The best apps of the year 2018

Over the years, developers traditionally do not charge for new apps and updates, and developers at Apple and Google are also taking a short break in the review process before many new releases arrive in early 2019. A great opportunity to choose the best apps in 2018.

Certainly numerous other creative applications would have deserved to emerge in the 2018 LEAD ranking, but after reviewing the premium apps newly released in 2018, we ended up – subjectively – opted for six extraordinary applications that are not necessarily on the app charts dominated the top ranks, but we were particularly impressed last year.

Bacon – The Game

A game where a slice of bacon is the main character? That sounds crazy – and it is. With specific finger tips, you do not have to throw the bacon on the fried egg, but on buildings (like the Statue of Liberty), on ice balls, flags, a hair dryer or a cocktail glass. Your goal: You must not slip it. Otherwise you will start over. An ingenious game idea of ​​the young developer Philipp Stollenmayer.

Free for iOS and Android

NABU insect world

The Nature Conservation Union Germany (short NABU), a 700,000-member institution for the conservation of our species, 2018 has published an AI application that is not only entertaining, but above all instructive. With the program insects along the way can be identified by photos. The software provides numerous detailed information on taxonomy, habitat and lifestyle of the animals. Alternatively, you can discover animals in an A to Z list. The app invites to walks in nature (or the local garden) and allows all observations to save as well.

Free for iOS and Android

Stardew Valley

Construction and farm simulations are among the most popular genres in the app stores. Problem of most apps: They are usually pasted with in-app purchases. The open-end farming Stardew Valley is a big exception: you pay once and never get cranked up in-app. Even on PC and console, the game was a great success. It took two years until the mobile port reached the App Store – and it was worth it: The construction of the small farm in Pelikan in a pixelated retro look creates addictive potential. The developers also always want to incorporate new content, so that Stardew Valley is a long-term pleasure.

8.99 euros for iOS, Android version will be released soon

Reign Game of Thrones

What happens when a developer mixes a cult card game with elements of a cult series? An intelligent and highly entertaining premium card game. The Reigns series began its triumphant march in 2016 and also the 2018 published part “Reigns – Game of Thrones” is a must have download. You play as Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen, and you must carefully weigh relationships and dealings with the enemies of the Seven Kingdoms. It is important to play tactical finesse and to extend the rule. Every decision has a positive or negative effect on the kingdom. If you do not know the Reigns series, you can still start with the latest episode. The individual apps are not based on each other.

4.19 euros for Android / 4.49 euros for iOS

Trash away! DE

At the turn of the year 2017/2018 this app appeared, at that time it was little paid attention. Only later this year did she receive the attention she deserved. The program can be used to report wild dumps that have been created on the roads and in the forest and that can be a threat to humans, animals and plants. With the GPS-location of the wild garbage dump the responsibility can be clarified immediately. Mail addresses of thousands of communities are just as integrated as templates, in which you quickly get all the important information about the garbage mountains in the right place. The real-time crawl mechanism works great. The Federal Government for the Environment and Nature Conservation also praises this application, which can also be accessed via a website.

Free for iOS and Android

The Room Old Sins

The fourth part of the enigmatic puzzle has lost none of the magic of its predecessors. To solve the mysterious puzzles of this scary adventure from the first-person perspective, you look at individual parts in the environment very precisely, manipulate elements and conclude the way forward from previously received hints. The Room Old Sins plays almost completely in a gloomy attic – on and in a dollhouse. Is this the key to the strange disappearance of the engineer and his wife? Fine horror, but without action and carnage. A game where you forget the time around you.

2.29 euros for iOS / 5.49 euros for Android

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