Better to peel off?

It would be a classic question for “Who will become a millionaire?”: Which project management tool is used most often in companies? A: Trello, B: Slack, C: Asana, D: Rodeo.

For most CEOs, A to D would probably be the right answer. Everyone knows these classic tools. But in times of the new DSVGO, it can be clever to look for alternatives not only internally but also externally with customers in the field of collaboration. Keyword server locations: The computers of Trello, Asana or Slack are in the USA, Rodeo is in the Netherlands at home. German alternatives are welcome.

Excel and Outlook still widely used

Better to peel off? But that has not arrived everywhere yet. A study by Capterra, a Gartner company, came to frightening results in late 2018. The majority of small and medium-sized businesses continue to rely on applications such as Excel or Outlook for collaboration. Tables without big explanations and endless mail threads complicate working together. Only 13 percent of SMEs rely on cloud software.


After all, almost 60 percent of companies can imagine buying German software at a higher price if data security and compliance with German laws are guaranteed. The knowledge seems to mature, albeit slowly: In times of complex application scenarios, especially in startups, it is simply not enough anymore to build up a few Excel spreadsheets for your own team and for customers.

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Servers and backups in Germany

So the answer could be E: factro. This not so well-known project management software, DSVGO-compliant, is being developed in Bochum, the servers are located in Frankfurt / Main. The backup takes place on servers in Nuremberg.

The all-in-one program was not created on the drawing board, according to the makers, but it incorporated 25 years of experience of the developers in the management consultancy.

Factro project structure tree
The project structure tree at factro (Photo: factro)

Intuitive, short training period

In our test impressions, the software was modern, thought out and intuitive to use. Most features open up immediately. The training period is low. Videos make getting started easier. Thanks to drag-and-drop control, operation is quick and easy. Users will surely appreciate the option of quickly clicking through the four project views (tree, kanban, gantt and table). Of course, the largest version of “Professional Cloud” brings significant added value thanks to the controlling functions and dashboard, but is also the most expensive option.

Four models

factro is defined by four models and thus a lot of flexibility. The free “Basic Cloud” is limited to ten users and the most rudimentary version, which nevertheless includes personal advice. The cheapest payment model starts at € 7.99 per month from 3 users (“Team Cloud” / € 7.99 per user). It adds review status, real-time notifications and responsibilities to the basic cloud.

The “Business Cloud” (19.99 euros per month per user) extends the “Team Cloud” among others. through Gantt Charts, Customer Management and Personal Dashboard. If you would like to use all available functions of factro, you can book the “Professional Cloud” for 29.99 Euro per user per month – with controlling, calendar and task history. Out of the “Basic Cloud”, for example, the “Professional Cloud” can be tested for 14 days free of charge without entering account data. After the 14 days, the subscription ends automatically and will not be easy to subscribe to.

Factro table
A glance at the table view (Photo: factro)

Too little time to change?

Apart from the range of functions and the requirements of the DSVGO or the desire for German server locations may still end up the problem of such a project management system even to introduce, especially if another tool has long been the team and the Customer has been used. Also lack of training time is likely to be led for the change to another collaboration program again and again by team leaders in the field.

After all, factro tries to tackle this topic and offers newcomers to a webinar after registration, in which five entry tips are to be seen. The whole thing only takes 14 minutes: a time window, which is certainly present in each team to check a conversion.

Workshops and tutorials

By the way, if you invest more time, factro provides you with a complete package: workshops, trainings and “Consulting on Organizational Development, Digitalization and Change as well as Classic Management Consulting”. If the decision is then made to rely on the usual suspects such as Slack, Trello or Asana, that is also understandable: These popular tools, regardless of their server locations, have proven in practice worldwide.

From this point of view, factro’s fight for market share in the collaboration tools segment is certainly not a simple one, but it is certainly a worthy one, especially in terms of data protection.

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