TechDaily: Apple Future – a subscription to everything, including rental phone?

Apple Future: A subscription to everything – including rental phone?

14.99 euros for the family subscription of Apple Music, 9.99 euros for 2 TB of storage space in iCloud – and in the future each 4.99 euros for Apple Arcade and Apple TV +. Then makes 34.96 euros a month. If you want, you can spend a lot of money on Apple subscriptions soon. The monthly costs are slowly moving towards Sky subscription. No wonder Apple’s service sector is booming. In addition, the Digital Newsstand News + in the US for $ 9.99. And recently, the device insurance AppleCare is available by monthly subscription. This smorgasbord of subscriptions cries out for packages that bundle deals – preferably at a discount. This demand is made today by the US magazines The Verge and AppleInsider.

“Where’s the Apple Arcade, Music and TV + bundle?” Asks The Verge. Because: “Apple relies heavily on services, and a package would help.” With a bundle of music single subscription and TV + for 12.99 euros instead of the arithmetic 14.98 euros, for example, Apple could corner Spotify priced, which has no way for such packages. AppleInsider even goes a step further – and also packs an iPhone subscription, more or less a rental phone. Title of the very readable story: “How long will it take to get an ‘All Apple’ subscription including iPhone for $ 100?”

In the flat rate then all subscriptions would be represented, including iPhone. This could also solve Apple’s problem that customers are increasingly rare to get a new smartphone. AppleInsider counts all subscriptions including iPhone together – and comes to $ 96.99 per month for “Everything Apple”. “That could be irresistible for many customers,” says the magazine. As long as it is not so far, we still have to buy our iPhones. The pre-order for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max start today (because Apple has changed the usual start times) at 14 clock German time.

Disney +: In the Netherlands already there

Disney Nl
Just a mouse click away: Disney + has made an early start in the Netherlands (Photo: Disney)

Early start for Disney +. Officially, the new streaming service for movies and TV shows will be broadcasting on November 12, in the US, Canada and the European test field Netherlands. But our neighbors are starting earlier. Yesterday, the entertainment company in the Dutch app stores for iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Disney + released surprisingly early to try out. Apparently, Disney wants to gain experience – but not right on the huge and complex North American market.

For the time being, Disney + is free in the Netherlands – and immediately scored # 1 in the iOS store, according to TheStreamable. Available are already familiar content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Pixar – but not yet the costly new productions such as the Star Wars offshoot “The Mandalorian”. Trying out via VPN app from Germany could be worthwhile. Because films and series in the Netherlands are traditionally not synchronized, the content is available in English. An appointment for a Germany start does not exist yet. The monthly subscription should cost us as well as in the Netherlands 6.99 euros.

HTC Vive Cosmos: Breakthrough for Data Glasses?

Virtual reality goggles are still a long way from the mass market breakthrough – Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR & Co. are more of a case for digital nerds. HTC now wants to take another step towards mainstream, with its new glasses Vive Cosmos, which will be released in the US on October 3rd. It makes the use much easier than before, among other things by the absence of a base station, which is no longer required.

The recipe of HTC: Easier, more comfortable and better graphics. The comfort, so CNET, serves the eye-catching grid on the front of the glasses, which should prevent sweating, and under which a fan provides for tolerable temperatures. The grid is removable. These include, in addition to six cameras for spatial orientation, ports with which the Vive Cosmos can be modularly extended for new applications. The high price of $ 699 could prevent the breakthrough. For comparison: The also not dramatically successful competitor Oculus Rift from Facebook costs only 399 dollars.

Rental bicycles come via Munich

Jump Uber
Red like the FCB, white and blue like Bavaria – these are the new Munich bikes from Uber (Photo: Uber)

“Now the wheels are rolling over us”, the Munich daily tz. Because: While the city is getting used to the flood of 5,000 e-scooter fun vehicles just as slowly as unwillingly, Jump’s e-bikes are now added. Until now, the Uber subsidiary was only represented in Berlin. Now the eye-catching red wheels are also available in the Bayern capital – with a white and blue diamond pattern on the front luggage rack.

Jump bikes can be booked via the Uber app and around 200 bikes are available for starting. Each booking costs one euro, plus 20 cents per minute. If you are driving through Munich for half an hour, you pay seven euros – more expensive than the MVV, much cheaper than a taxi. There are no fixed stations. The bikes can be parked and rented at the permitted places in the city area. How many bicycles Uber plans for Munich is still open. “We are in close contact with the city and adjust the amount to the demand,” said spokesman Oliver Krug tz. A chaos like last with the yellow Chinese cheap bikes from Obike should not be repeated with the much higher quality jump bikes anyway.

Ikea compares iPhone 11 camera with ceramic hob

Ikea Apple
Can not take pictures, but cook – the Ikea hob in the iPhone 11 look (Photo: Ikea)

Ikea discovers the possibilities – to tease Apple. The eyebrow-thirsty camera of the new iPhone 11 Pro and the tapeworm name “iPhone 11 Pro Max” have inspired the Swedes to a Facebook post where they target the Apple novelties. You can see a ceramic hob with three glowing plates in an iPhone 11 arrangement with a note: “The new iPhone camera seems somehow familiar to us.” But there are lots of Likes, positive comments and virtual Knockouts on Facebook.

Ikea mocks the name of Apple’s next top model: “If you think iPhone 11 Pro Max is an unpronounceable product name, you’ve never heard of LAGAN HGC3K.” The link leads directly to the 99 euro expensive hob. Ikea has recently chosen to be an amusing hobby to pull Apple through the cocoa. At the launch of the new MacPro with hole look last June, Ikea offered the right fruit grater. Motto: “Designed for Apples.”

The end of the LEAD: Jan Hofer’s Tagesschau-Selfie

Premiere in the news: Millions of spectators marveled at the first studio selfie on Thursday evening. Jan Hofer, Tagesschau spokesman and owner of real estate with added value, cleared himself off at the end of the program. The explanation came shortly thereafter on Instagram. The action celebrated the millionth insta-follower of the Tagesschau.

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