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Oktoberfest - official app

Oktoberfest – official app: The app may carry this official name, because it comes from the city of Munich – ie directly from the “producer”. It provides the basic service for every Oktoberfest visitor: site plan, live information on tents, toilets, opening times, dates, after-Oktoberfest tips and a friends finder, which shows which Facebook fans are out and about on the Theresienwiese , (Free)

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Oktoberfest.Bayern: The app by tz and Münchner Merkur is the Wiesn-Zeitung for the trouser pocket, to always have it with you. It provides current news, pictures and information about the Oktoberfest. Whether celebrities and events, Afterwiesn parties, new costume trends or the most sought-after Oktoberfest hits – here users always experience “live” what’s happening on the Theresienwiese. (Free)

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old Octoberfest

Old Octoberfest: The normal Oktoberfest, almost the “New Oktoberfest”, is beautiful. But not a few Munich want to swear that the “Oide Wiesn” is even more beautiful. Since 2010, there is celebrated in the south of the Theresienwiese in the style of a classic Bavarian folk festival – with brass music instead of Ballermann, and with nostalgic rides. In 2018, for the first time, there will be a separate app for the Oide Wiesn, with complete service: maps, menus, prices and more. Extra delicacy is the complete digital edition of the singer and musician newspaper “Zwiefach”. (Free)

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OpenTable: The reservation specialists will also be present at the Oktoberfest for the first time in 2018. Eleven Wiesn tents are connected in the first year. If tables are available, especially during the week or during the day, they can be reserved via the OpenTable app. And of course that also applies to countless other businesses, restaurants and bars around the Oktoberfest. (Free)

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pointed Proverbs

Pointed sayings: Proverbial slogans and a little “bled-so-redn” are simply part of the Wiesn. This app offers and explains urbayer comments, curses, compliments and other technical terms. “Preißn” from home and abroad learn here, what is it with a “rubber eagle” (Hendl), and how long it will take until the “willow tree falls over” – until it could come to a proper brawl, or to a “Ohrwaschlrennatz” (slap). The app provides indispensable bases for every Oktoberfest communication. (Free)

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JodelCam: Another app for the seamless assimilation of international Oktoberfest guests. You can use the JodelCam to infer your selfie videos with bearded yodels and jays and then share them. Although this has nothing to do with Bavarian tradition and tradition – that does not interest anyone during the Oktoberfest anyway. Perfect for flirting, even if the app expressly no yodel diploma can be purchased. In the sense of Loriot: Holleri du dödl di, diri diri dudl dö! (2.29 Euro)

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Netflix’s “Happy Bavarians” also have “Bella Ciao” from “House of Money” on it

iPlattl: Pssst, do not pass on to foreign Wiesn visitors! But the bitter truth is that very few Bavarians actually wear shoes. Hamburgers, Australians and Chinese, however, are impressed by traditional Plattln in the Oktoberfest tent but still massive. And there is hardly a better recipe for flirting. In this app, Lankes Lois, a longtime Vorplattler of the traditional costume association GTEV Eisenärzt, explains the Schuhplattln for beginners and advocates extremely well founded. (1,09 Euro)

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O'zapft is

O’zapft is! Oktoberfest Labyrinth: When waiting for the next measure or for a free space when disposing of it, it can be boring on the Oktoberfest. This time can then be bridged with this very nice little Oktoberfest game. Two balls of traditional balls roll through the Oktoberfest tent – as in the familiar wooden labyrinth game – and must find their way through tables and benches. (Free)

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9 Mvg

MVG Fahrinfo Munich: One of the very central problems for every Wiesn visitor (in addition to the sometimes sometimes time-consuming disposal mentioned above) is the drive home. How do I get back home, or to the hotel? The car is not an issue, taxis are expensive. And that’s why the MVG app is one of the most important Wiesn apps, with all the data on underground and S-Bahn trains, buses and trams, all networks, travel times and mobile ticket purchases. (Free)

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“Narcos”, stunned at the Oktoberfest! This fits well with the Oktoberfest, says Netflix

iGrumble: The English word “Grumble” is not in vain reminiscent of the Munich specialty of Grantelns, so the well-groomed bad mood. Who does not speak Bavarian curses, but still wants to make it clear to his seat neighbor at the Wiesn in the original sound South that he is grumpy now, accesses this app. Shake it once (the mobile phone, not the seat neighbor!) Is enough, and already a kind of Bavarian Obelix cursing with Gamsbart and leather pants properly “Schleich di! Look, that”d weidakimmst!” or “Yes you gschroamaulade Matz, you gschroamaulade!”. Motto: Let’s get ready for Grumble! (Free)


Beer Counter

Beer Count: “Oana is no, oana is no nei” is traditional at the Oktoberfest – another measure is still easy! But eventually the maximum quantum will be reached. When the time comes, this app calculates on the basis of drunk amount, period, alcohol content, body weight and gender. Result is the current per thousand level. But please do not drive home on the basis of this information, because the values ​​are only approximate indications! (Free)

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12 sticker pack

Oktoberfest Sticker Pack: The modern flirtation culture does not stop even before the Oktoberfest, quite the contrary. If you want to send the smart Madl or the fussy Buam from the next table with iMessage a digital greeting, you will find hearty stickers with pretzel, dirndl, Lederhosen and Gamsbart. “Absolutely cute”, as the Australian Oktoberfest visitor says! (1,09 Euro)


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