TechTäglich: iTunes-Off – that happens now with the music files

iTunes Off: This is happening now with the music files

Apple Music 2019
Apple’s new music app should import the iTunes songs as 1: 1 (Photo: Apple)

Also on the second day after the WWDC keynote in San Jose Apple continues to dominate the tech news – including the end for iTunes and its consequences. Important question for many Apple customers: What happens now with my years of laboriously compiled music files? This is ArsTechnica’s all-clear signal. Because according to Apple, the new music app on the Mac takes over all previous music files – even purchased songs from the iTunes Store, ripped CDs or MP3s from other sources. They will continue to be in the library in the future and will be synchronized as usual with all other devices.

At least that should theoretically work that way. In practice, iTunes has often been very creative with music libraries, creating duplicates or no longer finding music. It remains to be seen how reliably the new music app on Mac will import the previous files. Windows users do not have to worry about it, because on the PC iTunes remains at least for the time being. Also important: even with the new music app, Apple customers can continue to buy their songs on request in the iTunes Store, as an alternative to flatrate music by Apple Music. And last but not least: Those who still want to do their iOS data backup by cable on the Mac can continue to do so – but not in iTunes anymore, but directly in the Finder.

Apple: The trouble with the monitor stand for $ 999

A Mac Pro from $ 5,999, a 6K monitor from $ 4,999: The have paid the price-sensitive Apple customers without complaining. The fact that the stand (!) For the new professional screen Pro Display XDR but seriously costs $ 999 extra – that was too much. Since Monday night it puts a lot of ridicule and criticism to the most expensive and luxurious monitor stand of all time. Engadget scolds: “A monitor stand for $ 999 shows what’s going wrong with Apple at the moment.”

And further in the text about the presentation of the paid stand by Apple hardware chief John Ternus at the WWDC Keynote: “Among the listeners, who were mostly enthusiastic until then, murmurs got ready – enough to make Ternus stutter completely unprepared that the Apple believers questioned the glorious technology they were given. ” Best comparison on Twitter: In 2011 Apple sold for $ 999 nor a complete monitor. In 2019 there is only one foot for the same money.

Ikea brings robot furniture

Ikea’s technology offensive continues: After the smart speakers that the Swedes developed together with US audio specialist Sonos, robotic furniture is now following. They can be transformed into a cupboard, a bed, a sofa, a desk or a room divider with the help of an app and will need around eight square meters less space than conventional solutions. Especially in small apartments that can make a big difference, according to Ikea.

Product developer Seana Strawn: “Instead of making furniture smaller, we always transform it into the piece of furniture that you need right now – when you’re sleeping, you do not need a sofa, and when you open your closet, you do not need a bed.” The new series is called Rognan and starts in 2020 first in the small housing cities of Tokyo and Hong Kong. Prices have not yet announced the Sweden furniture manufacturer, so The Verge. The Flexi furniture is likely to be cheaper than the US start-up Ori Living, with the Ikea cooperates in this project. There, such a system costs student-friendly 10,000 dollars.

Tinder discovers LGBTQ users

Tinder Lgbtq
Tinder surprise: The flirt app arrives in 2019 and discovers the LGBTQ clientele (Photo: Tinder)

The flirt app Tinder discovers LGBTQ users and wants to significantly expand their potential customer base. Tinderers can indicate in future whether they are man, woman or trans. They can enter their sexual preferences from “Straight” to “Queer” to “Bi” in the profile, and search specifically for men, women or any gender.

The information can also be hidden in the profile if desired, but in any case serve to display suitable contacts. Tinder has worked with LGBTQ organization GLAAD to implement the new capabilities, according to TechCrunch. The rainbow-colored new Tinder will launch in June in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Schwitzbox: Microsoft console gets its own deodorant

Xbox Deodorant
Microsoft discovers the Ax effect – with Xbox personal care (Photo: Microsoft / Unilever)

From Xbox to Schwitzbox: Microsoft brings together with the consumer giant Unilever an Xbox body care series on the market. Under the motto “Improve Your Game” body spray, deodorant and shower gel are on offer. The novelties belong to the Unilever brand “Lynx”, which stands in Germany as “Ax” on the shelf. The Xbox green body care should put an end to the image of the sweaty, stuffy gamer. According to Gamespot she smells like green citrus, lime, mint, sage, patchouli and wood. German Xbox users still have to be patient, because first there is the Microsoft Ax only in Australia and New Zealand.

The end of LEAD: The new Mac Pro is already in the office

Mac Pro Lead
Good combo, we find: The new Mac Pro in front of an iMac Pro with the LEAD homepage – but only virtually (Photo: LEAD)

Does the recently introduced Mac Pro fit into the LEAD office? We tried it, thanks to a new AR application from Apple, with which the Super Mac at least virtually put on each desk. If you also want to test, open this page with Safari on iPhone or iPad. We think: The Mac Pro fits perfectly. Bring it on! And maybe we’ll crack it, and even buy the monitor stand for the new Apple display.

By the way: TechDaily is also available as a newsletter and as a skill (“Alexa, open LEAD digital Tech”).

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