TechTäglich: The Apple quake – which means farewell to Jonathan Ive

The Apple Quake: What the farewell to Jonathan Ive means

Ive jobs
The early years: Jonathan Ive (left) with Apple founder Steve Jobs (front) and the spectacular “Sunflower” iMac G4 from 2002 (Photo: Apple)

This news has caught the tech world cold: Quite surprisingly, Apple announced last night that chief designer Jonathan Ive leaves the company after 27 years. The 52-year-old Englishman, officially Sir Jonathan Ive since 2011, sets up his own business and starts his own design office “LoveFrom” in California in 2020 – which also includes Apple. “Jony is a unique figure in the design world, and his role in Apple’s re-emergence can not be overstated,” CEO Tim Cook said in a news release on the departure of his chief design officer.

Ive designed all the Apple products in 1997 after returning from Steve Jobs in 1997 – from the first colorful iMac in 1998 to iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, to numerous Mac computers. Its cool, reduced aesthetics has shaped the global design language of the last 20 years, far beyond the technical field. Now, as with the Financial Times, it’s been analyzing globally what the departure of the creative genius means for Apple. The stock markets responded with a discount of only 1.34 percent for the Apple share on Wall Street at least relatively relaxed.

Perhaps the most accurate analysis comes from renowned Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball. His conclusion: Everything is so bad! He sees the golden age of Jonathan Ive already since the death of his spiritual brother Steve Jobs in 2011 as finished: “Ive been without jobs like John Lennon without Paul McCartney – or vice versa, depending on how you want to see it.” Gruber praises Ive’s tremendous contributions to the Apple design, but also does not forget the Englishman’s manic obsession for ever flatter and more minimalist devices: “That’s why the MacBooks today are nicer, but also worse computers than before.” Of these, so Gruber, Apple could now free itself and – finally – go new ways: “That could be good news.”

On the other hand, John Gruber believes that there are no new Chief Design Officers, and that Ives’s current employees, Evans Hankey and Alan Dye, will be reporting to Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams. He fears a leadership-less Apple design. However, with Apple Park, the new headquarters in Cupertino, Jonathan Ive has delivered his last masterpiece for Apple, there were hardly any new goals for him. And how its departure will affect, is in view of the long preliminaries at Apple probably only in four or five years to see. The fact that Jonathan Ive has not designed the less pretty square camera shot on the back of the upcoming iPhone XI, is in any case only a bad rumor.

Ive Cook
The late years: Jonathan Ive (left) shows Apple CEO Tim Cook in autumn 2018 the new iPhone XR (Photo: Apple)

New from China: smartphones charge in 13 minutes

Vivo Super Flash Charge
Completely charging a smartphone in 13 minutes – that’s what the technology revolutionaries from Vivo in China promise (Photo: Vivo)

The name Vivo is known to very few smartphone buyers. In recent years, the Chinese company has provided for some smartphone innovations, which were later adopted by other companies – for example, under the screen hidden fingerprint sensor. Now Vivo has refilled at the MWC in Shanghai, with the new fast charging technology Super FlashCharge. It is supposed to charge a relatively large 4,000 mAh smartphone battery from 0 to 100 percent within 13 minutes.

According to Business Insider, five minutes are already enough to half charge a cell phone. Vivo works with 120-watt technology – a huge difference, for example, to the 5-watt power supply of a current iPhone. To what extent the extremely fast charging harms the battery is still unclear.

Philips Hue: Smart lamps finally without a bridge

Philips Hue Bluetooth
Finally easier: The new Hue lamps from Philips can also be controlled via Bluetooth (Photo: Philips)

The smart Philips Hue bulbs are quite popular – but could be much more successful if the controller did not require a cumbersome Zigbee-standard bridge. A separate control unit to operate a few lamps – so complicated the modern smart home should not be. Philips is now responding to this problem with the first Hue lamps that can also be controlled via Bluetooth, directly from the smartphone, and without a bridge.

The prices start according to Philips at 30 euros, the sale starts in the fall. The disadvantages of a Bluetooth solution: The range for the control is significantly lower than WiFI, and the lamps can not be turned on and off on the go. According to the press release, however, the Dutch have prepared this plan: if you want, you can also control the new lights via the Zigbee bridge and WiFi, Bluetooth is just an additional option.

Twitter introduces the Trump filter

The next time US President Donald Trump rages on Twitter, or even if his British brave brother Boris Johnson discovers the platform for himself – then such anger politicians could in the future reach far fewer readers than before. Because Twitter introduces a kind of “Trump filter” from today. If politicians, verified users or Twitterers with more than 100,000 followers drop tweets that contradict the “Community Standards”, a warning message will appear in the future. And the tweets are no longer being promoted and promoted beyond the actual followers.

An overlay then explains that the tweet violates the rules – that it remains “of public interest” but still to read. However, users must then explicitly accept a warning to open the tweet. At the same time, according to The Verge, such a “problem tweet” no longer appears in Twitter’s secure search, in the top tweets and other places where the platform actually presents its users with the most important new posts.

Mozilla: So sure is the new Firefox for Android

Firefox Preview
Preliminary testing: The new mobile Firefox will initially be released for Android (Photo: Mozilla)

On Mac and PC, the Firefox browser is extremely popular. On a mobile platform, however, manufacturer Mozilla is still struggling. That should change in the future, with a completely new developed Browser for Smartphones and Tablets, which Mozilla now first under the name “Firefox Preview” as beta version for Android offers. Similar to the last introduced “Firefox Clear”, the focus is on privacy and data protection.

In addition, the new Firefox but much comfort and new features in the management of favorite websites offer, and up to two times faster than the previous mobile Firefox. According to Mozilla’s blog entry, the development of “Firefox Klar” is discontinued at the same time. When the new browser for iOS comes is not yet known.

The end of the LEAD: The most insinuating videos by Jonathan Ive

Apple’s outgoing design guru Jonathan Ive is not only known for his minimalist devices, but also for his minimalist product videos in which he raves about his latest creations with an ingratiating British voice and is obviously crushing hard on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. The Verge has compiled the most beautiful videos of Sir Jony.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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