TechDaily: Brexit – EU citizens in the UK are waiting for iPhone app

Brexit: EU citizens in the UK are waiting for iPhone app

Mind The App
Not so great, Britain! iPhone owners have a Brexit problem (Photo:

Mind the App! The Brexit causes chaos in all areas. However, 3.6 million non-British EU citizens living in the UK are particularly affected and their right of residence is threatened by the planned EU exit. You can “apply” to remain in the UK as part of a UK Government approval process. The easiest and fastest way to do this is with the app “EU Exit: ID Document Check” of the Ministry of the Interior – which is currently only available for Android smartphones. An iPhone version of the app that registers, scans and sends the required documents does not yet exist.

The British government had apparently overlooked in its preparations that Apple largely blocked the NFC radio chip of the iPhone, which is required for document capture, for purposes other than Apple Pay for security reasons. Meanwhile, although there is an agreement with Apple, but the iPhone App is only “until the end of the year” appear. EU Interior with iPhone recommends the Interior Minister loudly CNETeither borrowing “an Android device” or personally drop by on an application deadline. Probably because of the app problems, so far only one million of the 3.6 million EU citizens have applied to remain on the island. The British government said last week that their automatic right of residence will end immediately with an unregulated Brexit on October 31, 2019. In contrast, the Ministry of the Interior mentions 31 December 2019 as the reference date. Chaos in all areas …

Netflix Anniversary: ​​Five billion DVDs sent

Everyone knows Netflix as streaming service for series and movies. But that is only the half truth. Because started the Californian company in 1997 as an online video store with the shipping of films on DVD. This business exists in the US to this day, and it was celebrating a spectacular anniversary. For as DVD Netflix reported on his Twitter account (which surprisingly also exists), the film distributor has just sent his five billionth DVD – the Elton John movie “Rocketman”.

The DVD business of Netflix is ​​not that big anymore. The number of customers has dropped from 14 million subscribers in 2011 to currently 2.4 million. By comparison, when streaming Netflix currently comes to 151 million users. Nevertheless, the nostalgic Schneckenpost shipping last still provided for $ 46 million quarterly profit – too much to stop the service. Engadget However, it has calculated that this business development would take 35 years to the sixth billion. Whether DVDs will be sent by post in 2054 is open.

Instagram: New Messenger in progress

Instagram threads
Threads – that’s what the future Instagram Messenger might look like (Photo: The Verge)

Instagram is apparently working again on a messenger that could run as a separate app on smartphones. Loud Gizmodo The app called “Threads” is intended to “enable a continuous and close exchange between users and their closest friends.” The potential Snapchat competitor transmits information such as the battery level of the smartphone, locations and even the speed of movement. A message could read: “Iris is on her way to you, arrives in 16 minutes, and her phone has 27 percent battery.”

In addition to their own manual status updates, there should also be a photo function independent of Instagram. Most recently, Facebook’s hip photo daughter had been working on the stand-alone messenger “Direct” by 2017, but its development was discontinued – apparently because the testers were frustrated with having to switch constantly between Instagram and the sister app. Whether “Threads” threatens a similar fate, or whether there are chances for a publication, is so far unclear. Experts say that with such an app, which is deeply integrated into the Facebook ecosystem, Mark Zuckerberg wants to make it clear to politicians that the Facebook Instagram WhatsApp group is too complex to smash it.

Disney +: First demo makes a good impression

Disney Plus
Mouse meets Netflix: This is how the Disney + interface looks like (Photo: Disney)

Disney has unveiled the menu interface of its Disney + streaming service to first US journalists to launch in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12th. The first reactions to the very clean, simple and clear design are very positive. “The most noticeable thing,” says The Verge, “is the difference to its main competitor: where Netflix’s interface is cluttered with content, Disney + feels comparatively simple, and similar to the apps on Apple TV, the design looks almost surgical precise.”

The interface is divided as the most important navigation element at the top of the main categories Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. These include individual highlights such as the Simpsons or Star Wars films. Disney’s streaming director Michael Paull explains, “We want a simple, sleek look that focuses on content, not Disney + as a product.” Conclusion of The Verge: “The best word to describe Disney + is simple!” With the start of about 500 films the Disney streaming clarity but of course also easier than Netflix with 8,000 films.

Mario Kart App launches on September 25th

On the 25th of September the traffic light turns green. Then appear with “Mario Kart Tour” probably the most anticipated game app of the year for iOS and Android. In addition to the official appointment announcement Nintendo has announced on a page in the iOS Store more details. So the app is to offer a mix of classic Mario kart tracks and courses that are “inspired by real cities”. Accordingly, the classic slopes change every two weeks. And the kart drivers can wear clothes that are related to the cities they roar through.

Fans had been waiting for years for a Mario Kart app. However, the anticipation is clouded by the fact that Nintendo offers the app for free as “Free to Play” and relies on the aggressive marketing of in-app purchases. In addition, the simple one-finger control for driving, drifting and firing of extras already in the first beta test for Android much less fun than the classic console buttons on the Nintendo Switch.

Buckle up, because #MarioKartTour will be available on 9/25. Follow @mariokarttourEN for more information heading into the game’s release.

– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 27, 2019

The end of the LEAD: the summer soundtrack of the Obama

Ex-POTUS Barack Obama posted on Twitter the summer soundtrack with which he and former First Lady Michelle spent the last few weeks. As usual, the 44 songs offer a mix of old and new, from Rihanna to Steely Dan and from Shawn Mendes to Frank Sinatra. Meanwhile, the “Obama Summer Sound” is also available as a playlist for Apple Music and for Spotify. Yes, Barack, we enjoy.

Michelle and I have been listening to – some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy.

– Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 24, 2019

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