Live video: cheer, join in, participate

With Lives, brands can create an authentic form of entertainment and uniquely connect with their fans and customers. The real-time videos are close to the audience and let people participate in moments or experiences that they would never see otherwise, directly and uncensored. In addition, lives are interactive through and through, at least through social networks. The reactions of the audience flow directly into the action and influence the shared viewing experience. Therefore, it is no wonder that live formats on Facebook, for example, stimulate ten times more interactions (comments, likes, reactions, shares) than other videos. In addition, as a rule, lives achieve high ranges, are also viewed over longer periods of time and reach people both on the move and on the couch. It’s the format that makes brands look their best and build a true bond with their audience. Thanks to technological progress, lives can also be implemented inexpensively for everyone with comparatively little effort.

“Wow, I have to look at it”

Find an exciting topic, let people share in something that would otherwise be hidden from them, in short: offer the audience real added value. For example, Lives are great for a look behind the scenes, Q & As, hot news, or exclusive events like fashion shows or the unveiling of a new car model.


Preparation is the alpha and omega

  • The face: In a live (at least) a moderator or brand ambassador can let off steam. However, this person should be carefully selected, as spontaneous and confident as possible: an entertainer, a crowd pleaser, a celebrity, an influencer, the face of the brand, or simply a truly personable person.
  • The planning: Make sure there’s enough content, as well as a script or at least a rough schedule, to make sure all the important messages are placed and there is a substantive safety net. Should the video convey a certain “look and feel”? That too should be planned in advance.
  • The technique: Get the right equipment and test it, or bring video experts aboard – depending on whether the live studio-quality or self-made character should convince. If the sound, the picture or the light too bad, many viewers switch off directly. The Internet connection should of course be stable and powerful.
  • The announcement: Drummel already in advance for the live. Announce it with a good description and invite your fans to get notified as soon as it starts.
  • The timing: Lives are ideal for longer lasting relaxed content. They work best in the late afternoon and in the evening. The shorter the recording, the fewer people have time to turn on and share the stream with their friends.

Activate the community

Lives are not a passive experience but a social – and therefore the best way to get close to the viewers and to stimulate a real exchange. Interact with people, answer their burning questions, listen to what comes to their mind, react to their mood.

Real emotions

Unlike other moving image formats, a live does not have to be perfect, but above all authentic. Particularly successful lives transport their story and at the same time create the feeling of being “real” and “close to it”. So they arouse emotions, captivate and strengthen at best even the connection to the transmitter. Special visual effects can also contribute to the best possible entertainment.

From the anticipation to the highlights

  • Ck 3
  • Ck 2
  • Ck 1

Calvin Klein was able to turn on a wide audience with live-arounds around a fashion show in New York. The fashion show was reserved for a very small and exclusive audience, but provided a large projection screen for young people who got deeper insights into the fashion world in several consecutive phases. The first step on the eve of the event was an Instagram live chat between CK Testimonial Millie Bobby Brown and model Karlie Kloss. They chat on a split-screen video-visual screen full of anticipation for the show, their outfits and their expectations of the collection. The fans are very close, live the conversation live and celebrate their idols with thousands of emojis.

In the second live, the entire show was broadcast live over 40 minutes via CK’s Facebook channel, from an intro to the finally empty auditorium. In an interesting split-screen look, the video offers viewers two perspectives: on the one hand the catwalk in the wide-angle, on the other a detailed zoom on the outfits.

Afterwards, 360 ° video advertisements were extracted from the live stream – for those who were not satisfied with the great outfits during the live show. An example of an exciting multi-level user approach and clever secondary use of the original material to generate further attention in the feed.

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Photo: Facebook

Christina Keller leads the Creative Shop for Facebook and Instagram in Central Europe. Together with her team, she supports companies and agencies in developing innovative ideas for the Mobile First environment. Before joining Facebook in August 2015, she worked for several advertising agencies – including Jung von Matt, TBWA and DDB – and later on for Deutsche Bahn.

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