Tech Daily: Cheated on Apex Legends – PC locked forever

Cheated on Apex Legends – PC locked forever

Who cheats on the “Fortnite” competitor “Apex Legends” – he may have to buy a new PC soon. Because editors Electronic Arts and developer Respawn are massively against cheaters, and lock in serious cases, the affected computer forever. Many players in internet forums have complained about this. With a locked computer, even after formatting and replacing the hard disk, changing various hardware and assigning a new MAC address, it is no longer possible to log in to Apex Legends or to re-register. Apparently the servers recognize some PCs with some unchangeable features. According to Digital Trends apparently the only way to gamble the game again: “Buy a new PC!” In contrast to Fortnite developer Epic Games, who has not been able to control his cheaters for months, the principle of “zero tolerance” applies to Apex. In the first two weeks after the release, Respawn has blocked 16,000 cheaters.

WhatsApp founder calls: “Delete Facebook!”

Brian Acton
Became a billionaire with Facebook – and now the Facebook dissident: Brian Acton (Photo: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp founder Brian Acton has reiterated his call to Facebook users to stop using the network. His message in a speech at Stanford University: “Delete Facebook!” Acton had sold WhatsApp together with co-founder Jan Koum in 2014 for $ 16 billion on Facebook, but left the company in 2017 because of increasing privacy differences with the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg. Tech-billionaire Acton criticized the controls of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, or Google in a kind of hiccup against major tech companies: “They can not distinguish what hate messages are and what they can not do, Apple can Do not tell what a ‘good’ and what a ‘bad’ app is, and Google can not tell ‘good’ and ‘bad’ websites apart. ” According to BuzzFeed News, “We give them power, we buy their products, we sign up on these websites, we should delete Facebook, I think.”

Google Pixel 4: For the first time with double camera?

Google Pixel 4
Twice as good? The Google Pixel 4 apparently relies on dual cameras (Photo: SlashLeaks)

Even Google’s current Pixel 3 is in all tests of smartphone cameras very far forward – although Google, in contrast to all other major competitors only a single camera on the back uses. But even so, thanks to clever artificial intelligence, an attractive bokeh and the amazing night vision mode “Night Sight” succeed. But with the upcoming Pixel 4 Google upgraded apparently. On the page SlashLeaks the sketch of a Pixel 4 XL with double camera has appeared. Also on the front there is therefore a double selfie camera. Even with two lenses on the back, however, Google would continue to exercise restraint over the competition, which is set to three (from the fall on the iPhone XI) to five lenses (Nokia 9 PureView). However, Google’s machine learning could more than make up for this deficit.

China: face as subway ticket

Subway Beijing
Ticket soon superfluous? Face recognition is tested in China’s subways (photo: Wikipedia)

Face recognition is widely accepted in the People’s Republic of China as a means of identifying citizens, and there are hardly any protests from privacy advocates. The technology is used, for example, when Chinese go red at the traffic lights. The sinner is then publicly pilloried on large displays on the street. In Chinese branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken, customers pay for their chickens by face recognition. And now it should also serve as a ticket for public transport. A subway operator in the tech metropolis of Shenzhen has launched a test that scans the faces of all passengers as they pass a checkpoint and processes them via the 5G network. The fare is then deducted. Shenzhen Metro developed the system together with Huawei, according to The Verge. Conclusion to the face ticket, which further enhances the all-round monitoring of Chinese citizens: Fast, comfortable – and scary.

New video: Lena Meyer-Hochkant

When video killed the radio star, and when Mark Knopfler demanded “his MTV,” music videos were still filmed in landscape orientation so they fit on the TV. And even in the YouTube age, the videos have usually remained transversely. Who wanted to watch full screen, had to turn the phone just. But that is changing now: star director Paul Ripke has filmed “Do not Lie To Me”, the latest music video by Grand Prix winner and major influencer Lena Meyer-Landrut, in portrait format. This fits in with the story of the Lena single, which retells a turbulent relationship on an iPhone screen with iMessages and calls. Even the complicated Instagram and YouTube everyday life of Millenials can be experienced in the mobile-friendly clip. Lena gives herself the (high) edge, and Mark Knopfler rotates.

The end of LEAD: The Brexit in a single video

Twitter just laughs at that: A glorious video from England shows the whole Brexit misery in 41 seconds. The domino effect has already collected 10.4 million views.

That went well

– Disgusted in Devon (@ LisaCT68) March 15, 2019

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