TechTäglich: Google brings 53 gender-neutral emojis

Google brings 53 gender-neutral emojis

Gender emojis
Left male, right female – and in the middle of one of Google’s new gender fluid emojis (Photo: Google)

Even though “m / w / d” can be read more and more frequently in job advertisements, ie “male / female / divers”, most emojis are still clearly assigned to a gender. Google wants to change that now and has designed for the latest beta of Android Q 53 gender neutral emojis. With medium-length hair and light curls, the faces are a mix of male and female looks, and can actually stand for both sexes. Construction workers as well as judges and doctors are represented. Even Dracula and the Mermaid get neutral variants.

“We just jumped into the cold water,” explains Jennifer Daniel, who is responsible for Google’s Android emojis Fast Company. So far, the “various” emojis are not part of the official Unicode guidelines. This means that if you send them via Android Q in the future, you must expect them to be displayed incorrectly on other platforms. However, Jennifer Daniel is a member of the Unicode Consortium. Chances are that the gender fluid emojis will become the official standard and that Apple, Samsung, Microsoft & Co. will follow suit with their own designs.

China censorship: This is the first pacifist shooter

Since April, the new guidelines for video games in force in the People’s Republic of China. Censorship prohibits games showing blood and corpses – and the blood does not even have to be red. The old developer trick to color the body juice green or blue, does not work. Because the censorship is explicitly for “blood of any color”. Even games that revolve around China’s imperial past as well as poker and stoning Majong are no longer allowed. The internationally successful Chinese game developer Tencent has now responded – with the world’s first strictly pacifist shooter.

After the company was not granted approval for its world hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in China, Tencent has released the PUBG clone Game For Peace there. The game, according to the official description of the “brave warriors who protect the sky over our land,” the honor. It is in the patriotic shooter thus to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In fact, the game is almost a one-to-one copy of PUBG, the model of Fortnite Battle Royale. Even the scores of the original can be loaded. The only difference, so the game magazine Kotaku: is shot with paintball balls. The opponents do not die because of the corpse ban, but say goodbye with a friendly wave from the shooter. Following the changes, Tencent has now been granted permission to launch “Game For Peace” in China.

Accidentally: Snapchat has a new number 1 app

YOLO: Number 1 App and New Teenie Darling (Photo: Popshow)

The app world has a new teen sensation. In the US, the free question-and-answer app “YOLO: Anonymous Questions” shot completely surprisingly on number one of the app charts for iOS. The success comes with the kind support of Snapchat, on whose “Snap Kit” platform the new app is based. Users can ask each other and anonymous questions in their Snapchat stories via YOLO. The success is apparently so huge just a week after its release that the operator, the US start-up pop show, struggles to keep its servers running.

“EVERYONE in my high school is using that right now,” TechCrunch quoted a user. “We just wanted to learn, but it was 100 percent viral, it’s crazy, we barely trusted our eyes,” marveled inventor Gregoire Henrion. How long the success lasts, but is questionable. Because the anonymous questions and answers of YOLO are the ideal platform for bullying, which could quickly take away users’ appetite for the app. A banishment from the app stores is also conceivable. And finally, several such apps like “Sarahah” have been successful for a short time, but quickly disappeared. “If the teens think that YOLO is over, it’s over,” TechCrunch says.

Apple: Riddle around the rainbow stage

Since the completion of the “Apple Park” in Cupertino 2018, drone flights over the huge area have become rarer. However, some drone commanders have found something amazing on the grounds of Apple’s spaceship. In the middle of the park, Apple has built a stage in rainbow colors that no one knows what it’s for. Recently, workers have installed lighting and other technical equipment there. The location can accommodate several hundred visitors. AppleInsider speculates what Apple is doing there. Conceivable are a large internal concert as a motivation syringe for the employees, the visit of an AAA celebrity including talk or an award ceremony. It remains exciting – Somewhere under the Rainbow.

Master detective Pikachu: Warner Bros. with his own pirated copy

Today comes “Pokémon: master detective Pikachu” to the movies, with Ryan Reynolds as a real version of Nintendo’s little yellow pocket monster Pikachu. The Pokémon fans are looking forward to the premiere worldwide. And the network is likely to be flooded again by pirate copies – or videos that are supposedly pirated, but in reality offer quite different dubious content. Warner Bros., producer of the fantasy spectacle, has now made leaps forward in piracy – and has himself smuggled a “full-picture” version of “Detective Pikachu” on YouTube, so allegedly a complete pirated film.

The fake worked perfectly: the video has already been called 9.6 million times. Anyone who has actually believed that they can watch “Detective Pikachu” in full length on YouTube, however, was disappointed: the video shows 102 minutes only a fluffy yellow Pikachu, hoping to 80s music through the picture. Warner has threaded the amusing PR stunt with great attention to detail. The inset “R. Reynolds” in the opening credits looks as if it were a personal copy of the main character – who then linked the fake film via Twitter.

To …. Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros

– Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) May 7, 2019

The end of the LEAD: Hoppala! NASA accidentally destroys New York

Asteroid Ny
Thank God only a simulation: The impact of the asteroid in New York (Photo: NASA)

That was not planned! NASA accidentally destroyed New York City in a simulation. Last week, several space agencies jointly rehearsed how a huge asteroid could be distracted with rocket fire before it hit Earth. According to simulation, the celestial body should have hit near Denver, Colorado. The detonation would have been so powerful according to the calculations that even sand grains would have exploded. The attempt to redirect the asteroid with rockets ended in a tragic simulation. As Gizmodo after the shelling and successful rescue of Denver, a 60-meter fragment flew in the direction of New York’s Central Park – destroying much of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and New Jersey. The technique for deflecting asteroids is therefore still in need of improvement.

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