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KVi Hotel Budapest: Own app controls stay

Kvi Hotel Budapest
Photo: KVi Hotel Budapest

“Where everything is controlled via her smartphone” – this is how the KVi Hotel in the Hungarian capital advertises its guests. The “360-degree Smart Hotel” has its own app, whose home screen functions as a control center for the entire stay. Not only check-in and check-out run through the program, but also all payments from breakfast order to the room to the hotel bar. A push message informs guests when the room is cleaned. On a front desk with staff omitted the KVi. This also applies to room key. The booked room will also be opened via the app. From the application, you can turn on the heating during the city stroll through Budapest and bring it to the desired temperature. So that the battery of the smartphone does not become empty, power banks are offered in the lobby.

from about 65 euros in a double room


NH Hotels Berlin and Madrid: Smart Mood Rooms

Nh hotels
Photo: NH Hotels

Almost like the second smart home: the ND hotel chain offers so-called “mood rooms” in Berlin and Madrid, which focus primarily on smart lighting. The smart Philips Flex lighting system is controlled via an iPad, which is located in each room. It also regulates music, curtains, heating and air conditioning. NH relies on Somfy systems, the sound system comes from Sensory Lab. The mood is adjusted to the day’s progress according to your own wishes. Six programs are possible: Rise & Shine, Focus, Gettin ‘Ready, Do Your Thing, Bon Appétit and Sweet Dreams. For romantics and couples there is the “Sexy Mode”. Thanks to the TV, there is also an additional fitness program: in cooperation with Cyberobics, the fitness video platform can be used on-demand for in-room training.

from about 125 euros in a double room


Hotel Schani Wien: Bot in the lobby

The Austrian hotel is considered one of Europe’s pioneers of smart hotels. In order to ensure high technical standards, scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute work together.
If you book via app or website, as a digital customer you will receive a 15 percent discount at certain times compared to those who book old-fashioned by phone. In the app you can choose the right room in advance. The hotel lobby has rebuilt the operators to coworking space. Tourists and locals can work together on their projects here, without losing the charm of the famous Viennese coffee houses. Meanwhile, there is also a new digital worker in the lobby with “Schanibot”. The bot delivers on request detailed city information.
Anyone who wants gets their own smartphone and can leave their device at home.

from about 80 euros in a double room


Henn-Na: Robot at the reception

Weird Hen Na Hotel Fotocredit Booking Com
At the Henn-Na-Hotel there are robots at the reception (Photo: Henn-Na /

The next trip to Asia should definitely be scheduled for a stopover in Japanese Sasebo. At the reception you will not receive real employees, but multilingual dinosaur robots. In general, the robots should carry the suitcases to the room and recommend the best events for the stay – even if the hotel has fired some robotic employees again. The operators have orientated themselves to Alexa and Siri, but in the end they have developed their own language assistant – tailored to the hotel.

from about 120 euros


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Blow Up Hall 5050: The guest as a video star

Blow Up Hall 5050 Poznan
Photo: Blow Up Hall 5050

In Poznan, Poland, an interactive design hotel has been created that aims to combine technology and art in a way that is very personal for the guest. The hotel was named after the cult film “Blow up” by Italian star director Michelangelo Antonioni.
Even when entering the system nerds should have a good feeling when they get an iPhone pressed into the hand. For example, you can call the concierge by clicking on the appropriate iPhone application. At the same time, the iPhone also makes every customer part of a hotel video installation. The model “Mama Shelter” in Paris probably served as a model. Each guest can broadcast his video message in the restaurant. The artworks are by the Polish Grażyna Kulczyk.

from about 105 euros in a double room


Ushuaia Beach Resort: Pay for everything with Touch ID

When the location opens on the Balearic island of Ibiza on the 18th of May, beach goers, party people and techies meet in a beachfront location. The hotel resort not only offers master classes for DJs at the in-house recording studio, but also hosts hip parties with well-known DJs. Advantage: If you already do everything on your smartphone with a fingerprint sensor at home, you will feel at home in Ushuaia. Your finger will be scanned during the greeting, after which you will pay for everything with your finger for the duration of your stay. Annoying change at the beach and at the party in the open-air dancefloor is unnecessary when ordering drinks.

Prices: for example, 2 weeks in May from about 285 euros in a double room per night


Loews Hotel Seattle: In-room golf

Loews Hotel Seattle Photo 2
Photo: Loews Hotel Seattle

If you stay at the Loews Hotel, you will not have to leave your room as a fan of console games and a passionate golfer. Loews offers a virtual golf course in selected apartments. Virtual you can pick a green from the top 50 places worldwide. Clubs and golf balls are available in the room upon arrival.

from about 300 euros in a double room


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