TechTäglich: The balance – these are the best-selling phones of all time

The balance: These are the best-selling phones of all time

Which cell phones have sold best worldwide between 1996 and 2019? Global Stats has created an exciting video analysis based on Statista data. The figures show two clearly leading companies: As of October 1996, Nokia has dominated sales with its classic cell phones for almost 16 years. It was not until mid-2012, Apple, with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, Nokia’s last successful model, the 5230, sustainably displace from the top. Between 2013 and 2015, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones sold best, but since then, iPhones are once again on the top of the sales charts. Background: With its few models, Apple comes on higher volumes than the heavily fragmented Android market.

The best-selling smartphone, which is currently still on offer, is therefore the iPhone 7/7 Plus with 70 million units in front of the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus with 50 million. The models of other companies play at the top of the sales charts for years no longer matter. In the overall ranking of the most successful mobile phone models since 1996, but still leads Nokia. Of the 250 million pieces each, the Finns from the Nokia 1100 and the 1110 deposed, the competition never came up. The only phones among the “eternal” top 8, which are not from Nokia, are the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, each with 220 million in third and fourth place.

Apple: Everything is booming – except the iPhone

The big iPhone boom is definitely over. Apple nonetheless presented $ 53.8 billion last night with the best sales in its history in a June quarter. In contrast, earnings declined 7 percent to $ 2.18 per share compared to the same quarter last year. All businesses grew, with the exception of the iPhone, where revenue declined 12 percent year-on-year to $ 25.99 billion. Thus, the iPhone caused for the third quarter in a row for declining revenues. Episode: Apple’s dependency on the iPhone continues to decline. After the successful cell phone had made good two-thirds of its revenue for years, now it’s only 48 percent more. Thus, the iPhone caused for the first time since 2012 for less than half of the Apple sales.

New guarantors of success are the services division with iCloud, Apple Music & Co. (sales increase of 10.2 to 11.5 billion dollars) and the wearables with Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod, which increased from 3.7 to 5.5 billion dollars. CultofMac summarizes further important information on the announcement of the new quarterly numbers: Alone Apple’s services and wearables are now large enough for the top 50 of the top-selling US companies. Apple also wants to produce the new Mac Pro in the US. The in-house credit card Apple Card will start in the US in August. And Apple’s prospects for Q4 are rather subdued. After 62.9 billion dollars in sales last year, this time between 61 and 64 billion.

China: Surveillance Watches for 17,000 children

China children's watches
New in China: Big Brother inspects children by watch (Photo: Line Today)

China has for the first time equipped 17,000 elementary school students in Guangzhou with smart watches, which use the Chinese GPS counter BeiDou to record and report the children’s movement data. The measurement also takes place within buildings up to ten meters. Parents, school and government agencies can retrieve the data in real time. China calls the system “Safe Campus Smartwatches”. According to official data, it should improve the safety of children. Altogether, initially 30,000 watches will be distributed. In addition, a separate “safety bracelet” for the elderly is planned.

“That’s just the beginning,” says TechnologyReview magazine. The children’s watches are one of the first projects that uses the locating capabilities of the BeiDou satellite system, many more are likely to follow. According to observers, China wants to significantly expand the surveillance of its citizens with facial recognition and mobile data collection through satellite data. Children can and should get used to this system early on.

Sony sells 100 million PlayStation 4

Play Station 4
The PlayStation 4 is Sony’s new record console (Photo: Sony)

Sony announces a new milestone. The Japanese have since the launch in late 2013 now sold 100 million copies of the PlayStation 4 worldwide. So far, this brand has not reached a console so quickly – albeit barely. For comparison, the pre-predecessor PlayStation 2 needed from the year 2000 two months longer, namely five years and nine months. All in all, the sales of the PS4 do not develop very well. For the current fiscal year, Sony now expects only 15 million consoles sold – a million less than previously forecast, so Gamespot. In the previous year, Sony sold 17.8 million PlayStation 4s. Apparently already noticeable here is that many fans wait for the release of the successor PlayStation 5, which should start at the end of 2020.

Instagram Likes: The Mystery of Cathy “Schummels”

Does player and influencer Cathy Hummels have to rename herself Cathy “Schummels”? Anyway, according to T-Online, Social Data Pro’s data specialists have found significant irregularities in the Instagram likes of World Champion Mats Hummels’ wife. “We also saw signs of manipulation in some others, but none that are as clear or comparable to Ms. Hummels’s account,” said data analyst Hans Eggert.

In contrast to the typical distribution of Likes, which rise sharply after the publication of a post and then flatten again, it comes in the contributions of Cathy Hummels in between again and again to strong peaks, which then quickly decrease again. That could indicate manipulated or purchased likes. “There is no other explanation for this,” says Claus-Georg Matusche of Social Data Pro. Cathy Hummels has now commented on the allegations against her 508,000 Instagram subscribers. She denies that she has manipulated Likes: “My authenticity is the most important thing, everything else will be settled by my lawyer and we will try to find out who that was and maybe have fun at my expense.”

The end of the LEAD: Lil Nas X and the streaming miracle

The young man has a nose for the hits: rapper Lil Nas X (20) has broken in the US charts an age-old record of Mariah Carey from the 90s. His country rap duo “Old Town Road” starring Billy Ray Cyrus (the father of Miley) has now been at number one in the US single charts for 17 weeks – one week longer than Mariah’s record holder “One Sweet Day” Carey and Boyz II Men in 1995. Also Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber managed in 2017 with “Despacito” 16 weeks in first place. On YouTube “Old Town Road” is already over 242 million views. And at Spotify and Apple Music, Lil Nas X (who celebrated his record with an Instagram video on the bathroom) has delivered the most streamed song of the year so far.

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