TechDaily: The marriage bed with Lane Keeping Assist

The marriage bed with Lane Keeping Assist

Ford bed
Come over here? No way! The Ford bed prevents nocturnal space conflicts (Photo: Ford)

He is back! Or also: she is back! Millions of people around the world are annoyed and can not sleep – because the co-sleeper moves in the wrong direction at night, claiming the entire bed. Ford has now found an antidote – the bed with Lane Keeping Assist. As was the case last December at the kennel with active noise reduction, the automaker is again using technology from its cars. This time, pressure sensors register in the “Lane Keeping Bed” when a sleeper exceeds the magic limit and the page changes. Belts then lift the bed, and the engine jerks the side changer back to its original position. Concrete hope for the insomniac, however, is not (at least for the time being), a series production is not planned according to Engadget. As with the anti-noise dog kennel, Ford wants to use the lane-keeping bed to demonstrate its innovative car technology in a charming and clever way. For even the Lane Keeping Assist in the car pulls the vehicle back in the right direction if necessary. Day and night.

Digital Newsstand – Apple wants half

Newspapers and magazines abound – that’s what the Apple Newsstand wants to offer (symbol image) (Photo: Wikipedia)

On March 25, Apple boss Tim Cook apparently back on the stage – at the first novelty show of the year in the headquarters in Cupertino. The date is as good as clear after last messages. However, Apple fans should not be over-optimistic about new iPads or the AirPods 2. New hardware should not be on the agenda. Instead, the event is supposedly completely revolving around Apple’s planned digital newspaper and magazine kiosk. For a monthly flatrate of around ten dollars / euro, a lot of printed material should be available as an e-paper. However, there is some trouble ahead of the game: According to The Verge and the Wall Street Journal, Apple requires 50 percent of publishers’ sales in its “News Netflix” – much more than in the App Store or Apple Music, where Apple keeps 30 percent each. The remaining half should be given to the publishers. Their share is then calculated according to success and content read. The displeasure on the publishing side over the Fifty Fifty regulation is obviously large. Therefore, it is also unclear whether, for example, content from the New York Times and the Washington Post will be found in the Apple Newsstand. In addition, the publishers complain that they should not get access to customer data.

Gas and brake – Electric scooters from China can be hacked

The Chinese electric scooter Xiaomi M365, which is often rented by ride-sharing services like Bird, can be hacked. A fault in the Bluetooth module ensures that the gas and brake can be manipulated when driving by – which can be extremely dangerous for the driver and his environment. The security company Zimperium has found this out in an attempt. A video shows how the hackers bring the scooter to accelerate and brake or shut it off completely. This works by app from a distance of up to 100 meters. Zimperium claims to have contacted Xiaomi. An update that corrects the error has not yet been released.

Fortnite 7.40 – Epic plans massive changes

Fortnite Wumme
Less buzz for the bum: Epic defuses the dreaded hand Cannon (Photo: Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale, which is currently (feeling) halfway across the world, is making some massive changes with the upcoming update to version 7.40. This has announced manufacturer Epic Games. The main thing is to restore the balance in the game, which has been recently out of joint by some too strong weapons. This has led to protests of many players. In future, aircraft will no longer be able to fly through building structures and demolish them. The destruction factor of the controversial hand Cannon drops from 150 to 100, and the Rocket Launcher now needs 3.24 instead of 2.52 seconds to reload. According to CultofMac, these are just a few of the changes that Epic wants to use to mollify his last mauling community.

Tim Cook shower saves 65 percent water

The smart shower Nebia Spa Shower, which comes from the Silicon Valley shower startup Nebia, gets a successor. Kickstarter is now the Nebia 2.0 to finance, which will eliminate some of the shortcomings of its predecessor. The basic principle remains unchanged: even the new Nebia works with tiny droplets, with a water mist, which should save 65 percent of water compared to a normal shower. It reaches a ten times as large area of ​​the body as a standard shower. With version 2.0 the water is to feel 29 per cent warmer than before, after customers had complained about a too cool shower feeling by the spray mist. The water pressure is also expected to increase to provide a real sense of shower. And the developers promise, as with its predecessor: “Yes, even the hair can be washed with it.” The financing target of 88,207 euros has already exceeded the Nebia 2.0 on the first day, the Kickstarter price is 349 dollars. The Smart Shower is by former designers and engineers from NASA, Tesla and Apple. The idea has caused such a sensation in Silicon Valley that Apple CEO Tim Cook has also invested in the company.

The end of the LEAD: banana erotic and voluptuous jelly

So sexy can be fruits, vegetables and chocolate. The Norwegian erotic market leader Kondomeriet (company motto: “Ledende på sexleketøy”) is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a YouTube video that presents all the pleasure and passion of its offer – without even showing the products. Because commercials with erotic products are prohibited in Norway. And so the clip celebrates “30 Years of Naughtiness” with voluptuous jelly, plump donuts and breast-shaped bread dough. Kondomeriet rightly about his vitamin-rich movies: Foodporn!

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