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Normally, here in this little column yes: no product reviews and no explicit product recommendations. This usually sets you reliably in the nettles, because such recommendations are always a bit subjective, especially when it comes to hardware and software.

What one feels to be wonderful, the next will find annoying. So if it’s about “Adobe Rush”, then this should not be an urgent buy recommendation (of course I would not advise against it). Rather, the description of a way of working that I’m sure will become increasingly important. And I’m wondering why this idea has not been so much more widespread for a long time.

So what is so special about “Rush”? Justifiable question, after all, there are more editing programs for videos than there are good videos. However, “Rush” not only makes comparatively quick and easy editing possible, the program is also consistently designed to edit videos on multiple platforms. Specifically: You can simultaneously edit one and the same project on an app as well as on the desktop.


Why do you need that anyway?

Those of you who are often on the road know the problem: there is an event, an appointment about which one would like to publish a video quickly and up to date. Maybe not equal to a three-minute. But a little teaser for social networks, for example.

This is no longer a problem today because there are plenty of opportunities for mobile reporting (described in the how-to sequence).

It only becomes problematic if you want to use this material, which you have picked up with your mobile phone, for later use later. Of course, you can then use the different cloud options or sometimes quite old-fashioned via sticks and cards to move the corresponding files back and forth. But it is time-consuming and does not change the fact that you have to create a new project again. With all the consequences like importing files.

With “Rush”, however, the once stored project can also be edited on another device. This saves a lot of time and is convenient for anyone working on multiple channels.

In addition, “Rush” can also simply be linked to “Premiere”. Ok, of course, only Adobe users have what. But the basic idea is obvious: Because “Rush” is naturally limited in its applications, the link with “Premiere” gives you the opportunity to do even more complex things without having to import them first.

Another advantage: The app and the desktop application are virtually identical. You can do everything equally on all devices. In his mobile version, “Rush” is more akin to a program like “iMovie”, with which you can do a lot more than just grab a few clips together.

Incidentally, there are also detailed tips from Adobe itself.

What is the best way to adapt to agile and mobile work?

It is, as I said, not so much about “Rush”. The question is rather: If the idea is now that we should work as flexibly as possible for as many channels as possible, how do we get that out organisationally and infrastructurally? Because moving files on sticks it can not be permanent.

A few tips on how to make it easier – and, by the way, make working with tools like “Rush” even easier and more enjoyable:

  • As much as possible in the cloud: With “Rush” one can draw data from all common services. Everything in the cloud can be used everywhere.
  • Do not save on space: The following note is not suitable for savers, but still important. If you want to work mobile-agile-multimedial, decent space in the cloud is essential. Especially if you make videos. Since you come with the few gigabytes that provide the providers usually free, not too far. The same applies to the hardware, after all, the videos that you record mobile, first saved to your local hard drive.

Why is this the future?

The whole world of work will be like one big newsroom in the future. No matter where you are, you are potentially able to communicate everywhere.

This has long been recognized in classic newsrooms. And reacts. Namely, so that, where possible, no breaks between systems and programs has more. Produce once, provide as often as possible, that’s the motto.

When talking about mobile work, it is often the other way around. I once looked at my “Mobile Reporting” folder on my smartphone and came across 14 apps. Granted, not all of them I need necessarily.

But the basic problem remains: working in a push is not that easy.

And that’s exactly why I installed “Rush”. Whether and what you can do better on the app, is another matter. But at the idea you should orientate yourself: to be able to do everything as easily and fluently as possible also from mobile devices.

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