The Best Gadgets of the Week, Part 8


Oral B Genius X With Ki Technology
Genius X: The toothbrush that uses Artificial Intelligence (Photo: Oral-B)

Artificial intelligence for real teeth: Oral-B has introduced the Genius X, its first electric toothbrush with AI for better cleaning results.

The gadget wants to improve the daily cleaning routine with good tips: The AI ​​has the brushing style under control and provides via the accompanying Oral-B app information about cleaning time and cleaning pressure in the mouth areas, which should be taken care of even better when brushing your teeth.

According to Oral-B, the AI ​​has previously “analyzed thousands of individual cleanings and learned to recognize and evaluate different brushing styles.”

For those who are often on the road, the supplier delivers a travel case with USB port. Practical: not only the toothbrush itself, but also a smartphone can be charged. The Genius X is available from next month in black and rose gold, each with a stylish black brush head.

Price: 369.99 euros

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Canary View

Canary View
Monitors not only humans but also animals: the new Canary View (photo: manufacturer)

USA travelers already know the Canary View from the States. There, the View is one of the most popular security cams. Now the Canary camera, the successor model of the “Pro” version, is also available for the first time in Germany.

At the same time, the 15 cm high and stylish internet camera fits well into modern facilities at home. The installation is quick and easy via WLAN. The gadget’s AI is trained to recognize humans and animals. An alarm function informs on the smartphone, tablet and computer about uninvited guests. Additional features: HD images, automatic night vision and wide-angle lens.

Canary promises high encryption of data in certified high-security data centers.

For the launch there is a discounted starter pack: Who books a year premium subscription – including 30 days of video memory and direct button to the police – receives the actual cam for free.

Price for Cam: 110 Euro incl. Shipping costs

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Smart Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Wirecard has developed the prototype of a smart mirror that customers in the retail sector should also be able to pay for in the future.

The Smart Mirror also allows the ordering of goods in shops. On the mirror also products in different colors and sizes are projected. There are other “suitable recommendations” for the main product that the customer has just tried on or holds in his hand.

Payment is made by scanning a QR code via the smartphone. Afterwards, the goods are picked up – or in the ideas of Wirecard even delivered from the store home, so that the customer is spared the transport of large shopping bags.

Wirecard wants to offer dealers options to customize the “Smart Mirror” according to their own wishes. So should such a mirror then show discount options or offer the opportunity to share the product on Facebook & Co.

When exactly the “Smart Mirror” can go into mass production, is not yet clear.

Dolphin 1

Dolphin 1
Save yourself who can: With the Dolphin 1 it should work reliably (Photo: Manufacturer)

Lightning fast like a dolphin and just as smart: The Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebouy (really written with ou …) can do good in the summer and save lives.

The lifebuoy with integrated remote control can be navigated directly to the float in distress. External rescue teams are not needed to pull those affected out of the water.

The gadget is equipped with two propellers and creates a speed of about five meters within one second. The prop itself is covered with a protective cover so that swimmers in distress do not incur injuries during the rescue process. If necessary, Dolphin 1 can even carry two drowners ashore.

Price: 5500 US dollars

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LEAD Shortlist

Horizn Studios Nasa Luggage
Holidays in space or anywhere: The M5 NASA Edition guarantees spacey holidays (Photo: Horizn Studios)

Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

M5 Nasa Edition Cabin Luggage: Nasa or nose at the airport. With the M5 collection, suitcases the 50th anniversary of the moon landing cool suitcases are sold, which would be suitable for a journey into space – co-developed by the youngest NASA astronaut in spe. Allysa Carson is just 18 years old.

Price: 700 euro

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Artwizz PhoneStrap: This new smartphone finger grip in trendy colors not only secures your device itself, but also allows one-handed operation of the smartphone. The strap can be pulled over the actual protective cover of almost every smartphone model.

Price: 9,99 Euro

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Phone Strap Artwizz
Cheap but clever idea: the Artwizz PhoneStrap (photo: manufacturer)

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