The Best Apps of the Week, Part 34


Peter Kolski Tim Cook
Test run at the Brandenburg Gate: Tim Cook (r.) With the developer (Photo: Brooks Kraft / courtesy of Apple)

On August 13, 1961, the Berlin was built. Since November 9, 1989, it’s history. The AR-App MauAR brings back the Berlin Wall, thank God only for those interested in history.

The developer Peter Kolski worked for a long time on the project. Already last year, he was able to demonstrate Apple’s CEO Tim Cook during his visit to Germany a beta version directly at the Brandenburg Gate. Kolski says about his motivation:

“We want to tell the history of the wall and thus the history of the divided city in a new and unexpected way, seriously researched and yet enthralling.”

Users can try the augmented reality live on-site, but also from the couch. MauAR leads to historic places, makes the division of both German states later on the iPhone camera experience, also thanks to a 3D model.

Not only the wall can be viewed and classified in a historical context. Also photos and stories about different wall-specific places can be discovered in this way. The application requires an iPhone with ARKit: These are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. All three models were released in autumn 2018.

Price: free

Download for iOS

NutriCard – eat healthier

Nutri Card
Eating healthier: NutriCard wants to help daily (Photo: manufacturer / Screenshot: Gronau)

She has been nestle (t) for a long time around regulations, the Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner. On our food there is no nutritional information in the form of the Nutri score. Thus, a “project of the competence cluster for healthy nutrition and cardiovascular health (nutriCARD)” of the Universities of Halle, Jena and Leipzig, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, shows us how to do it.

The app scans the barcodes of food via the camera in the supermarket and provides the current Nutri score with information on “ingredients of food, nutritional values ​​and questionable ingredients”.

Users are displayed in a kind of food traffic light by means of a color and letter scale from green (A) to red (E). This makes it clear whether the product is more harmful or healthy. Also indicated are possible intolerances and allergens.

According to the developers, around 300,000 products and 33,000 ingredients are already registered in the database. A quick refrigerator test with 10 products showed that NutriCard recognized six foods. That’s even better. But the approach is ever commendable.

Price: free

Download for iOS

air quality

Air quality app
How clean is the air in my environment? The App of the Federal Environmental Agency clarifies it (Photo: App Store)

“Making the invisible visible” – this is the motto of the new App Air Quality, which was initiated by the Federal Environmental Agency. To determine the values, the Office operates more than 400 measuring stations in Germany. They have been set up in rural, urban, transport-related and industry-related space.

A map will then display the air quality index for quick review. It is based on the determination of the pollutants fine dust, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Turquoise blue stands for “very good”, purple for “very bad”. In between, the colored traffic light shows the gradations in a total of five levels. The app provides behavioral tips for each index value.

The application also provides alert notifications. In bad air quality, a push is sent to the smartphone.

Price: free

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Banana Kong Blast

Oh: Donkey Kong. What did we play in the game in our youth? So I was pleasantly surprised when a message about Banana Kong Blast landed in my mailbox a few days ago. A short note only from FDJ Entertainment and equally bright eyes. That can be something, I thought immediately. After all, FDG stands for such wonderful games as Oceanhorn.

And I was not disappointed. If you love Donkey Kong, you’ll enjoy Banana Kong Blast, even if the original is unrivaled.

The predecessor, Banana Kong, came in 2013 in the App Store. So it was time for a new edition anyway. Finally, 170 million downloads of version 1 spoke for themselves. The successor brings the monkey protagonist into play again. Run, jump, fly. Nothing has changed in the popular game mechanics. To move forward, good timing is required. Precise finger tips are needed, otherwise you end up in the abyss and start again at the last checked checkpoint.

In the 48 levels, FDG shows great attention to detail. And also the price model is fine: Banana Kong Blast can be tested for free. The full version with infinite life and without banner ads will be unlocked on request by in-app purchase for 5.49 euros. The obligatory extra pay-powerups are nice to have, but not a must-have. I liked to invest this 5.49 Euro.

Price: Basic version for free / full version 5.49 euros

Download for iOS / Download for iOS

LEAD shortlist

Other interesting apps, mentioned briefly.

FNaF6 Pizzeria Simulator: Eating romantic pizza looks different than in this game. In the hilarious pixel art game, you lead your own pizzeria and have to act tactically smart and, above all, work hard. Then rather to the Greek, right?

Price: 3.49 euros or 3.19 euros

Download for iOS / Download for Android

Shazam: New playlist for people with an Apple Music subscription. Those who do not always want to hear the same things will find fifty potential hits of the future in the “Shazam Trends Top 50”. This playlist is updated regularly.

Right up front: “All Roads Lead Home” by Ohana Bam. I was not a concept. But should storm only in a few weeks, the charts. An audio sample is attached below. So listen, memorize, and check out how trendy the new Shazam playlist really is.

to the playlist

Download for iOS / Download for Android

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