2LiveFashion Berlin: A Second-Hand Store on Instagram

A series of photos of Carlo Colucci jumpers, in between a tracksuit from Nike for 135 euros or a jacket from Tommy Hilfiger for 220 euros. This is what the Instagram channel of “2LiveFashion Berlin” currently looks like. Behind this is a clever business model: The Berlin-based Stefan Pieprzyk and Cedric Reathi sell their rare and therefore high-priced second-hand pieces exclusively via Instagram – by direct message. How it works and the two could win over 16,500 followers, they have told OMR.

“I was in the US a year and a half ago, and a friend said that if you want to do some shopping, then I should just check Instagram on Instagram for private individuals, which worked really well,” says Cedric Reathi to OMR. “Since I also had a lot of clothes, and sold private things here and there to friends, I also opened an Insta page.After a short time Stefan was quit at his old job, and I then brought him to Stefan and his experience in several startups allowed us to take the project to the next level. ”

Cedric Reathi and Stefan Pieprzyk start the Instagram channel 2LiveFashion Berlin. It now has over 17,000 followers and is still the only sales channel of the two second-hand retailers. The name is apparently based on the 2 Live Crew, a rap group from Miami, which was active in the 80s and 90s.


Sell ​​only on Instagram

“It’s sometimes a hustle when we post something and have 30 messages in the mailbox after ten minutes, but better than the other way round, and since we no longer make reservations, it means: those who pay first get the goods,” says Pieprzyk. Because the strategy of the two is quite simple and yet consuming in the implementation. They photograph their second-hand goods and put the pictures including description and price online as an Instagram post or story. If you like a part, you must contact 2LiveFashion Berlin on Instagram via direct message. Regular posts ultimately serve as sales and marketing. Here the two show the spectacular products. The stories are about quick sales of the rest of the product.

“Every product is photographed by us and every package is packed by us,” explains Pieprzyk. According to their own statements, the two pack 150 packages per month and only generate a turnover of five digits via the sales on the Instagram channel. “We got our 16,500 followers exclusively through influencers or our own posts, so far we have not spent money in the traditional sense of marketing,” say the 2LiveFashion makers to OMR. “Through our past in the music and graffiti scene, we are well connected on a friendly basis, and of course because of our products, we use perfect and honest influencer marketing, such as MC Bomber, SXTN, Casper, Asocial Finch and Plusmacher helped us a lot. “

The Berlin rappers among the mentioned influencers also come by the two and are looking for clothes. In return, there’s an Instagram post including mention. When Casper last bought something from the boys, his shout-out post generated more than 24,000 likes on Instagram. And he even paid for his purchase. He bought an original Ralph Lauren Polo jacket from the 90s for 1,600 euros at 2LiveFashion Berlin. The jacket model had worn a rapper of the Wu-Tang clan in a music video.

Five-digit editions on US flea markets

The fashion, both of which sell on the channel, is currently in exactly this graffiti and rap scene announced. Colorful sweaters from the 90s, colorful sporty jackets and track suits. “It started with styles from the ’90s, but we wanted to expand and now run the well-known designers and have the hype stuff like Supreme on offer,” says Pieprzyk. “At first we only sold our clothes in private, later on we also sent followers stuff, which we then bought. Today we have people abroad who tell Whatsapp when they have something good. And we’re in the US ourselves to shop there. “Most recently, Reathi and Pieprzyk were searching for products together in Los Angeles.

“In LA, we spent about 10,000 euros in six days,” says Reathi. At a flea market, the two would have really struck. “The selection we brought with us on T-shirts from the USA is simply inhuman, and only a few have that in Germany,” adds Pieprzyk. Because of this exclusivity, the two could also call good prices: “Since we know what the goods were or have value for, we would rather be higher priced than to sell the clothes, if you are not ready to pay the money, It’s not your sweater, “says Pieprzyk with a wink. In the end, the prices would be based on how much she paid herself and how much work she would have put in addition. The followers are definitely willing to pay: “The average basket is 73 euros,” says Pieprzyk.

A loft and a website as next steps

In the end, the boys do not just want to try Instagram anymore. From 2LiveFashion Berlin should become a bigger business. “We are currently working together with Nike on our loft in Berlin, which will be gallery-like and a shopping experience without fixed opening times,” the two founders say. Customers should simply look over here and inspect the current goods.

“With the new and larger location, we can now grow well and have already hired an intern, also because otherwise we can not handle the orders ourselves, and our team will continue to grow.” Now it’s just friends of ours that we do give a great opportunity, “says Pieprzyk. A larger team should need the two especially if a real online shop goes live. The should be shortly after the opening of the loft in early December.

Nevertheless, Reathi and Pieprzyk do not want to lose sight of the roots of Instagram salespeople, they say: “Even if the online shop goes live, we will continue to sell via Instagram, so we started and communicating with our customers is a breeze It’s also great to hear people’s reactions to the articles live – it just gets less personal in the shop. “

This article was first published by Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR).

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