Apple’s hottest fall ever

By the late morning of July 5, 2018, it was a normal day in Apple country. Some developers had dug up new little features in the code depths of iOS 10’s beta. Still others reported interesting finds in the coming macOS operating system Mojave. Business as usual.

But only until just after 10 o’clock. Then the Apple world was about ten times in ecstasy offset: The French blog consomac had discovered ten new entries in databases of the Eurasian regulatory authority. Ten previously unknown device models have been deposited with the Eurasian Commission (EEC). The EEC is taking care of the approval of new devices, especially in Russia.

Five new Macs or MacBooks and five new iPads have been registered by Apple. Still no sure indication that also ten new models appear, because again and again come in such databases on models that never or later come on the market. Such as the handy small 4-inch iPhone SE 2, which did not appear until now, although Apple already in the spring of 2018 new iPhone models registered with the EEC.

Nevertheless! Some, the fan base of millions of Apple users worldwide, have already checked their checking account. Motto: What can I afford from the new Apple devices? The others (the analysts) were already calculating the potential of the stock price. So wrote the portal excited: “Apple Share: The all-time high is approaching”. 165.76 euros were on 5 June 2018.


One more thing … or two … or three?

It does not matter if there are five new Macs coming out or five iPad models appearing in the fall. Even if it was only two or three, it is not all. Apple stands, even if not all true, what is currently being traded in the rumor mill, before the hottest fall in its history. “We are in such a good position in all areas as never before in the history of Apple,” emphasizes the leadership around Tim Cook always prayerfully.

But it is true. So far this year there was “only” a cheap revised entry-level iPad and the HomePod (sold in Germany on 18 June for the first time) as new hardware. This is one of the reasons why a product offensive is expected in almost all product segments in September and October, in one or probably even two keynotes.

New iPhone models

The iPhone. Still the life insurance of Apple. Already consensus in the rumor mill, based on information from the supply chain: In the fall, there will be three new iPhone models, since the relevant analysts and market observers have been in agreement for months.

Even details are already circulating, and they always sound similar: Two of the three phones, sorry … Smartphones should receive the improved OLED screen. The screen sizes: 5.8 “and 6.4”. For comparison: The current iPhone X has also 5.8 “. The current iPhone 8 Plus offers 5.5 “, the iPhone 8 is 4.7”.

The third new model is reported to be classically set on the traditional LCD screen, at 6 “or 6.1” – here is still speculation in the rumor mill. Especially the latter model should provide the best sales figures. Prices of $ 700 are realistic, the new OLED models are likely to be back in the expensive price range of the iPhone X (64 GB 1149 euros, 256 GB 1319 euros).

Iphonex front homescreen
Soon an oldie: the iPhone X (Photo: Apple)

Observers are still disagreeing about the camera systems, but it is becoming clearer that buyers of the 2018 iPhones will have to do without the Home Button in the future. Apple will presumably equip all three new models with Face ID. Face recognition then replaces the familiar but error-prone mechanical home button that has been known for many years. Even the Notch (in German: notch) – so the recess, the iPhone X already has at the top of the screen, to inherit the three new models. Not for nothing Apple had already advertised the iPhone X with “Tell the future Hello”. The iPhone X was and is therefore the harbinger of the new models, which appear in the fall. Although the X is smooth, the buyers were early adopters and thus a kind of beta tester for the buyers of the iPhone generation 2018.

More detail: Apple could blow to the color offensive. Blue, orange, brown, gold – all in the conversation for the new devices. Up to eight colors are therefore possible. But such rumors appear at the hourly rate. Recently, Apple had the iPhone X rather classically set to Space Gray and Silver White or Product (RED). So wait and see if the color palette is really geared to the iPhone 5c this time.

New iPads

The tablet division at Apple was recently able to grow thanks to the well-accepted and in the business sector more frequently encountered as a Mac replacement iPad Pro series. For a long time Apple has presented new iPads in spring. This year, Apple launched so far alone an entry-level iPad, which is already available from 349 euros as an all-round device. This also drove the tablet division, but since Apple has praised the iPad for months as a professional replacement for Mac computers, new iPad Pro models are overdue for the fall.

You can expect here also almost borderless display as they are known from the iPhone X. The new iPad Pros should be equipped with Face ID instead of Home Button. The production of almost borderless devices with Notch should have been significantly more expensive than the iPhone X once again. Hence the delay from spring to fall. The iPad is alive. This also shows that Apple in the first quarter of 2018 in the tablet sector, the highest market share in four years could secure.

New Apple Watch

The first generation Apple Watch was dismissed as the biggest flop in Apple’s history, mocked many critics at the time. And they were wrong. Meanwhile, the smart watch has arrived at the third generation, and the integration of eSIM Telekom and now Vodafone made even more for a big sales boom in the Series 3. Thanks to LTE support, the Watch can now be used on the go when the iPhone not in your pocket, but stays at home on the desk. Handy, because not only thousands of songs from the Apple Music Library can be streamed on the go on Bluetooth headphones, but because even calls to the loved ones are possible.

5 Watch Os
The Apple Watch enjoys growing popularity (Photo: Apple)

A big step forward, which also means that there will probably be little change in the technique of the fourth generation expected in the fall. Rather, the Series 4 is rumored to do without mechanical buttons – and, for Apple this time probably the most important thing to get a new form factor: a larger display, possibly with a slightly flatter case. The prices are likely to move in the context of the Series 3, which currently starts at 369 euros.

New Macs and MacBooks

Not unlikely that Apple actually brings up to five new Mac models on the market. About exact specifications is still little known. In the focus of the users might be more likely, whether Apple says goodbye to the next MacBook generation of the butterfly keyboards. The thin keyboard, with the keys that are flattened extremely flat, is prone to error for many users. Individual keys can no longer be pressed, they remain inoperable. Apple has just started a repair and exchange program. There are many indications that Apple’s engineers have rethought the keyboard again. Always thinner, ever leaner – critical voices multiply, first class actions in the US are pending. The fact that the Mac / MacBook portfolio was not upgraded in the spring suggests that Apple had a few more months of keyboard work to do. In autumn or at the latest around Christmas, new 13 “and 15” MacBook Pros are expected to hit the market, and the 12 “MacBook deserves a refresher too?

Will the Apple TV offensive come next?

Three new iPhones, upgrades for iPads and Macs, new Apple Watch – Apple is likely to struggle to put this product offensive into a single event during the traditional September keynote month. Especially since it is clear that the iPhone receives an extra keynote every year to bring the biggest source of income almost alone in the focus. This has a tradition, and it is said that this will be the case in 2018 as well. Thus, Apple could present iPhones and Watch side by side in September to introduce new iPads and Macs or MacBooks at an additional event in October.

And who knows: Perhaps in the hottest fall of the Apple company’s history, the “One more thing” cultivated by Steve Jobs for many years to come: In addition to a speculated HomePod mini, something could also happen in the TV sector. Apple has been buying rights to TV series and films worldwide for months in order to build its own streaming platform with exclusive in-house productions. Since a refresh of the box Apple TV 4K would be quite useful. Or maybe your own TV from Apple? Only in May, the analysts of the investment firm RBC Capital Management philosophized again, an own TV device from Apple could ensure even better stock prices. Again and again circulate, especially in Asian networks, alleged prototypes of Apple’s own TVs.

But no matter whether with or own TV: Apple can see so reassuring in the distance. Fall’s product offensive will generate record profits, just as Apple reissues almost every quarter. And the Apple ecstasy on the stock exchange and at the fan base should go on like that for a while longer. Guaranteed. With nearly $ 300 billion in cash in storage now. Probably nowhere should the winter be as hot as in Cupertino.

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