iPhone Photography Awards: The Best Winning Photos 2019

These winners are twice awarded! On the one hand, this year’s winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2019 (IPPAWARDS) received awards from thousands of submissions from over 140 countries. On the other hand, there are really excellent and impressive shots – shot on iPhone.

Since 2007, the IPPAWARDS have been awarded annually. For the winning photographers, who were on the lookout for the best designs with their iPhone, they are usually the starting signal for a great career as a professional photographer.

This year, the jury chose 57 winners, including two photographers from Germany.

LEAD shows you a selection of the most interesting winning photos.

Photographer of the Year – Grand Prize: Gabriella Cigliano

The Italian Gabriela Cigliano calls her photo “Big Sister”. This is how she explains her iPhone X recording, which received the “Grand Prize” in addition to the “Photographer of the Year” award:

“Last year, I spent a month in Wasa, Tanzania, teaching a class of young and very curious boys, and before we returned to Italy, we stopped in Zanzibar, where this photograph was taken. I watched them both from a few yards away, they were probably more curious about me than me, and that’s why the girl looked at me, we could not talk much, except for a few Words in Swahili that I had learned in the last few weeks, but these children could definitely speak with their eyes, it was one of the nicest things I’ve seen in my life, and I’ll keep it in my memories forever The best part was to show them and their mothers the photos, for some it was the first time they saw their faces, and their enthusiasm was just unbelievable – unfortunately my iP was Hone for this purpose in their hands and I could not capture this moment! “


00 Poty Grand Prize Gabriella Cigliano
“Big Sister” (Photo: Gabriella Cigliano, IPPAWARDS)

Photographers of the Year: 1st to 3rd place

Photographer of the Year, # 1: Diogo Location, Portugal with “Sea Stripes”

Diogo Lage photographed on Santa Rita Beach in Portugal with the iPhone SE. His image description:

“Portugal, where the striped beach tents are very typical and set the tone of well-organized and summery little villages, a bather in the distance playing with this beach atmosphere and embodies the spirit in a striped shirt.”

01 Poty 1St Diogo location
“Sea Stripes” (Photo: Diogo Lane, IPPAWARDS)

Photographer of the Year, 2nd place: Yuliya Ibraeva, Russia with “Sorry, no movie today”

On the iPhone 7 Plus, Russian Yuliya Ibraeva shot her motive. But not in Russia, but in Rome:

“It was a hot summer day in Rome, even the asphalt melted, we decided to flee the city center to see an old Italian movie, but when we arrived wonderful pictures were taken, it was a great moment to travel, which I never did I want to forget. “

02 Poty Yuliya Ibraeva
“Sorry, no movie today” (Photo: Yuliya Ibraeva, IPPAWARDS)

Photographer of the Year, 3rd place: Peng Hao, China with “Come Across”

The Chinese Peng Hao got the right moment with his iPhone X in Nevada (USA). He remembers:

“I took this picture in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man Festival, I stood on a bridge and saw two people lost in a sandstorm, but after a while something very special came by, a big silver ball.”

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03 Poty 3Rd Peng Hao
“Come Across” (Photo: Peng Hao, IPPAWARDS)

The two German winner photos of the IPPAWARDS 2019

Among the 57 winner photos are the shots of two German photographers.

Clarita Phiri Beierdoerffer took first place in the category “Still Life” with “In the Wind”. Clarita’s memory of the Shot on iPhone SE:

“This photo is part of a series in which I wanted to document moments in which I felt special emotions and took pictures, whether I felt like it or not.”

46 1St Still Life Clarita Phiri Beierdoerffer
“In the Wind” (Photo: Clarita Phiri Beiersdoerffer, IPPAWARDS)

First place in the category “trees” was secured by German photographer Christian Helwig. His picture “Snowshadow” was taken on the island of Rügen with an iPhone 6S. Christian’s motivation:

“The place where I took the picture is on the northernmost coast of the island, near the small village of Schwarbe, and behind me, coming from the sea, a strong wind blew with some snow and the wind and flakes created that kind of” shadow “On the leeward side of the trees, everything was extremely black and white, except for the smaller bushy trees in the background, which were slightly brownish.”

55 1St Trees Christian Helwig
“Snowshadow” (Photo: Christian Helwig, IPPAWARDS)

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  • 05 2Nd Abstract July Anne Kaplan
    “Looking Up” (Photo: Julie Anne Kaplan, IPPAWARDS)
  • 07 1St Animals Diogo location
    “The Proud Peacock” (Photo: Diogo Lage, IPPAWARDS)
  • 08 2Nd Animals Yoichi Sato
    “Owl” (Photo: Yoichi Sato, IPPAWARDS)
  • 12 3Rd Architecture Shuo Chen
    “Here I Come” (Photo: Shuo Chen, IPPAWARDS)
  • 13 1St Children Neri Rivas
    “Jasper, the Raptor” (Photo: Neri Rivas, IPPAWARDS)
  • 16 1pc Floral Dan Liu
    “Cactus under the Scorching Sun” (Photo: Dan Liu, IPPAWARDS)
  • 23 2Nd Lifestyle Lenny Yeung
    “Hanging to Dry” (Photo: Lenny Yueng, IPPAWARDS)
  • 25 1St Nature Huei Jiuan Wang
    “The Womb” (Photo: Huei Jiuan Wang, IPPAWARDS)
  • 34 1St Panorama Vincent Chen
    “Segia Mountain of Sunrise” (Photo: Vincent Chen, IPPAWARDS)
  • 37 1St People Wei Xiong
    “Untitled” (Photo: Wei Xong, IPPAWARDS)

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