HelloBody: “I just did it!”

Everybody knows her on Instagram: the beauty brand HelloBody. She is the darling of the influencers. International Instagram greats even have their own beauty products with the brand. What hardly anyone knows: Behind the fire is a successful woman from Germany – Monique Hoell.

Natural cosmetics for young women, that offers the brand. “We believe that every woman is beautiful, and we believe that naturalness is the key to beauty,” says Hoell in an interview with LEAD. For the HelloBody brand, yes counts. Away from rigid and superficial clichés to diversity. Natural ingredients with convincing cosmetics are the hallmark of HelloBody. The target group: women from 16 to 35 years.

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Monique Hoell founded HelloBody in 2016 (Image: HelloBody / Monique Hoell)

The brand was founded by Monique Hoell in Berlin. The 32-year-old launched the beauty brand in 2016 and has grown into a major player in the beauty industry within three years. “At the end of 20 I looked around and found only very clean cosmetics brands, which were nice, but not right for me,” says Hoell. She herself is a fan of the so-called Me-Time, so a break for herself, and sets at home regularly small spa breaks with face mask and Co. a. “I was not satisfied with the offer for young women who are interested in natural cosmetics.” Monique Hoell researched and researched and finally came to the conclusion: I found my own beauty brand.


Started without contacts in the beauty industry

Quite off the idea did not come to HelloBody. The Berliner has studied business administration with a focus on marketing. In her first startup for a Mobile Personal Assistant, the founder sniffed PR-Luft: An appearance at the “Cave of the Lions” got the young company rolling. The ups and downs of the start-up world shaped her for five years until Monique Hoell moved on. The next step: HelloBody.

Beauty – a new profession for the Berliner. “I had no contacts in the beauty industry in advance and just did it.” True to the motto “Everyone said it’s not possible until one came and made it easy.” The principle drove the 32-year-old. “I just wanted to build a brand, had no barriers in my head and went step by step.”

Loud and colorful should be HelloBody

But the work started with the finished product. “As soon as the product is ready, you have to look: Which packaging do we take, how should the crucible look like, which design do I want?” Also important for the environmentally conscious founder: What is the fundamental ecological footprint of my brand? “I wanted to be as sustainable as possible, because we’re a natural cosmetics brand, but in the end we’re sending a lot of stuff via online ordering and then we’re producing CO2.”

A holistic view of production as well as delivery followed to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. When designing the products, the team opted for a colorful design. “Many natural cosmetics brands are very straight and clean, so we decided to make a loud and colorful appearance to appeal to a young audience.”

Before the HelloBody products went on sale, there was a lot of me-time for Monique Hoell and her team. All products were self-tested again. To this day, the opinion of others is important. “We always involve our young target audience in decisions, and we care about what moves them and what they want.”

As a founder, however, she has had little problems so far. “Few people even know that I’m behind HelloBody.” Networking between women is good for the 32-year-old, in order to dissolve subconscious barriers between the sexes, to get more involved in the changing processes and to exchange views. At HelloBody, women work like men.

Founder, she advises one thing above all: “Everyone cooks only with water.”

One thing that Monique Hoell learned when setting up HelloBody. “I would have liked to be more aware of that, then I would have gone a lot easier.”

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“HelloBody is a digital brand”

Meanwhile, Monique Hoell is a successful entrepreneur, whose marketing plan has been almost rolemodelmäßig. At the beginning of HelloBody she sat down with her team and researched. Where do we find our young target group? The answer: social media. “So we started with social media – I came here like a baby to the child, without much prior knowledge, I just dived.”

In order to promote HelloBody and above all receive feedback on the brand, she asks young Instagram women to test their products. “More and more frequently, the question then came up as to whether they could introduce the brand to their followers – and of course we did not object to that,” says Monique Hoell with a laugh.

HelloBody becomes a self-starter, more and more influencers show the brand, the demand increases. HelloBody now leads conscious campaigns on social media. The marketing budgets are divided into different media, but the majority still flows into the social networks. “We also take our inspiration from social media – HelloBody is simply a very digital brand.”

Whether sponsorship, campaigns or pure performance marketing: The brand is deeply rooted in Instagram. Together with the German influencer Sarah Harrison or the French influencer Lufy, the cosmetics brand has already published its own co-creations.

Next step: US market

Monique Hoell has accomplished what many dream of. Meanwhile, 70 people work with her, the beauty brand is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and Belgium. For a few weeks, the UK market has been conquered. The sales are in the five-digit range. On the German Instagram channel follow the brand 307,000 followers, in total, there are over one million followers on all international channels.

Entering the US market is the next big goal for HelloBody. “I strongly believe that my brand has what it takes to be a global brand.” Not only the quality of the products speak for themselves, but also the values ​​that HelloBody represents. “Amongst others, we are involved in topics such as Female Empowerment Movement and Body Positivity.” It was important for Monique Hoell to take responsibility here. “We have a young audience and a broad reach, which we use to communicate our values.” An authentic and realistic picture – unlike what is often the case on social media.

And what makes the 32-year-old particularly proud? “The great and motivated team at HelloBody, with around 70 employees, are young, dynamic and bubbling with ideas, I’m proud to have such a team, I love the spirit and I’m happy to be part of it every day.”

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