Wallpaper Guide: The wall must go

New year, new painting. Only the same wallpaper on your smartphone – that’s boring. Although the software of popular operating systems such as iOS and Android offers pre-installed wallpapers, variety is good. The selection of fancy wallpapers on the net and in the app stores is great.

The LEAD Wallpaper Guide explains the installation, provides tips for finding new wallpapers, and shows where subscription traps lurk.

What types of wallpapers are there?

In addition to still images, dynamic wallpapers are popular. For example, colorful flares float permanently across the screen. Problem: The constant activity can easily affect the battery runtime. Third variant: Live wallpaper with animated scenes for a special atmosphere on the homescreen.

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How do I install a new wallpaper?

Under iOS, you switch to the settings for the background image tab. Then you simply click on “Choose a new background”. In the upper area you can see the iOS offers to Wallpapers. Underneath is your “All Photos” folder. From this you can click on any self-shot picture or an image previously saved in “Photos”. Then you press in the next window “Save” and decide whether the new wallpaper should appear only on the home screen or on the lock screen.


Things are similar on Android. Under “Device,” in “Settings,” touch “Display and Background,” then “Background Image.” This will determine whether the new image will be active on the “Home” screen or on the “Start & Lock” screen Further options can be found in the list below: “From gallery” allows own images as wallpapers If you have selected the photo, you can tap on “Set as background image” below.

  • Wallpaper Example Beach 2 Credit Pixabay Com
    Wallpaper Sample (Credit: Pixabay.com)
  • Wallpaper Example New York Credit Pixabay Com
    Wallpaper Sample (Credit: Pixabay.com)
  • Wallpaper Example Beach Credit Pixabay Com
    Wallpaper Sample (Credit: Pixabay.com)
  • Wallpaper example Waterfall Credit Pixabay Com
    Wallpaper Sample (Credit: Pixabay.com)

Can I use every successful photo I discover on the net as wallpaper?

Yes, you’ll need to first download the photo in the browser (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and then save it in your photo library. This is legal for private use. For commercial use, you should not use the network.

Is there a good place for free wallpapers on the web?

Splashy is a great and free collection of wallpapers for Windows and Mac. You can also set intervals or activate an autostart. Splashy gets the most pictures from the photo community Unsplash, which is also worth a visit to the computer. Unsplash is also available as a free app for iOS. Alternative: Pixabay (free for Android and iOS). There you will find thousands of free pictures.

Every week new wallpapers from all conceivable categories offers the website idownloadblog.com. Search there best for the “Wallpapers of the week”.

Funny thing: Wallpapers showing the inner workings of iPhones can be downloaded from ifixit.org. Also original: Google has developed with “Meter” a live wallpaper app exclusively for Android. The free program provides real-time updated device information about battery power, Wi-Fi signal strength, and the number of notifications received (as of Android 4.3 in the Google Play Store).

Are there traps when I load wallpapers online or via an app?

Even with background images are active wheelers who sometimes want to subscribe to a subscription. Fies: Straight wallpaper apps try to trick. Thousands of free wallpapers are often promised on the home screen, and you should then book a trial version.

The catch: Behind it hides a subscription. From day 8 you pay then weekly or monthly amounts from 3.99 up to 50 euros and more, if you do not cancel. So better use the programs recommended above – these are really completely free.

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