The Best Apps of the Week, Part 36


2.6 million viewers were amazed by this app and its inventor at the idea casting “The Cave of the Lions” on VOX. Rubin Lind, 19, from Cleverle in Hamm, was looking for a lion for his learning app “Skills4School” – and lots of money. Although the program is currently still 17,000 euros loss per month einfährt, called the extremely self-confident founder for his 35-employee company a company value of five million euros.

After a long struggle – and after Rubin had already left the studio in between – financial shark Carsten Maschmeyer and former ProSieben boss Georg Kofler (aka Koflerschorsch) agreed with the Skills4School inventor on a participation of 25.01 percent for 700,000 euros. It is still not finalized after the broadcast. The app sounds interesting: Skills4School enables interactive and individual learning in the subjects of math, biology, English, history, geography and Latin. The questions and tasks always depend on learning progress. And the substance even differs depending on the state.

Price Skills4School: Free with in-app purchases, monthly subscription 9.99 euros

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Pokémon Masters

Three years ago, the augmented reality game “Pokémon Go” drove the world crazy for a few months – and even seduced teenagers into walking and pokémon hunting, outdoors in the real world. Now the next Pokémon Superhit is here. Pokémon Masters has been downloaded more than 10 million copies worldwide within the first four days of release. Even faster has so far only managed “Super Mario Run”, also from the Nintendo universe.

Compared to Pokémon Go, however, Masters is a much more classic Pokémon game. It’s about real-time competition between pocket monsters and their coaches in 3-on-3 mode. The players can put together dream teams from their favorite Pokémons and coaches. The game comes as usual (unfortunately) as a free “Free to Play” title with salted in-app prices of up to € 89.99. This will not change the success – even if the one billion downloads that “Pokémon Go” made thanks to the AR hype in the first month should not be in danger.

Price Pokémon Masters: Free with in-app purchases between 1.09 Euro and 89.99 Euro

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Mushroom leader Pro

No mushroom in the knees when mushrooming – with the “mushroom leader Pro” it works (Photo: Nature Mobile)

Autumn is here – and therefore the best season for mushroom picking. However, in real, and not the mushrooms from a Mario game! Who’s going to pull out in the next few weeks in the mushroom, as we say at the LEAD in Bavaria, which finds extensive support via app. The “Mushroom Guide Pro” knows more than 300 types of mushrooms and does not have to hide in the thicket with more than 2,000 high-resolution photos guaranteed. The determination is carried out either on the basis of features or with a step-by-step guide that leads question by question ever closer to the goal. An identification by camera is (unfortunately) not yet possible.

Expertise is provided. Because the content of the mushroom app comes from the mycologist dr. Ewald Gerhardt from Berlin, who is considered Germany’s largest mushroom guru. Despite its undoubted competence, the German Society for Mycology (DGfM) is currently urgently wary of relying too blindly and gullibly on an app to collect mushrooms. Because the 6,000 fungi in German forests, the experts say, are so varied and look so different that they can not play any app in all forms. So: Use the app as a guide – and have collected mushrooms examined by experts at the slightest doubt! Otherwise, the health of reckless mushroom pickers is no longer worth a damn.

Price Mushroom Guide Pro: 9,99 Euro to 11,99 Euro, free trial available

Download for iOS / Download for Android

iMensa Mensa menu

I cafeteria
Empty belly does not like to study. In contrast, the iMensa app helps (Photo: Aimpulse Intelligent Systems)

The autumn brings not only the high season for mushrooms, but also the beginning of the semester for millions of students throughout Germany. And because knowledge is important, but unfortunately not enough, one of the crucial questions is: What is there to eat? The app “iMensa Mensa Speiseplan” helps with small and big hunger. She knows more than 550 daily menus of canteens and cafeterias of colleges and universities in more than 180 German cities. From Aachen to Zwickau, the student food alphabet is completely represented.

After the first download, the menus will be available offline for one week each – and will update as soon as the phone is online again. There is an intelligent favorites list for the favorite canteens, which automatically disappear when they have not been visited for a long time. In addition to the menus, the app also provides user ratings, pricing, and detailed information such as “vegan,” “meatless,” or “gluten-free.” LEAD wishes you a good appetite – and good luck in the new semester!

Price iMensa: Free

Download for iOS / Download for Android


Dog Cam
Germany’s Next Top Dog Model – The DogCam Works (Photo: Michael Gilroy)

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

DogCam: The dog is perhaps the most faithful companion of man – but a master in sitting and keeping still is not the Fiffi usually. That’s why pretty dog ​​selfies are so difficult. But with the DogCam it works. When playing, she plays more than 80 different dog sounds from happy barking to a high whistle to irresistible squeaky toys. This should fascinate the dog so much that he stays seated, looks directly into the lens and lets himself be photographed like a Heidi Klum model.

Price DogCam: Free with 2.99 euros for unlocking all sounds

Download for iOS / Download Alternative “Petcam” for Android

CodeSpark Academy: With this app to skip the spark – namely in children between four and ten years, who want to learn the first basics of programming. And that is in the truest sense of the word easy: Cute creatures, the Foos, present the kids puzzles and games, with which they get practically in passing a first impression of programming. And the math and logic skills improve the app on top of that. The sparkling idea comes from the US universities Princeton, Carnegie Mellon University and MIT.

Price CodeSpark Academy: Free with in-app purchases between € 7.99 and € 85.99

Download for iOS / Download for Android

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