The Best Gadgets of the Week, Part 16

Tile success: The headphones that never get lost again

Tile – this name is on the way to becoming a generic term like tempo or tesa. A tile is a Bluetooth tile that can be attached to the car key or put in the glasses case. If such items then (what they like to do) spill or hide in the Sofaritze – then the Tile Tracker can be activated via App, and reports with a beep and on a map, where the missing object is. This not only works with the tile itself – but also with many gadgets that have licensed and installed the technology.

Tile speaks of “embedded” products, such as Samsonite bags and cases. The latest Tile success is the headphones Sennheiser Momentum Wireless – thanks to built-in search is always easy to find. He shows in the Tile app the last detected location, or logs in via a sound signal. Another trick of the 399-euro Sennheiser: He turns on and off by folding on and off, and continues playback in the last place. If lost outside of the maximum 30-meter Bluetooth radius, the global tile community can help you find what you’re looking for. Sennheiser says: “Thanks to the built-in Tile technology, you’ll never lose your Momentum Wireless again, so you better lose yourself in the music.” And that’s worth a lot, in times of countless lost AirPods.

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The paper plane with the app

Paper planes – earlier in school that was a simple matter. Sheet of paper from the Geography booklet tear, fold, throw – and already the craft Boeing flies towards blackboard. Or crash over the second row. Meanwhile, there are also paper planes in a high-tech version. Shai Goitein from Tel Aviv, quasi Otto Lilienthal of paper flying, is the world leader here. He is currently offering the Powerup 4.0, the latest generation of his aircraft kit, on Kickstarter. And he has so far exceeded the hoped-for financing of $ 36,000, almost ten times.

The Powerup 4.0 is not a finished paper airplane – but a set of gyrostabilizer, accelerometer and two engines, which can be attached to any homemade paper plane. If you are not so clever at wrinkles, you will also receive crafting sheets. Aerobics, looping and up to ten-minute flights with a top speed of 32 km / h are possible via app control. At night, the planes can be illuminated. The latest generation even lifts off the road like a real airplane and does not have to be thrown out of hand. The fun for small and large paper pilots is available at Kickstarter from 45 euros.

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There is the ring! Fit with Nintendo

With the Wii console and the sweaty Wii Fit game, Nintendo 2008 has made popular sports in front of the TV popular. By controlling the movement almost 50 muscle building, aerobic, yoga and balance games were possible. And the living room became a gym. Nintendo sold 32 million of them. The idea is reviving the Japanese with the new sports game “Ring Fit Adventure” for the Switch. This time it’s not about pure sport – but an adventure between “Super Mario” and “Final Fantasy”, which can only be achieved by maximum physical effort.

The game that runs on the TV requires Nintendo’s new “Ring Fit Adventure” package, which consists of a thigh band and a large elastic ring called Ring-Con. Both are each a Joy-Con-Controller attached. Then it starts. In the fight against the dark dragon Draco, who wants to wrap the world in darkness, the player must run faster and faster on the spot – and jump by squeezing the ring in the right places of the game. This requires the whole body, and after two minutes, the sweat should flow in streams. The Nintendo gym with over 40 exercises opens on October 18 for around 80 euros. Vermouth (sweat) drops: Owners of the new Switch Lite without removable controllers are unfortunately unsportsmanlike – or have to look for an alternative operation.

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The USB-C hard drive for all cases

It’s complicated with USB-C. The new standard for computer connections, which for example Apple has strongly pushed with its MacBooks, is getting more and more popular. But problems still cause different types of USB-C. There are ports that support Apple’s and Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 interface. And there are USB-C ports that have nothing to do with Thunderbolt 3. Externally, they are indistinguishable. And especially digital professionals who travel a lot often have problems because accessories such as external hard drives or displays do not work with every USB-C hardware.

For hard disks now LaCie solves the problem. Because the new Rugged SSD Pro works on all USB-C sockets – no matter what standard they use. A new controller from Intel makes this possible. For example, the SSD disk can be understood with a Thunderbolt 3 laptop as well as with Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, which only supports “normal” USB-C. The “Pro” addition also earns the new LaCie with enormously high data rates of 2.8 gigabytes per second, and with water and dust tightness. Professional are also the prices: The plate with 1 TB costs 475 euros, with 2 TB 815 euros.

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Puma watch
Buy, watch customer! The Puma Watch is especially interesting for athletes (photo: Puma)

Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

The first smartwatch from Puma: The embossed Puma on the crown indicates it – the Franconian sports manufacturer has presented its first smartwatch, which appears in November for 279 euros. It was developed in collaboration with Fossil and offers many fitness functions as expected. Handicap remains Google’s Wear OS as the operating system, which lags far behind Apple’s new watchOS 6 in terms of comfort and features, especially in terms of health. To order

The Sonos remote control from Ikea: Ikea’s networked Symfonisk speakers for 99 and 179 euros are highly praised. Because they offer the technology and sound of Ikea’s cooperation partner Sonos at much lower prices. Ikea is now adding a wireless remote control, which will be released at the beginning of October for around 15 euros. It controls music playback and volume by clicking and turning. That works also by App. But if you do not want to hit the phone every time you listen to music, you’ll find a sympathetic retro solution here. LEAD tip, if the Ikea remote gets lost again and again: Tile drankleben! Order (about 1 October)

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