Best cases are for the ton

Recently, I was at the marketing conference Munich Marketing Week and handed over my mustard on corporate podcasts.

My credo: audio strategy. Consistent individual strategic conception. Courage for creation and auditory storytelling. Then it will be something with corporate podcasts in the communication or marketing mix.

Satisfied with my performance and the facts presented, I lean back during the break at the bar, drink a latte macchiato with dextrorotatory soy milk and cooling hipster water from Upper Bavaria. Then I will be addressed. In expectation of fulminant feedback and follow-up orders, I would like to win my business card and give it generously.

But it happens differently.

Why so much strategy and concept?

No business card request, no honey around the mouth. Instead, I get the Levites properly read.

Why so much strategy and concept? That’s standard, overvalued. Learn best from the others and with best cases. Speaks, turned around and vanishes. Wumms – that sat!


But this feedback is nonsense. And that has nothing to do with the injured ego of a Rampensau. It’s absolute nonsense, because it’s about corporate podcasts.

So you read the headline correctly. Best cases are for the ton. For the content format podcast they are almost worthless.

Before you get upset because you think best cases are the ultimate and want to learn from the “best”: do not contact the chief editor of this medium at this point to make sure my first column will be the last: breathe deeply by. Just relax. Read the column to the end. Worth it!

Of course, I know all the constraints that exist in agencies and in the corridors of the marketing departments. I know what the reality is. I’m very familiar with the “extremely creative” input from supervisors and customers, the announcements like: “Do it like the ones at …, that really pops!”, “We do not have to reinvent the wheel”. “We take no risk”. I have often heard all this – unfortunately far too often!

Is it really a good idea to question entire hosts of consultants, Consulting Agencys and other chart painters who live on Best Cases? “You only live once”, that’s what Suicide Silence sang – and they know their stuff. But do not panic, these professions do not need to fear for their future. What do I want to go for?

Stop looking for supposedly cool cases for your corporate podcast, which you want to transfer to your Swabian, owner-managed engineering company. With all due respect to the bright minds in Ländle – and my Sindelfinger mother-in-law.

How do you know that this podcast is successful? What exactly is his success? Do you know his destination? Why is this podcast a best case? And above all, who defines and determines that?

Do you honestly believe that, even though there is a considerable amount of hype surrounding the culture of failure, competitors or other companies tell you in detail about their goals, (mis) achievements, and individual KPIs?

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Have the courage to storytelling away from any supposed best cases

Also stupid when the ingenious Best Case Podcast communicates an HR theme. But you are confronted with a completely different topic or problem in the Swabian Alb. How should that help you in communication or marketing? It does not open to me.

And what exactly is learning when the Best Case Podcast comes from a global corporation with infinite resources? But you only have a fraction of this budget and other resources?

As marketers and communicators we proclaim daily disruption, innovation and change. Let’s get started with it!

That’s why I’m calling you: Throw the best cases into the bin! Have the courage to storytelling away from any supposed best cases and the 2346 Talk. Try out the many possibilities that audio offers. Be creative. Dare something new. Take time to develop an individual, strategic corporate podcast concept tailored to you and your audience.

How else should your podcast be different from all the others? Do any benefits, added value or relevance to listeners and listeners? You can only ensure this with an approach that follows conceptual-strategic steps.

Yes, that means work. Yes, that’s exhausting. Demanding. Significantly more stressful than the copy of a best case. But the process pays off: in the end, there is a concept for an individual listening experience that exactly reflects your brand and your company.

You gain listeners and listeners when you bother and deal with their needs. If you deal with it with your expertise.

Good corporate podcasts are intended for the target group and exciting. They have relevance, create added value and offer solutions. Brand-relevant values ​​such as image, trust and personal commitment are sustainably strengthened.

Get rid of podcasts from the best case, in the worst case, it leads to the worst case: another audio corpse in the digital universe.

Strategy is never overrated. On the contrary. Strategy and concept lead to success.

About the author: Stephan Schreyer advises companies on audio & podcasts. For the audio apostle, strategy and concept are the measure of all things.

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