The Best Gadgets of the Week, Part 13

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB

Blaupunkt Sqr 46 Dab
In times of CarPlay and Android Auto Retro cult: the new Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB (Photo: Manufacturer)

In the past, Blaupunkt often used place names when naming its car radios: Bremen, Hildesheim, Bamberg. In 1986 it was when Blaupunkt launched the now legendary car radio “Bremen SQR 46” on the market. The company, founded in Hildesheim in 1923, has gone bankrupt in 2016 – but the legend lives on. With new licensees, under the same name.

So it is possible that now the “old” car radio classic “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” with the modern addition “DAB” landed again on the market. In times of CarPlay and Android Auto a welcome and more traditional alternative.

The style of the classic is retained, the buttons are now illuminated for better usability – and the ports are state of the art technology: among other things, there are two USB ports, AUX port and SD card slot. The music sounds more like the equalizer and 4×50 watts of course more dynamic than in the 80s and 90s.

Music can not only be transferred via cable or memory card, but also via Bluetooth. In the coming days, the new old Blaupunkt Bremen will land on the shelves of the technology markets.

Price: 449 euros

Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista
Small, powerful, with a poppy case: the new Jaybird Vista (photo: manufacturer)

There is no shortage of AirPods clones in the international market. As an alternative, only the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 has convinced me in test listening. The “True Wireless In-Ear Monitors” of the British hi-fi blacksmiths do not have the better comfort, but sound a few nuances more precisely.

The new Jaybird Vista could move far forward in the sound table. The new wireless headphones follow the tradition of AirPods and Co., so the case is not just for storage but also for loading. 6 hours of play time promises the well-known manufacturer. 10 hours arrive by means of a cargo case.

Thanks to the special shape, the Vista are ideal for athletes as they are also resistant to water and sweat. You can make individual sound settings via your own app.

The headphones can already be pre-ordered for several days. The delivery should begin on August 28th, ie next Wednesday. Priced the Vista are in line with the latest AirPods without a charging case (with: 229 euros).

Price: 179 euros

to preorder


The Boks box is a sound heavyweight for hot parties (photo: manufacturer)

Boks like box. Only louder than all previously available boxes. This is the new Soundboks whose name the Danish provider likes to write in uppercase.

Let’s make some noise: SOUNDBOKS claims to be the loudest Bluetooth speaker in the world. He should be able to achieve an impressive volume of up to 126 dB. The audio stream is transmitted via Bluetooth from the smartphone, tablet or laptop.

At medium volume, a battery life of up to 40 hours is possible. And there is more: The battery is replaceable. Up to five speakers can be connected to create an even more massive sound experience. Pre-orders have already started. Will be delivered from September.

Price: loud 999 dollars

for order

Segway Max G30D

eRoller are currently very much in vogue. Segway has recognized that too. The group has launched a series of new e-scooters. One of the models, the Ninebot Max G30D, was specially developed for the German market.

The Flitzer complies completely with the requirements of the German Electric Vehicle Regulation (eKFV). This means that the scooter in Germany on all roads and bike paths may be traveling in this country.

The Ninebot MAX G30D has a range of up to 65 kilometers before the battery needs recharging. That’s “the longest battery performance in its class” according to Segway. A fast charger is integrated. The engine will be able to overcome gradients of up to 20 percent.

The eRoller with soft, soft and innovative tires will be available from next month. The exact launch day is pending. Even the price has not yet been revealed.

LEAD shortlist

One of the three new colors: the Powerbeats Pro in navy blue (photo: manufacturer)

Other interesting gadgets, mentioned briefly.

Powerbeats Pro: So far, Apple’s Deluxe sports headphones have only been available in black. As of August 30, more color options will be available: navy blue, moss green and ivory white. From now on the pre-order possibility starts.

Price: 249.99 euros

to preorder

Google WiFi: One of the best WiFi mesh systems to enhance reception in larger offices and condo is facing an upgrade. The 2nd generation is developed under the code name “Mistral” according to the portal CodeUnboxed. It should appear in the fall with WiFi-6 standard compatibility, interact with smart speakers and possibly also have a voice control.

to the current generation

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Google Wi Fi
Google WiFi improves Wi-Fi performance in larger offices or homes (Photo: Google)

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