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Whats App Stickers
Whats app stickers fly from the App Store (Photo: WhatsApp)

Recently, WhatsApp messages can be embellished with stickers, just as Facebook Facebook or iMessage have been using for a long time. The virtual stickers are available as apps in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. For the iPhone, it has to be called: The apps existed there. Because Apple has started to delete all of these programs from the App Store. Reason: You violate the guidelines. There are three reasons for this, according to WaBetaInfo’s WhatsApp specialists: 1. There are too many apps that all have the same function. 2. The apps assume that WhatsApp is already installed, but according to Apple, each app must work on its own. 3. The design of the sticker apps is almost always the same.

Amazon bankruptcy

Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos does not count on eternal life for his company (Photo: Amazon)

“One day, Amazon will be bankrupt and sink.” This grim forecast comes not from a depressive analyst, but from “Mr. Amazon” personally. At a staff meeting, Jeff Bezos said CNBC said that even Amazon was not too big to fail at some point. Because, “If you look at big companies, their lifespan is more like 30 years than 100 years and more, and we can only try to delay that day as long as possible.” In fact, Bezos’s black painting was thought of as motivation. Because, according to the Amazon boss: “Once we start focusing more on ourselves than on our customers, that will be the beginning of the end.” For the time being, however, the big money earning at Amazon goes on and on, with today’s launch of the “Cyber ​​Monday Week”. For the first time in the US, Amazon sells Apple products like the new iPad Pro, even without a marketplace retailer. Germany should soon follow.

PlayStation 5 and “Xbox 2” before the start

Play Station 4
Get a follow-up in 2020: Sony’s PlayStation 4 (Photo: Sony)

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been on the market since November 2013. And after five years, it will be time for successors. According to Digital Trends, Sony introduces the PS5 in the middle of 2019, which will be released in 2020. Key Details: Extremely strong Ryzen processor with eight cores and a price tag around $ 500 / Euro. In parallel, Microsoft should then replace the Xbox One. The “Xbox Two”, whose name is still completely unclear, renounces according to on a Blu-ray drive and relies only on digital downloads. Customers can therefore exchange their existing Xbox discs for download codes.

The iPad Pro bends – like any other tablet

I Pad Pro 2018
The new iPad Pro consists almost only of screen – and should be (too) slightly bend (Photo: Apple)

It’s “gate” again. Among Apple fans, once again a “Bendgate” is causing a stir. This time it’s about the new iPad Pro, which seems to bend. YouTube blogger Jerry Rig has collected more than three million clicks with his Aggro video. What comes in the excitement but too short: Each of these large and thin tablets can be bent by applying brute force – which in normal use but never occurs. An amusing parody shows how it works with a Huawei tablet.

Netflix is ​​testing mobile subscription

Netflix logo
In Malaysia, Netflix is ​​testing a low-cost tariff (Photo: Netflix)

A Netflix subscription for only four dollars or four euros a month. That sounds good, and could actually be on sale soon. In Malaysia, the streaming service is currently testing a new mobile tariff, according to Variety. For the four dollars Netflix then runs only on smartphones and tablets, but not on the TV. In addition, the image resolution is limited to SD, there are no HD images. Netflix is ​​responding to price pressure in Asia, where there are several cheaper streaming services. It’s unlikely that the Spar-Netflix will make it to us at some point – but not excluded.

The end of the LEAD: This iPhone trick celebrates just the whole network

I phone trick

New is this trick for iPhone and iPad not. But very few people know him – and he is so brilliant that he causes a sensation on the internet. So: leave the finger longer on the space of the virtual keyboard, and then the cursor becomes a kind of mouse pointer, which can be easily moved through the whole text. Are you sure to try and pass the time until we get to Tuesday at 11 o’clock report back with tech daily.

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