Tech Daily: 5G launch in the US – Only one smartphone is supported

5G launch in the US: Only one smartphone is supported

Motorola 5G
Thick thing: This essay is needed to use Verizon’s new 5G network (Photo: Motorola)

Hopefully this will work better in this country, if 5G 2020 in Germany will be commercially available. Because in the US, the new mobile network is just a false start. Verizon will be offering its first 5G networks in several districts of Chicago and Minneapolis as of April 11. Initially, only one smartphone will be supported, the Motorola Z3. And even this model, according to TechCrunch, does not work at home with 5G. In addition, the essay “5G Moto Mod” is required, which is again as thick as the actual phone. Verizon offers this 5G prosthesis discounted for $ 50. In the course of the year 5G should work then also with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and with the LG V50 ThinQ. Interesting are the tariffs: Previous Verizon customers pay a monthly fee of $ 10 for the 5G option. For LTE use, the usual data limits apply, whereas in the 5G network, the amount of data is unlimited.

Twitter: The new camera is here

Twitter has now launched its new camera feature presented in February. First users can now swipe left from their timeline in the Twitter app – and get directly to the camera to record “live” photos or videos for their tweets. This makes the camera easier and faster to reach than before. The resulting images and video clips can be decorated with text or hashtags, according to Fortune, and are shown in the timeline particularly large and prominent – above the text of the message. The innovation, a kind of “Snapchat light”, Twitter hopes more variety and more real-time content in the tweets. Twitter will gradually free up the feature for all users.

Art with AirPods: Van Gogh hears only mono

Munch scream
To scream! What music does the man hear in Edvard Munch’s painting? (Photo: Article Group)

Did the terrified gentleman from Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” hear about Helene Fischer – and is that why he is so dumbfounded? What kind of music did Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa have on her ear that makes her look so pensive? And how did Vincent van Gogh realize that he could only use his AirPods Mono? These questions arise after a Twitter art action by the New York marketing agency Article Group. She had asked her followers to put the figures of famous artwork into their ears via Photoshop AirPods and to bring them into the present. The winner was Chris Hammack with the famous Monobrau self-portrait of Frida Kahlo – on which even Monkey and Cat wear AirPods. His prize money of $ 500, according to CultofMac as a donation benefit the Brooklyn Arts Council.

– Chris Hammack (@pacificobob) March 6, 2019

– LucyFur the Cat [Major Tom] (@LucyFurTweets) March 6, 2019

Germany continues to pay rather un-smart

Apple Pay Pic
Despite cautions: Smartphone payment remains in Germany for the time being a marginal phenomenon (Photo: Apple)

Despite the strong start of Apple Pay, which should be available in 2019, according to Handelsblatt also at the Volksbanks: Smart payments with the mobile remains in Germany for the time being a marginal phenomenon. According to a poll by the Association of the Internet Economy (eco), only 5.5 percent of consumers regularly pay with their smartphones. 6.6 percent rarely or rarely do so, 87 percent never. 48.2 percent of respondents still have security concerns about using mobile payment methods, and 20.9 percent prefer paying cash. Nevertheless, after all, one in three (32.9 percent) expects that mobile payment will replace the classic payment methods via EC or credit card in the medium term.

One million dollars for creators – playing “Apex Legends”

Ninja Tyler Blevins
Rogue: Game streamer Ninja got $ 1 million from Electronic Arts (Photo: Red Bull)

Tyler Blevins, Fortnite streamer and under the stage name Ninja, the most famous video player in the world, earns about $ 500,000 with YouTube, Twitch and various sponsorship contracts “in good months”. Now, the 27-year-old American could enjoy a hefty salary upgrade: Electronic Arts (EA), the world’s largest game maker, paid Ninja a million dollars to channel EA’s new Fortnite rival, Apex Legends, according to Reuters and Engadget. gambles. There was no time limit for the streamer. He should just play Apex as long as he enjoys it. Ninja streamed the game on Twitch alone for 13 million followers – and EA had probably put the Mio better than with a classic advertising campaign.

The end of LEAD: arrow pierces iPhone – man lives

I Phone arrow
Could have come to eye – if the iPhone had not stopped the arrow (Photo: NSW Police)

Smartphones intercepting a bullet in a shirt pocket – such stories have been read more often. Now it is clear: An iPhone also protects against attacks with bow and arrow. In a raid in the Australian state of New South Wales, a man was attacked by an archer. The victim held his iPhone upside down to photograph the attacker. The shooter fired his arrow – which, according to CultofMac stuck in the Apple phone. The raid remained uninjured, the whereabouts of the photo is not known.

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