TechDaily: macOS Catalina is here – it’s worth the wait!

macOS Catalina is here – it’s worth the wait!

A handful of new operating systems: After iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13, Apple has now released macOS Catalina. This completes the autumn software round-up renovation. The free update to Catalina (aka macOS 10.15), which runs on Macs from 2012, brings the end to the obsolete iTunes. Instead, there are now own apps for music, for movies and TV series as well as for podcasts. With the new sidecar function, the iPad can be used as a second monitor for a Mac. Games now also work with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. And the voice control has expanded Apple once again. Gizmodo presents the twelve most important innovations.

There is less good news: Catalina is no longer running 32-bit programs that are still widely used on many Macs – from Adobe’s CS6 suite to countless small utilities. Which programs are on a Mac 32-bit, can be easily found out about the system information. OSXDaily explains how it’s done. The practical dashboard widgets Apple has abolished in Catalina.

In general, Mac users who need their computer for daily work or even earn their money, should not rush to the new update macOS. Tip from LEAD: Check which important 32-bit programs are no longer running and which replacement is available. And wait for first messages, how stable Catalina already works for the release, and how well, especially the music library of iTunes in the new music app is taken. Just as with the problematic launch of iOS 13.0, it pays off, at least on macOS 10.15.1 for a few more weeks. waiting.

Windows 10 at Edeka: The licenses are legal

Windows Edeka
Between cabbage and turnips is now Windows – at a saving price at Edeka (Photo: Lizengo)

In many Edeka stores are now not only tomatoes, pasta and bread on the shelf – but also Microsoft licenses at suspiciously low prices. Windows 10 Home costs only 35.99 euros instead of the official 145 euros. And the Pro variant of Windows 10 is available for 39.99 euros instead of Microsoft’s 259 euros. The office package Office 2019 Standard is available as a single license for 195 Euro. This version is usually available only to corporate customers and costs $ 500 per computer. Anyone who rightly suspects because of these low prices can now buy the supermarket software with a clear conscience. Because according to the experts of the “c’t” everything is legal and in order.

The licenses come from the wholesaler Lizengo, which claims to acquire volume licenses from “excess stocks” and then split them up to individual customers. The Federal Court of Justice has already declared this practice legal in 2014. Edeka customers will receive a receipt with the license number when purchasing, which they then have to enter to unlock on the Lizengo website. Microsoft has basically no handle against it, but at least threatens to disable with updates certain license numbers in retrospect. However, this danger seems small, especially since Lizengo gives two years warranty that the software is running. So long buyers should keep the receipt necessarily.

Rent a Speaker: Sonos rents out his speakers

Sonos rent
Miet the Beatles: Sonos now has top sound to borrow (Photo: Sonos)

For music, subscriptions and flatrates have been commonplace since Spotify or Apple Music. And why not with speakers? This is what home audio specialist Sonos is asking for – and now also offers its equipment for rent during a test in the Netherlands. “Sonos Flex” is the rate, for example, where a set of two Sonos One is available for 15 euros a month. Simple calculation: The purchase of two Sonos One costs 420 euros. After 28 months, after a good two and a quarter years, the rent is more expensive than the purchase. But then many users are already laying fresh hardware again.

This is superfluous for the monthly cancelable “Sonos Flex”. Because as soon as a new device generation is released, the US company automatically replaces the speakers. For 25 euros, there is a small home theater set with two Sonos One and a Sonos Beam soundbar. And for 50 euros can rent a larger home theater equipment with two Sonos One, Playbar and subwoofer – the purchase costs about 2,000 euros. First, in the Netherlands, where Sonos has its European headquarters, a test with 500 rental customers. If successful, “Rent a Speaker” could start worldwide, according to The Verge.

Spotify brings his car radio to Germany

“Bayern i statt Bayern 3” – Spotify is now bringing its personal car radio “Your Daily Drive” to Germany. In the US, the personalized playlist of the user’s favorite music, news and podcasts has been battling classical radio stations since June. The motto is: “Your Daily Drive – music and news that sweeten your daily journey.” Or, Oasis: “What’s the story, morning glory?”

The mix of music and information is actually reminiscent of old-fashioned radio stations – only that instead of compulsive early presenters and Dudelmusik with the “best from the 70s, 80s and today” can only be heard, what the user really feels like. Updates should keep the news up-to-date throughout the day. Opposite the Handelsblatt announced Spotify’s studio boss Courtney Holt now the Germany start of “Your Daily Drive” – ​​as the second country in the world. The kick-off will be the contents of Handelsblatt, Spiegel, Zeit, Süddeutscher Zeitung and Deutschlandfunk.

FIFA 20 can not be offside

Sooo at what point what I offside? from r / FIFA

Offside is when the referee whistles. This football wisdom also applies to the game hit “FIFA 20”. But when the referee whistles – that is often questionable in the brand new “FIFA”. In the Internet blog Reddit piling up complaints that the referees in the game completely confused offside decisions. Motto of the ever-growing thread: “Hey, where was I offside?”

A video shows a game situation in which there are no offside meters. Nevertheless, the FIFA referee whistles the visibly annoyed PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé back. It’s so frustrating, complain FIFA 20 gamers. Experts suspect that the virtual umpire has problems correctly interpreting the direction of passports. In addition to numerous other errors, especially in the career mode of the game manufacturers Electronic Arts must therefore also urgently improve. Otherwise, “FIFA 20” ends up in a game offside.

The end of the LEAD: Runs by Johnnie Walker

The Twitter account “Brilliant Ads” shows creative and successful advertising from all over the world, the consequences are worthwhile. The latest great find is a poster from the online beverage retailer “King’s” from Surinam, which warns against drunk driving. Simple and ingenious line in front of a picture of Johnnie Walker: “There’s a reason why Johnnie walks.”

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