Discount store and supermarket apps in the economy check

Why should customers download an app from Aldi, Lidl, Netto and Co.? What can these and do they actually offer additional savings potential? The consumer magazine Teltarif has tested the individual apps. Their advantages and disadvantages at a glance are here.

1. Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd

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  • All the products in the app can be put on a virtual shopping list
  • For example, if customers are interested in a bicycle, they can set up a push message when it is on offer (Aldi Nord only)


  • There are no special offers and promotions exclusively reserved for app users.

Download Aldi Süd for Android, Aldi Nord for Android, Aldi Süd for iOS and Aldi Nord for iOS


2. Lidl

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  • In the Lidl app, smartphone users can find offers that are only available online and not in the branches. During the trial period, special sale offers were announced and are available through Tuesday. “Wine Happy Hours”, for example, was only available via Internet shopping, as was the opportunity to participate in competitions.


  • The special sales offers are not a phenomenon of the app. That’s where customers come in handy when they take the traditional route via the browser to the Lidl website

Download Lidl for Android and Lidl for iOS

3. net

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  • If you own a Germany card, you can link it to the net app and get additional offers in an extra tab that can be used to earn points. In the test period, there was also a voucher worth 1 Euro from a purchase value at net of 25 Euro, which is reserved for app users.
  • With the net app, purchases can be paid directly via the app via mobile payment. This requires a prior registration, in which customers must also deposit their bank details.
  • Receipts are automatically stored in the app, vouchers and coupons are taken into account. It is also possible to pay with the Apple Watch. From the recipe database, the ingredients can be immediately packed on a grocery list.
  • Download net for Android and Netto for iOS

4. Penny

(Picture: Screenshot Play Store)


  • Users have access to special savings coupons that can be activated directly within the application. Subsequently, a QR code is generated, which customers can scan at the cash register for a specific product. The test included a donut for 74 instead of 88 cents and a 25% discount on pears.
  • In addition to the app offers, the content from current brochures is displayed.

Download Penny for Android and Penny for iOS

5. Edeka



  • When app users register with Edeka, they get access to mobile coupons that they can use to save extra money
  • Mobile payments is possible. With the account should then also purchases can be settled for example in net and market purchase.
  • Deutschland Card customers receive special offers
  • The bargains apply to both mobile coupons and holders of the Germany Card.

Download Edeka for Android and Edeka for iOS

6. Rewe



  • Rewe offers its own delivery and pick-up service in the market. Both services can be used within the Rewe app
  • It is also practical that ingredients from the recipe database can be put directly on the shopping list
  • The purchases can also be ordered for delivery or collection in the market.
  • Payback benefits for users of the app is the receipt of an electronic receipt and the constant query of the score. To use Payback you need to register.


  • An additional offer of special discounts does not offer the Rewe app. This is limited to cooperation with Payback. The opportunity to earn points, but there are also directly at the box office.

Download Rewe for Android and Rewe for iOS

7. Tchibo



  • There is a 10 euro welcome coupon when you create an online account in the app
  • TchiboCard customers can benefit the most from offers. Exclusive coupon promotions are only possible with it
  • The loyalty reward card and loyalty card status available for purchases can be viewed directly in the app.
  • Vouchers are also automatically displayed in the app. Discount promotions are not limited to registration and use via app.


  • The Tchibo-Prozente-Shop does not bring any special advantages within the app. Customers can also access the offers via the browser on the website.

Download Tchibo for Android and Tchibo for iOS

8. Real



  • A handy feature is the digital storage of receipts in the app. To use the feature, customers need to create a Real account.


  • In addition to current market offerings that can be found in the app, customers must go the way via payback, if they want to benefit from special offers and loyalty points.

Download Real for Android and Real for iOS

9. Rossmann



  • The Rossmann app offers special offers, which are only available as part of the app usage. They can be unlocked in the app and presented at the next purchase. For example, customers receive discounts on certain products, on the entire assortment, or receive a specific product for free shopping
  • There are internal actions that users can join to receive bonus coupons. These actions are linked to specific products and usually require a minimum number.

Download Rossmann for Android and Rossmann for iOS

Anyone who wants to beat a bargain regardless of discounter or supermarket can do so via apps such as scondoo or marktguru. In addition to the implemented handbills of supermarkets, electronics stores, discounters, furniture stores or hardware stores, there are cashback actions. These are set in the app.

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