Everyday: Samsung launches the world’s first 5G smartphone

Samsung launches the world’s first 5G smartphone

Samsung First 5G Smartphone
The world’s first 5G smartphone is launched in South Korea (Photo: Samsung)

In Germany, we are just polishing the milk cans, to which 5G (a distant day) could once penetrate. Samsung is already a step ahead in South Korea. Since 1 December, the 5G network is in operation. Now it’s time for the first 5G smartphone. Samsung launches the Galaxy S10 5G next Friday, claiming the status of “the world’s first 5G smartphone on the market”.

The S10 5G celebrates its premiere in three colors: Majestic Black, Royal Gold and Crown Silver. The display is a 6.7 inch AMOLED screen, edge to edge. The rollout is coming in other countries.

But not in the LTE country of milk churns.

Nana Mouskouri throws Germany off the hook

Alexa alarm clock
Alexa wakes the Germans with sunshine (Photo: Amazon)

She really cares about everything: The living room decorates her with “White Roses from Athens”. And now, the German Alexa owners are still preferred to throw them out of bed in the morning:

The Greek singer Nana Mouskouri (the lady with the black glasses and the flowing robes) is with her classic “Good morning sunshine” at number 1 of the songs, with which German Alexa owners love to wake up. “In my Mind” by Dynoro and Gigi D ‘Agostino follows in second place, followed by “Birdsong in the Forest” by Pandia Corpus. Only at number 4: the inevitable Helene Fischer with “Breathless through the night”.

By the way: With our Brexit friends, Wham is in first place with “Wake me up before you gogo” (before you gogo from the EU?) In France, Spain and Italy the preferred wake up call via Alexa is made with “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen Mamma Mia, Mum Mia, let me sleep.

Metaverse instead of Universe: Fortnite should become a social world

Fortnite Battle Royale
Into the battle with the pink horse! Fortnite Battle Royale is about real money (Photo: Epic Games)

250 million active players count the cult game Fortnite. The new creative mode has been used by 100 million gamers since the launch in December. Reason enough for Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney to outline the future of the game of chance. Talking to BusinessInsider, he dreams of a “meta-verse where gamers can switch from Fortnite games to Fortnite buildings and then to the development of the Unreal Engine.” Fortnite should become a virtual social world.

Unreal Engine, the popular game development platform, belongs to the Fortnite makers. Sweeney continues: “There is no such thing at the moment, but we’ll see if it’s coming this year – it’s exciting.”

o2: Everything just gecloud

O2 cloud
o2 sends its users from 4.99 euros in the cloud (photo: o2)

Another cloud, this time from provider o2. From April 8, the company offers its customers unlimited storage space for 4.99 euros a month. In addition to clients for Windows and macOS are also each an iOS and Android app for the o2 cloud ready.

The registration takes place via the already used personal access data for “My o2”. The server is according to o2 in the EU. The data are therefore safe and would also be scanned regularly for viruses.

Those who book for two years receive the first three months for free. There are also a few extras to help customers get in touch: Via o2 Cloud, you can create your own blog; the search automatically detects motifs. Also facial recognition and sorting of persons are possible.

Real: Steal passwords by analyzing keystroke analysis on the keyboard

A tip: Tap in secret if possible … (Photo: pixabay)

The possibilities of overriding the security of private data of users are becoming more and more perfidious. Researchers at the University of California have now demonstrated this, Heise reports. Using a standard thermal imager, the keyboard was photographed after typing in a password. Result: Imprints are still visible up to 60 seconds after typing.

Also possible: Password entries can be recorded by micro. From the recorded keyboard noises, the researchers were able to filter out the order of the keystrokes and thus form the password.

Curious, but unexplainable by the scientists: they were particularly successful at recognizing passwords on keyboards from Logitech.

The end of LEAD: Some like it hot

Who does not know it? In between in the office quickly brewed a coffee. And zack, paws burned. This never happens to you again with this ingenious gadget:

The InGwest Morning Coffee Cup is a coffee cup with color change. Empty, she is black and pulls a face. If you pour hot coffee, it changes to blue – plus grin. And you know: It’s getting hot now.

To buy for cool calculated 15,99 Euro: here at Amazon.

In Gwest Hot Mug
Hot cup for cool fingers: the InGwest Morning Coffee Cup (Photo: Amazon)

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).


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