What does … a VC associate?

Name: David Fischer

Age: 25

Position: VC Associate

Education: Bachelor Business Administration & Management, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar

Company: Acton Capital

What do you do?

At Acton, I am looking for exciting, young companies in the B2C sector. As a VC, we invest exclusively in digital business models that bring real customer value and work sustainably. To do this, I analyze start-up trends and new markets for their long-term growth opportunities. If a start-up is an investment for Acton, then I am involved in the due diligence. Once a deal is made, I actively support the new portfolio company as Board Observer.

How did you come to this task?

I’ve always been interested in the entire ecosystem around startups. However, as a VC analyst at Acton, I ended up happier. Through my university I first came as an intern during my studies with Koio, a young DTC sneaker label from New York. After my bachelor’s degree, I had actually been looking for a way to gain experience in the VC sector.

In a conversation with Jan, one of the founding partners of Acton, I told him about Koio and their digital approach. Jan was thrilled with the business model and met the founders in New York. In the end, Koio became a new Acton investment, having sourced my first deal and also a job as an analyst.


Describe a project that really impressed you

I find the area Direct-To-Consumer particularly exciting. So young brands have the opportunity to stir up the established trade, the customer has more choice and a better, because more individualized product. While D2C brands can leverage Amazon and Google for more reach and faster growth, they’re not as dependent anymore as they used to be.

Which feature helps you the most in your everyday life? Why?

I have always been interested in the latest trends – formerly in college for the “hot shit” from the US and during boring lectures, start-up news reading was my favorite pastime.

Due to my enthusiasm for a new topic, I also definitely get in contact with the suitable founders. Most of all, however, my open Kölsche Art helps me to experience the background of a start-up during a personal exchange. And of course my ambition.


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What is most important to you about your job?

Acton is extremely selective in its choice of investments and very thorough in due diligence. This means that I get involved in the analysis accordingly deep into the respective topics and get a pretty good insight into the mindset of the founders. In addition, my job is always varied, because each time it is completely different business models, products and markets.

My job is indispensable because …

My job is definitely not indispensable. But it is important to drive digital trends. As a VC, we support young teams in successfully implementing their ideas on the market in the long term.

This benefits not only the companies themselves but also the users. This is how we contribute to a functioning start-up ecosystem.

If you were not VC, what would you be?

Then maybe today I would be threshing professional handball through the halls of this nation.

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