TechDaily: Jony Ive reportedly “frustrated” at Apple for “years”

Jony Ive reportedly “frustrated” at Apple over the years

Some were shocked, the others (insiders) have Jony Ives retreat shrugging acknowledged. As it turns out, Apple’s Chief Design Officer has been pulling back piece by piece since 2015. Ive, according to well-connected blogger Mark Gurman, has surfaced at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino at least once or twice a week.

Several sessions of his design team took place in Ive’s home. The Steve Jobs friend also flew frequently to his native London, far away from California.

And the Wall Street Journal confirms and expands on Gurman’s observations: more and more Ive missed meetings of the design team. In addition, he had been dissatisfied for years: While Steve Jobs still looked every day in the design laboratory, Tim Cook had been seen there very rarely …

Curiosity by the way: Ives new company “LoveFrom” will settle for the start in California, not in London, as initially suspected. Here, too, speculations are on the loose. Some say that’s logical, because his customer Apple is also in California. But it is also possible that Ives design ideas will soon be admired in the Apple competition. Ive would not have to leave his home office anymore. After all, he spent 27 years with Apple and did not have to work anymore. Instead, with a wink, he could look at the Jony-Ive parodies on the net, which were trendy on the weekend.

2. His or not design

Samsung design
Same, same: Even Sam (e) sung has problems with the same device design (Photo: Samsung)

Jony Ive left the building. And yes, the ideas are missing in the smartphone sector. All over. Feels like the devices look the same for a few years. Samsung’s designers also seem to be looking for inspiration. Therefore, the South Korean group has now launched a new competition. Looking for designers for future Galaxy devices.

Documents can be submitted by the fourth of August. The winner will receive $ 40,000 in prize money. Required are design files as well as a complete description of the product concept, detailed information about its specifications and target groups as well as renderings in photo and video form.

Maybe somebody should think about the Samsung Galaxy Fold at this contest. After the disastrous test, the launch date for the first generation of the foldable smartphone is still unclear.

Duration prime time at Amazon

The Fantastic Four Amazon Live Concert
They’re there too: The Fantastic Four are the main act at the Prime concert (Photo: Amazon)

The online retailer Amazon is already drumming on all channels for its Prime Day with “thousands of offers” (July 15, 0.01 am, until July 16, 11.59 pm). Prime Prime Time at Amazon: Prime members can now buy blockbusters, blockbusters and season series with discounts of up to 50 percent. The offers change weekly. In addition, Amazon Prime video channels can be booked for a period of up to 16 July with a 50 percent discount for 3 months. Beneficiaries are u.a. the channels Starzplay, Filmtastic, Home of Horror, Arthouse CNMA, MGM and ZDF thriller.

In addition, the group also organizes exclusive free concerts in Germany. In Germany, the Fantastic Four and Clueso will be playing live on July 9th in the Munich Muffathalle. Admission is free for Prime customers. International there is another live event, i.a. with Taylor Swift. Amazon Prime Video broadcasts live on July 11 at 3am German time. For the German concert, you can apply for free tickets here until July 4 (7:01).

Google mud instead of Google Maps

Google Maps has made a faux pas in the US. In Denver, there had been an accident or traffic jam near the airport. Many drivers chose the redirection that Google Maps displayed. Problem: The alternative route, however, was not a paved road.

The cars were diverted on a muddy dirt road, there were stuck to the 100 vehicles in a row. Google told CNN that motorists should be attentive and not rely blindly on navigation.

MacBook Pro and now MacBook Air: “Only a small part” affected …

Mac Book Pro 2019
A callback action has been launched for MacBook Pro. The battery can overheat (Photo: Apple)

A week ago, Apple had launched a worldwide recall for MacBook Pro models: battery problems, overheating threatened, a “small part” was affected, Apple said. According to US Food Safety Authority figures, 432,000 MacBook Pros are affected in the US alone, and 26,000 in Canada. In Europe? Not clear.

In the US there were 26 specific incidents with battery overheating. Five times “light burns” were diagnosed, one time “smoke development”. And with 17 devices, there was “property damage in the area”.

On top of that. Over the weekend it became known: Apple launches another recall action. The MacBook Air 2018 has “mainboard problems”, reports MacRumors. Statement from Apple about this? Oh, you would have bet: “Only a small part” is affected …

The end of the LEAD: Hans Zimmer composes for BMW

He has composed the music for “The Dark Knight” and “The Lion King”, hitting the keys for “Inception”: Hans Zimmer is considered one of the best sound designers in Hollywood. His latest composition: “The Sound of Wromm-Wromm”. For BMW, he composed the music for the video for the concept car BMW Vision M Next. Maestro, please to the conductor’s desk:

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