TechDaily: Tonight “Showtime” at Apple

Tonight “Showtime” at Apple

Tim Cook Event
Tim Cook enters the stage on June 3 at 7 pm CET (Photo: Apple)

Apple and no end. After the group presented almost daily product upgrades such as new iMacs or the AirPods 2 in the last week, the new week begins with a big Apple event. The event under the motto “It’s showtime” should be a product-free evening.

It’s all about services, bet ?! From 18 o’clock the presentation of the new video streaming service and the new newspaper flatrate subscription should be pending. The video service will be a mix according to recent speculation: Exclusive free series for Apple customers and discounted subscription bundles with channels from various TV providers. The newspaper flatrate, which will probably start in the US, has one of the most prominent newspapers on board, the Wall Street Journal. New York Times and Washington Post have waved in advance. They do not participate.

And there may also be a game subscription that allows hundreds of games to be downloaded from the App Store for a monthly fee, without having to buy them all individually. From 6 pm we start at the Steve Jobs Theater in the Apple Park in Cupertino.

Amazon Prime in the sights of competitive guardians

Shop Online Amazon
Amazon dominates the German online shopping market (Photo: pixabay)

Threatens the online store Amazon in Germany, a breakup? Achim Wambach, chairman of the Monopoly Commission, said in the World on Sunday: “Amazon could be considered towards product-level unbundling.” Amazon Prime brings together numerous services for streaming service, Kindle and more under one roof.

With the marketplace business, so the reproach, Amazon extended its supremacy still further. Abuse of market power: Google also had an EU-style of this kind in the neck and had to decouple the Google services from Android smartphones.

Nintendo before expanding the Zelda universe

With the announcement of the Zelda crossover “Cadence of Hyrule” for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo surprised all gamers last week. The game will be released this spring and is a mix of “The Legend of Zelda” and “Crypt of the NecroDancer”. Nintendo acts as a publisher. The game itself develops the indie blacksmith Brace Yourself Games.

The exciting thing: Compared to VentureBeat, Nintendo has not ruled out that there could be more indie games under the Zelda roof. Good for Zelda fans and even better for small developers who could jump on the big Nintendo platform with all their promotional knowhow.

Pinterest will go public shortly

The IPO is to flush fresh money into the coffers at Pinterest (photo:

The social network Pinterest is apparently just before the IPO. The new prospectus filed by Pinterest with the US Securities and Exchange Commission shows that the online photo service will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PINS”. With 265 million users per month, Pinterest’s revenue in 2018 grew 60 percent compared to 2017. Nevertheless, Pinterest continues to be in the red ($ 63 million minus).

Despite Fortnite update continues problems under iOS

The fresh Fortnite update, this time for the iOS app, shipped with version number 8.11.1. Annoying: The update brings “only” stability improvements, but the voice chat remains disabled. On Android he is armed.

After all: After the big difficulties since Season 8, thanks to the update it’s now much rounder. Epic Games admits, however, that there are still major problems on iOS, all bugs have not yet been eliminated.

The end of the LEAD: The ideas are bubbling on Instagram

Kate Rath (31) lets her imagination bubble on Instagram. The watercolors by the artist show newly invented by Kate mineral water flavors and are currently on Instagram a great success, reports Mashable. “I have a very long list of flavors and then I look on Twitter for the trend to draw a new flavor.”

Rath’s varieties pearl in the most abstruse taste senses: Taco Bell, Oasis Wonderwall, Tinder, Peanut Butter, Mayo, Tinder or Bernie Sanders Mineral Water and more. Your favorite strain: Blackberry Lemon – and it’s really on sale. Our favorite tin: Margin of the Simpsons. By the way: Those who find their art tingling can chat with Kate in the Secret Bubble Company.

LEAD wishes you a refreshing day.


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