What does … a storytelling consultant do?

Job Title: Storytelling Consultant

Name: Stefanie Möser

Education: Studies in General Theoretical Linguistics

Company: Mashup Communications

What do you do as a storytelling consultant?

For our customers, we are always looking for exciting stories that we can tell with them. For this we look closely at the development of the companies and make their very own hero’s journey. Above all, the values ​​of the companies are particularly important to us, as they show why, why they pursue their idea.

We help brands successfully apply storytelling throughout their strategy and communications. It depends on the holistic approach that should run through all the channels. The values ​​lay the foundation for this. They have to be defined and lived internally in the company. From the management to the employees. We use the values ​​for both employer branding, content marketing and classic PR. We also share our expertise through workshops, helping companies and their employees to find and tell their own stories.

How did you come to this task?

After studying General Theoretical Linguistics, I worked for several years in various publishers and media agencies. Telling stories, then, runs like a red thread through my professional career – even while I worked as a freelance and freelance editor. But then, to treat myself to a little break from the media and to try out something crafty, I made an excursion to a glasses workshop many years ago.


After two years of precise manual work and with a completely new and fresh view of things I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted to live my passion for writing again professionally. So I applied to Mashup Communications five years ago. Already after the first conversation I immediately had the feeling that I am right here. Because in addition to the classic PR and content marketing work, storytelling as a mystery fan and bookworm has done the trick in a jiffy.

Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

As a great literary fan, I know what makes a good story and how you can use words to paint pictures in the minds of readers. This helps me both with text writing and with the holistic and strategic advice of our customers. Of course, humor is also very important in one another. It always helps me not to take everything too seriously.

Describe as clearly as possible a project that has particularly impressed you

It’s not so much a project as a job that I’ve been allowed to do at Mashup Communications for several years now. Since 2016, I am responsible for the training of interns and trainees. Since I enjoy it a lot and I wanted to professionalize the process, two years ago I did a further training as a trainer. I have always loved people, share my experiences and am a good motivator and enabler.

In addition to these soft skills I have learned in the training then the theoretical tools. With the knowledge and my personal interest, I now know how to safely accompany trainees on their training trip and to help them to pursue their own dreams. To describe it through the storytelling heroic journey: I am the mentor for my trainees and accompany them on their very personal heroic journey. With useful tips and feedback, I help them to master challenges, to expand their knowledge and skills and to master the daily routine with a new elixir.

What is most important to you in your job? What is the most fun?

In addition to trainee education, definitely finding and producing stories for different brands. We are fortunate that we always cooperate with new customers and thus have great variety in the topics.

Working with my team is also a big factor. We mashies make sure we have fun in the job and there is always something to laugh about. It’s nice to see what we can achieve in the agency. We support and motivate each other. If somebody has a bad day, the whole team will catch it. This is cohesion that is not only on paper, but also lived.

Your job is indispensable because …

… Storytelling is one of the most important tools for the future, which equips us for many more channels and technical possibilities. Traditional companies and industry in particular are faced with the challenge of setting a new, more personal tone in terms of both external and internal communication.

With the power of storytelling, we enable organizations that are willing to break new ground, always captivating their audience. We love telling new stories and are convinced that companies can differentiate themselves from competitors in this way and that, in the long run, this is the key to success.

If you were not a storytelling consultant, what would you be?

I would probably be looking for stories anyway. I have been playing with the idea of ​​writing my own book for a long time, so maybe I would be a writer. Or what would be even better: I would have a guest house in the wilderness of Scandinavia and meet people from all over the world. I can well imagine what exciting stories and interesting people I would encounter there. With that I would certainly have enough food for my self-written novel. Who knows what is not, can still be.

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