TechTäglich: Apple Leak unlocks the last secrets

Apple Leak unlocks the last secrets

Apple Leak
A ten-page leak reveals, among other things, the names of the new iPhones (Photo: AppleBeta2019)

Too many questions were not open before the Apple keynote next Tuesday anyway. But now a leaked document may reveal the final secrets. The Twitter account @ AppleBeta2019 has released a file called “Apple Software Development Resource”, which will describe the exact schedule of Apple for the next few weeks. How the ten-page document intended for internal use has come to the public’s attention, and whether it is authentic, is still unclear, according to AppleInsider. However, @ AppleBeta2019 was usually correct in the past with information about the release of new Apple software.

According to the three new iPhones that Apple is showing on Tuesday, iPhone 11 (the current XR), iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The latter two are the successors to the current iPhones XS and XS Max – the less elegant tapeworm – Name “iPhone 11 Pro Max” definitely offers satire potential. While it was previously expected that the new iPhones on 20 September in the store are, according to the new information until 27 September so far. iOS 13 will be available for download from September 23 as well as iPad OS 13, watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15 Catalina. Also next Tuesday, Apple will show four new watch models. And in October, the entry-level iPad and the iPad Pro are to be refurbished.

Amazon supermarket: Hand recognition for payment

Amazon Whole Foods
Pay in 300 milliseconds – this will work in the future at the Amazon subsidiary Whole Foods (Photo: Amazon)

Paying at the till with a credit card or smartphone – for customers of the Amazon supermarkets in the US that should soon be old hat. Because, according to New York Post, the multinational is currently developing non-contact scanners that recognize customers ‘by’ (literally) their hands. The biometric data is linked to the Prime account. The payment should be done in less than 300 milliseconds. Currently, the hand recognition works exactly to a ten-thousandth of a percent exactly, but Amazon wants to increase the accuracy again by a factor of 100.

The system’s test run is expected to start in early-2020 stores at Amazon’s food wholesalers Whole Foods, before being rolled out across the US. According to financial expert Majd Maksad, Amazon seems to promise higher sales due to the innovation. He knows: “People spend more money if they do not even have to go to the wallet.” Compared to face recognition, Amazon prefers hand recognition because capturing faces always looks a little like a “police photo,” according to the New York Post. And privacy experts are not thrilled that Amazon wants to record the voice of Alexa and facial data about his controversial doorbells now also the hands of his clientele biometrically.

Bosch brings the networked electric stroller

Electric bicycles have long been part of everyday life in Germany, electric scooters cause great trouble in cities. And now comes the electric stroller with smartphone networking for iOS and Android. Bosch has developed the technology called eStroller. And the Swedish manufacturer Emmaljunga will launch the first E-stroller on the market in early 2020 with the model NXT90e for 2,000 to 2,500 euros. Other manufacturers, so Heise, should follow. However, the baby does not turn autonomously through the city and then drives home by itself. Parents still have to push themselves. However, two electric motors with a range of up to 15 kilometers help them – and above all help when going uphill, when there is headwind, or when heavy purchases are in the stroller. Downhill relieves an automatic brake assist the back.

In addition to the push aid with 18-volt battery Bosch has come up with other clever functions. An automatic engine and parking brake prevents the offspring from going downhill independently and rolling away. A steering aid helps with one-handed steering, for example, when the sibling goes to the other hand. Theft protection is an alarm system with speakers on board, which also sends a push note on iPhone or Android phone. Then locks the parking brake immediately and prevents further driving. The app also records via Bluetooth the routes and regulates the level of electrical support. In addition, the hip city parents of Smilla-Leonie or Fynn-Malte can charge their smartphone via USB socket directly on the electric stroller.

OnePlus TV comes with eight speakers

One Plus TV
Na Logo: The first reference to the TV from OnePlus (Photo: OnePlus)

The hugely popular Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus launches its first television. The screen of One Plus TV, which initially appears in the standard size of 55 inches, uses the well-known Samsung QLED technology. It does not quite offer the superior contrasts of OLED, but is brighter and brighter. Focus of the OnePlus TV is obviously the sound. According to 9to5Google, the Chinese build eight speakers with a total of 50 watts of power, with support for Dolby Atmos and subwoofer for powerful bass.

In comparable models, for example, Sony, the sound performance is usually more about the 20 watts. This unusually high overhead for current flat-panel TVs is to make sound bars and other external speakers superfluous. As operating system Android TV is used. A price for his first television, which starts in September first in India and 2020 will also be sold worldwide, OnePlus has not yet called. If the company remains true to its strategy from the smartphone business, buyers can expect a lot of technology at relatively low prices.

Too many lost AirPods – New York wants to warn with announcements

So many AirPods are lost in the New York subway that the MTA is now pondering over loudspeaker announcements. They are designed to warn users against taking their Apple pegs out of their ears while plugging in or out. Because there are more and more delays, because AirPods tumble into the slot between the door and platform edge, and because the owners then stop and block the door. “They’re small, they’re hard to find, and the only advantage is that they’re white,” says employee Steven Dluginski, revealing the MTA’s problems in getting the lost AirPods out of the track bed with long, sticky sticks.

In the hot New York summer of 2019, MacRumor said the problem was particularly great – because sweat in the ears and hands of users made many AirPods start their own business. The owners can then locate their earphones often with the “Find my iPhone” function in the track bed, and sometimes resort to self-help. The New Yorker Ashley Mayer has her earplugs with a sticky broom style fished out of the rat-populated track and thus landed a Twitter hit: “He is dirty, but I have him again!” The well-known Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball has already lost ten AirPods. For a single replacement, Apple calculates $ 69 in the US and $ 75 in Germany.

The end of the LEAD: The British Renaissance prince

If it were not so sad, it would be laughable. Brexit-hardliner Jacob Rees-Mogg of the British Conservatives loathed yesterday in the House of Commons demonstratively bored and disrespectful in his deputy bank – and reminded of a Renaissance prince, who is on an old painting at the table. After all, he provided a template for numerous Twitter memes under the motto “Jacob Rees-Mogg is in unusual places”, for example, on the sofa in the living room of the Simpsons.

The physical embodiment of arrogance, entitlement, disrespect and contempt for our parliament.

– Anna Turley MP (@annaturley) September 3, 2019

Do not remember that episode like. # BrexitShambles #ReesMogg #StopTheCoup

– Mark Warren (@ MrMarkWarren99) September 3, 2019

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