers on site at its event – on August 9!

Calling all developers, join us at the #Huawei Developer Conference 2019 to get yourself in our intelligent digital services and witness the revolutionary experience that we can provide – rethink possibilities. # HDC2019 #MakeItPossible pic.twitter.com/Iz2zVTowZJ

– Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) July 4, 2019

The end of the LEAD: Off to the grave with the Lippe archaeologists!

No Stonehenge, but almost as exciting thanks to state-of-the-art technology: The Westphalian grave site Große Sloopsteene in Lotte in the district of Steinfurt is 5,500 years old. It offers a collection of huge boulders with stones weighing up to 12 tons. It is said to be the best preserved Großsteingrab Westfalens, which is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

No time to travel to Westphalia? Then it goes 3D-moderately off to the grave. This is made possible by the Lippe archaeologists in cooperation with the University of Bremen on the website of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe with and without VR glasses.

And that’s what we’re digging for today. See you tomorrow at TechTäglich!

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Westphalian grave
Carved in stone: The 3D and VR project in Westfalenland (Screenshot: Gronau)

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