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You do not have to become a creator right away. At least none of those who are just sitting in front of the camera, chattering stuff and citing the title of “influencer”. Still, having your own YouTube channel has a lot of potential. Theoretically, at least.

Undeniably, however, is also that there are now perceived billions of channels and the competition is accordingly large (many exciting, funny and sometimes just simply worth knowing numbers on YouTube has

Another binge on YouTube? Or a channel that sends nothing more after three well-intentioned videos? Before you fall into this trap, first ask yourself a fundamental question:

What should the channel ever send?

YouTube is the video land of unlimited possibilities. Within the scope of the permitted, there is nothing there that does not exist. That’s a bit like Amazon: Because you know that there is potentially everything there, just look at YouTube, something will then be found.


This is a good prerequisite for planning your own channel. However, the question arises: what exactly do I have to know and worth seeing, that someone should literally turn me on?

Do not worry, no topic is too off-topic or special. On the contrary. With the felt of three hundred thousand video on how you raise a puppy, you’re sure to go under. Unless you have something that fundamentally differentiates you from at least 299,500 other videos on the subject. Otherwise, the longtail phenomenon attacks. And with 27 views you will make no one happy, least of all yourself.

But that does not change the fact that having a video on your own YouTube channel gives you a decent chance of being noticed.

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Hacks, utility, entertainment: anything is possible

It’s best to think of YouTube as a gigantic transmitter that has about everything. That’s why the question of what’s best to send there can only be answered as banally as it is aptly: what you do and what you do best. If you are indeed a charming, entertaining conversationalist, please do not force yourself.

If you know how to get your sneakers clean again with vanilla powder and a toothbrush, make hacks. Everything is allowed, but not one thing: the spectators are bored.

It does not matter if you are traveling as a lone wolf or becoming a creator for a company: Good content is important. So before you decide on your channel, be honest with yourself: Are you really as interesting, funny, useful as you think?

Especially since such a channel is a matter of endurance. Post a few videos and then let it be heard only very irregular, is the safe death sentence for each channel.

And another question that you should ask yourself: Can you even move picture? Videos – even on YouTube – are now something more than turn on the camera and then chatter in front of him. For some topics there are simply no good pictures.

Make yourself discoverable!

The curse and the great at the same time on the sheer size of YouTube is yes: You can reach gigantic reaches and you can completely go under. Of course, much of the content that you post. But with a few small forms, you can at least support the success of your video.

There is, what is almost logical again, synonymous for videos something like a search engine optimization. As with SEO for texts, this means that the better you optimize your video for the search engine, the sooner it will be found.

As with texting as well, you need a keyword. The more precise it is, the better. For example, with the keyword “football” you will not get very far, then you can leave it the same. Your keyword is best found in the headline, tags, and description.

It would be great, even if the file name is adjusted accordingly. So if your video is about to go Katzenklos, then the term “Katzenklo” appears everywhere and the file is ideally also called “Katzenklo.mpg”.

Incidentally, this is not classic SEO, but one hardly believes how to tease curious videos with good teaser lyrics. The effort of five minutes to think up a good teaser is well worth it.

Teaserbild New

Minimal online or technical enthusiast?

Tinder replaces the bar, Alexa the secretary. The digital world has long since become one with the real world. But everyone does not want to believe reality. How confidently do you move in networked life?

Do the test here

Make YouTube outside of YouTube!

Warning, the coming lines could seem a bit absurd at first glance. If you have a YouTube channel, do you seriously want to post outside of YouTube, which has already been posted on YouTube anyway?

Yes of course! That’s the way it is with the multi-channel network. Unless you have a six-digit subscription number, users will not be waiting eagerly for your new videos all day long. And besides, over time, a few new followers are added.

So, post good and talk about it! With embedding codes and links, it is basically very simple to sell his videos. But beware: Facebook, for example, is not so much on externally linked video content (logically, they want to have the stuff themselves).

If you have a lot of time, desire and love, make a short trailer that you upload elsewhere and make sure the whole story is on your YouTube channel.

A question of technology

As always, the question of technology in the room is also relevant to such a topic. Cameras, tripods, lights – and you would not even need your own studio for YouTube? The latter can be denied with the best of conscience. And the first question? The usual “depends on it”. Theoretically, you can do something with a good smartphone, a small tripod and a microphone.

For everything that potentially goes beyond that: In my article “How to: Video” I described what you need and what you do not need technology. This can be applied 1: 1 to the question of the YouTube channel.

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