Best Apps of the Week – Part 23

Butterfly iQ – Ultrasound

Butterfly Iq
The complete package of Butterfly iQ: the actual scanner on the left, the app view on the right (Photo: App Store)

As part of its developer conference WWDC Apple has awarded the “Design Awards 2019”. Featured this week were apps with “unprecedented gameplay or unlimited productivity or incredible ideas.” Butterfly iQ – Ultrasound belongs to the latter category. With this new app, which was previously designed only for iOS, it will also be possible for non-professionals to perform full-body ultrasound examinations even at home on their own.

At first glance, a daring idea, at second glance another sign of what will soon be possible in digital medicine with smartphones and smartwatches.

The app is based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. All ultrasound images can be uploaded to a “secure cloud storage” (the promise). From there you can give access to the photos to doctors or medically-trained friends or relatives.

Cheap is Butterfly iQ – Ultrasound but not. Although the app can be downloaded for free on an iOS device. But besides the application itself, the Butterfly iQ scanner is needed. It looks just like the devices doctors have long used in ultrasound imaging practices.

For the device itself incurred once 1999 Euro, per year then a subscription is due (420 euros). The team plan for ten users is available for 1200 euros per year plus 1999 euros for the device. The delivery of the ultrasound machine starts “in the summer”. Advance reservations are already possible on the website of Butterfly iQ.

Price: App for free, device 1999 Euro / subscription

Download link for iOS


The platformer from an English developer can be controlled with one finger (Photo: App Store)

We still stick to the “Design Award” winners. Not only Apple distinguishes iOS-only apps, but also applications that serve both iOS and Android. Platform Achieving is available with Ordia one of the 2019 Winners in the Games Category.

The platformer is controlled with just one finger. The graphics are all the more elaborate. In fascinating landscapes you have to roam a prehistoric world, dodge obstacles and prove bounce. 30 levels plus bonus modes provide the best entertainment.

Price: 4,49 euros

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android


In Eloh you test how good your rhythm feeling is (Photo: App Store)

And another excellent game app that Apple rightly won the “Design Award 2019” this week: Eloh, produced in Austria, combines gaming and music in an impressive way – without having to rush through a stressful setting.

Relaxation to electronic sounds – this is the mission of the indie developers of Eloh. Blocks are placed by you so that the groove flows like a beautiful daydream. Predicate: chilling with level! What’s better with these tropical temperatures?

Price: 3.49 euros

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android


Pregnant women will find lots of tips, information and workouts in the Keleya app (Photo: App Store)

The digital health coach for pregnancy has long been a success story. Founded only in 2017, ten employees are already working on the project. Currently, the creators from Berlin have again issued updates for iOS and Android: For the Apple Watch owners, there is now a labor-tracking, on Android, the login was greatly accelerated.

Keleya provides many medical information, prescriptions, statistics, lots of graphics, numerous workouts and subscription-based nutrition tips for the duration of your pregnancy. 3 and 6 months cost 4.83 euros for four weeks. Who completes Keleya only for one month, pays € 9.99 / 4 weeks.

Price: free / subscription as in-app purchase

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

No stalk

The Weisse Ring is the best-known German victim protection organization. The association has developed an important program with the “No Stalk” app. The application helps stalking victims digitally document incidents for later presentation to the police and to court evidence. The digital journal also allows audio recordings. Photos and videos can also be added. For emergencies, an alarm tone can be activated in the app.

Everything is fully usable in court. Stalking, who was admitted to the German Criminal Code in 2007, can be punished with imprisonment of up to three years.

Let’s hope that no LEAD reader or LEAD reader ever needs the app.

Price: free

Download link for iOS / Download link for Android

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