TechDaily: ByeTunes! Today, an Apple era comes to an end

ByeTunes! Today, an Apple era comes to an end

Wwdc 2019
One of the graphics for the WWDC 2019, on which today probably the iTunes era comes to an end (Photo: Apple)

Today at 19 clock starts at WWDC 2019 in San José the keynote of Apple CEO Tim Cook. iTopnews sums up what Apple’s disciples expect today. The focus is on new software for all platforms: iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13. First betas could already be available today, the updates are then officially released in the fall as usual. Also on the agenda: common software for iOS and Mac under the code name “Marzipan” – and as “Two more things” possibly the new modular Mac Pro and a 6K screen for professional users.

At the center of speculation, however, is Apple’s iTunes troubleshooting software – which has in recent years become a veritable monster where users can find music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, backups, and countless other features. Now the software is apparently on the verge – and not only in the fall, but with a major update in the coming days. A clear indication of this, according to TechRadar: Apple has deleted before WWDC the contents of its iTunes accounts on Instagram and Facebook. And the Twitter account of iTunes is no longer updated for days. According to the motto “ByeTunes”, new, more compact programs for music, TV and podcasts will be the successor. iTunes would then possibly survive as a wired backup option for iPhone and iPad on Mac and Windows.

Samsung builds its own MacBook Pro

Samsung MacBook
Direct from the iKlaut: The new “Notebook 7” from Samsung (Photo: Samsung)

After Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro just a few days ago, no new laptops are available at WWDC today. Does not matter, because here Samsung jumps into the breach. The Koreans have once again turned on the photocopiers, and present with their new “Notebook 7” almost a 1: 1 clone of the MacBook Pro, just with Windows 10. From the color and shape of the case on the placement of the trackpad and the writing on From the keyboard to the wallpaper on the PR photos – here was apparently the Korean cousin of Apple designer Jonathan Ive at work.

What is particularly reminiscent of Apple? “Virtually everything,” marvels The Verge, mocking Samsung’s “homage” to the MacBook Pro. The notebook 7 comes (as with Apple) in 13 and 15 inches. It will appear in the US on July 26, starting at $ 1,000. Information about the start of Germany are still missing.

Tinder: More love with new premium features

Tinder Gold
Every single minute a single pays: Tinder extends its premium subscriptions (Photo: Tinder)

Tinder has launched a test with two new options for its “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus” payment models. Subscribers can switch off chance at a surcharge. Their profiles then end up in the list of suggestions for potentially suitable partners via “Super Boost”. The probability that a profile is seen should increase by a factor of 100. In the previous option “Boost” promises Tinder, however, only a ten-fold advantage.

As an in-app purchase can also activate read receipts. Users will then find out directly if their messages have already been opened and read by the desired lady-in-waiting or the hoped-for duke. Both sites can turn off read receipts, but by default they are enabled by TechCrunch. Currently, some Tinder users are randomly given the opportunity to buy and test the new features.

Amazon is planning the Alexa prefab house

Toni Reid
Amazon Alexa boss Toni Reid wants to inject the language assistant in new buildings (Photo: Amazon)

Homes and homes where Alexa hardware is already being installed – these are Amazon’s latest plans to infiltrate his assistant into even more households. According to the Wall Street Journal and Reclaim the Net, the US group has set up a new department called “Alexa Smart Properties”, which works with construction companies, architects, estate agents, hoteliers and retirement home operators. In Oklahoma, the first apartments have already been built with Alexa as sub-tenant, which are equipped with smart locks and heating controls, with permanently installed echo devices and other Alexa hardware.

If you move in here and want to protect your privacy, you will hopefully find a reliable way to completely disable the inquisitive devices. Reclaim the Net is writing about Amazon’s strategy of “bypassing customer decisions” and establishing Alexa as a standard feature in millions of homes and apartments without being asked. Residents can switch off the functions then – switching to smart devices such as Google or Apple but then as unlikely as expensive. PayLease, a US service provider to settle lease payments, dreams of the day when “tenants simply say, Hey Alexa, pay my rent, and then the money is transferred”.

These are the most important games of the E3

From today to Friday, Apple’s WWDC is in the spotlight. Next Tuesday, however, the E3 will begin in Los Angeles, the largest games fair in the world. If you want to start with the anticipation, you will find an overview of the 13 allegedly most important games of the E3 on Business Insider. These include the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, which is expected since 2015, the Xbox exclusive game “Halo Infinite”, the first own Pokémon games for the Switch “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield”, an “Avengers” implementation or the Egoshooter spectacle “Doom Eternal”. Not represented in the list, but eagerly awaited is “Grand Theft Auto VI”, which could also debut at E3. Latest rumor: The evil-boy game from the mafia milieu, according to Game Rant could get a bad girl for the first time as a title heroine.

The end of LEAD: Hannibal Lecter is now a Russian babushka

The Twitter account “Crazy in Russia” shows wondrous pictures and videos from the wondrous giant Russia. The consequences are worthwhile, because many of the tweets are quite amusing and highly obscure. The latest find: The gruesome brain Auslöffler Hannibal Lecter has retired for the pension to Russia, and drives there as an old mother’s subway.

Hello, Clarice.

– Only In Russia (@CrazyinRussia) May 31, 2019

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